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If your online store generates enough traffic, it may be from paid or organic advertisements. But it is the biggest loss if you do not make enough sales. When a customer goes to a store and takes their time looking over the product, they are clearly interested in that particular item. You shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to recover these types of sales.

There are numerous ways to recoup the cost of lost purchases, including push notifications and retargeting ads. The only effective method to recover the lost sales is through Abandoned cart email. Therefore, it is an essential tactic that any e-commerce store must employ. 

This article explains What an abandoned cart email is, how it functions, and how to create one. Read the article throughout to ensure you don’t miss any crucial details. 

What Is An Abandoned Cart Email?

Many people visit the online store, add items to their carts, and then exit the store without making a purchase. An Abandoned Cart Email is sent to these people to ask them to make purchases for the items in their basket.

Abandonment cases can occur for a variety of causes. So sending a reminder email is always the best course of action. The buyer might buy the item if they are genuinely interested in it. 

How Do Abandoned Cart Emails Work, And How Do You Write Them?

E-Commerce businesses follow an email flow to recover Abandoned Carts. They send a series of emails to remind the customers about the product they have added to the cart. Store owners can also check the metrics of the emails sent to customers.

Abandoned Cart Email - Overview

There are not always the same steps; they change depending on the customer’s responsibility for the previous emails. The generalized steps to follow while sending the Abandoned Cart emails are as follows:

  1. Choose The Best Time To Send An Email

Conduct an A/B testing to find out the best time your customers are available to read the email and take proper action. To determine which hour has the highest open and click rates, pick a few time slots and conduct an experiment. This will help you find the best time to send the abandoned cart emails when your customers can take the required actions.

2. Powerful Personalized Email

The secret to attracting clients at first glance is personalization. Send them an email with their name on it to remind them of the items they left in the cart. Use compelling content to attract buyers to products and create a strong desire to purchase the products that are left in the cart, which results in a sale.

3. Give The Right Reasons To Buy

While writing an email copy, you must include solid reasons for purchasing your product which includes the benefits, USPs of your brand, and product reviews. Emphasizing your USPs will assist customers in understanding how distinctive the brand is, and it may even increase their sense of trust in the product as long-term customers. These are some of the several elements that boost confidence and encourage the purchase of the good.

4. Make Your Subject Line Eye-Catching.

An attractive subject line is a must-have for all promotional emails. It will increase the open and click rates of your email, which leads to the recovery of more sales.

5. Include CTA 

A compelling call to action button should be included after adhering to all the guidelines mentioned above in order for your efforts to be successful. It allows your customer to access the checkout page and complete their purchase quickly. CTA is one of the crucial elements of any email copy that expects your customers to take any action

6. Analyse The Performance

Analyze the performance of the emails sent by checking the open rate, click rate, and conversion rate. This enables you to change the email copy as needed to make it more actionable.

This is the usual procedure followed when sending emails about abandoned carts. Customers have numerous possibilities to take action after viewing the emails.

Analyse The Performance

According to Forrester’s study, eCommerce firms lose a remarkable $18 Billion in yearly sales income as a result of shopping cart abandonment. By automating your store’s abandoned cart emails, you can leverage abandoned cart emails to recover lost sales.

Conclusion: Abandoned Cart Email (2023)

Abandoned Cart Recovery is crucial functionality for all eCommerce stores to recover their lost sales and improve the conversion rate of the eCommerce store. Even while some eCommerce platforms offer abandoned Cart Recovery as a built-in feature, some businesses don’t make the most of it. 

Curating the perfect email copy for abandoned cart emails acts as a deciding factor in getting more sales for your eCommerce store. Utilize the Abandoned cart recovery functionality to its best by writing appealing content that attracts your customers to buy the product. I hope this article has helped you understand everything about Abandoned Carts Email.


What should I write in an abandoned cart email?

The abandoned cart email must be written in a way that encourages customers to purchase the items they left in their cart. The steps to write such emails are as follows:
Appealing subject line with the headline.
Include benefits like free shipping or discount.
Include the products left in the cart. 
Add upsell or cross-sell with recommendations.
Customer feedback and product reviews.
Checkout button or call-to-action (CTA).

What is an abandoned cart email chain?

The abandoned cart email is a common practice of online stores to recover sales that are abandoned in the cart. An abandoned cart email chain is a series of follow-up emails sent to customers after the first abandoned cart email is sent to encourage customers to make a purchase. 

Do cart abandonment emails work?

Yes, abandoned carts work best when the email copy is strategically curated to attract customers.

When should I send an abandonment email?

To figure out the best time when your clients are available to read the email and act, you can run an A/B test using a few timings. It can assist you in determining the precise timing to send the email of abandonment.

Why do customers abandon carts?

There are multiple reasons for customers abandoning carts that, include the unavailability of Preferred Payment methods, Inadequate return policy, Slow delivery, Security concerns, time-consuming checkout, etc.

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