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Yaguara is a platform aimed at aggregating and presenting market data for all levels of your e-commerce business. Get all the latest and up-to-date information you need to grow your brand more effectively.

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ecom metrics
ecom metrics

About Us

Yaguara is designed by experts to provide business control and knowledge they need to revolutionize their e-commerce venture with in. 

Yaguara — e-Commerce Resources

Why Yaguara

We have shared our vision which helps you take your e-commerce business to the next level.

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Hub for e-commerce

Here, we implement the industry’s best practices so that you can get the full picture, define your own metrics, and gain insight into your e-commerce business. We test and review products and present them in front of you unbiased.

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Real-time Understanding

Yaguara helps your team get relevant and up-to-date insights into the e-commerce sector. If any new e-commerce tool arrives, we are the first ones to give you a hands-on review, Unbiased!

Fast Collection Performing

Make Informed Decisions

Make strategic decisions faster. Get recommendations through Yaguara and use them to plan your venture accordingly. We know how the e-commerce industry operates and our team of experts is here to guide you at all levels of our business.

Recommended eCommerce Platforms



Shopify is the most popular ecommerce platforms with all in one solution.

Wix Commerce

Wix e-commerce has changed the way of building e-commerce stores on the go.



Squarespace ease of use made it real easy to create stunning online e-commerce stores.

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21 Small Business Statistics For 2024 (Facts & Numbers)

99.9% or 33.2 million businesses in the United States are small businesses. Of these, 3.7 million businesses are microbusinesses with less than 10 employees. On average, 4.7 million small businesses are started each year. However, only 25% of small businesses remain profitable for over 15 years.  In 2023, a record-breaking 5,481,437 new businesses were started. 

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How To Sell eBooks On Shopify In 6 Steps (2024 Guide)

If you are looking forward to selling your ebooks, then Shopify is the best option to start your journey. However, setting up your store and product page as a beginner may be difficult.  Hence, to help you out, I have created a comprehensive guide on “how to sell ebooks on Shopify.” This guide will help

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74 Email Marketing Statistics For 2024 (Data, Facts & ROI)

With 4.37 billion email users worldwide, email is one of the most powerful channels to reach your target audience. Every day, 347.3 billion emails are sent around the globe.  Additionally, email marketing has an average ROI of 3600%, making it a better marketing channel than social media and display advertisement.  In this post, let us

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60 Customer Service Statistics For 2024 (Data & Trends)

In today’s experience-driven economy, consumers have immense power, and just a single bad customer service experience can damage a brand’s reputation, decrease sales, and lose loyal consumers.  However, exceptional customer service increases revenue and sales and retains loyal consumers. Hence, 19 in 20 consumers today believe customer service is a significant factor in their loyalty

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Amazon FBA Statistics 2024 – (Sellers, Revenue & Trends)

17 of 20 Amazon sellers use Amazon FBA, while over 8 in 10 brands, businesses, and sellers prefer Amazon FBA over other fulfillment methods.  Its popularity is due to additional benefits, such as access to Amazon’s Prime customer base, higher sales and profit margins, etc.  Let’s take a closer look at facts and figures related

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