17+ Best eCommerce Website Design To Use In 2024 (Top Picks)

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15 Seconds!

That’s the average time a visitor spends on a website. Now, no matter whether you have an eCommerce website or any other site, you need to entice your customers to stick with your website for a longer time. 

But how? 

The only solution is to embrace the best eCommerce website design. 

And that’s why we’ll give 17 best eCommerce website design examples that’ll inspire you to level up your own website’s designing game. 

Ready to explore? Let’s roll in!

17+ Best eCommerce Website Designs: An Overview (2024)

A visually appealing and user-friendly eCommerce website design can make or break your online business’s success. Here are some tips!

Sr. NoeCommerce Website Standout Design Element 
1AsphalteHigh-quality, real-life product photography
2FahertyShoppable product videos
3LululemonMagazine look and feel 
4VictoireFloral background design
5Frank BodyDifferent fun elements
6GlossierUltra detailed shot
7SugarpillQuirky color pallets 
8Di Bruno BrosAlluring photography
9VivinoMinimum product photos
10BeLiveMultiple vibrant colors
11CrossropeUse of UGC videos 
12NobullContrasting color combination
13PeletonMinimalistic color approach 
14FitbitClassy color combination
15NoiseUse of a grid to separate products 
16Burberry x Harrods360-degree view with celestial vibes 
17StarcadetBlack-and-white product photography 

Let’s get into them one by one: 

Best eCommerce Website Designs For Fashion Brands 

With an approximate market cap of 700 billion US dollars, it’s no surprise that the fashion market is one of the dominating eCommerce industries worldwide. While the demand for fashion sites is on the rise, the competition in this field is also quite prominent. 

Hence, to set yourself apart from the crowd, here are some best fashion eCommerce website designs worth checking out:

1. Asphalte

Built on Shopify, Asphalte is a men’s fashion brand, ruling the industry with its top-notch design. After jumping on the website, the first thing that’ll soothe your eyes is its clean interface with minimal product photos.

Best eCommerce Website Design - Asphalte

It uses a white background and vibrant navy blue color that help every text pop up clearly so visitors can only focus on the products. Apart from that, all the product photos are taken from real-life contexts to enhance visitors’ shopping experience. 

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Clean background 
  • High-quality, real-life product photography
  • The contrasting combination of white and blue colors
  • A dedicated page for upcoming products
  • The alert and cart icon on every page
  • Automatic change in the product photos when you move the mouse over the colors. 

2. Faherty

Another fashion brand that’s nailing the website design is Faherty. Unlike typical sites, Faherty has taken a step forward and incorporated shoppable product videos – the charm of the site. And when you tap on those videos, you immediately get redirected to the products to purchase. 


Not only that, this engaging site offers product zooming and attention-grabbing lifestyle photos that make this site shine more than other fashion brands in the market. 

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Scroll-stopping shoppable product videos
  • High-quality images
  • White-black color combination 
  • Clean font 

3. Lululemon 

You don’t need thousands of colors to create an expertly designed eCommerce site, and Lululemon knows it really well. With a clear white background and top-notch product photos, this eCommerce fashion site almost gives magazine vibes. 


Like Faherty, Lululemon also uses cool product videos that entice customers to spend time on their site. 

Not only that, their homepage is designed so beautifully that every part of this page portrays their brand identity. For example, Lululemon uses a unique plant-based nylon material for clothes. That’s why a dedicated video related to that is added on the homepage, and it is itself enough to catch visitors’ attention on the first go. 

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Storytelling with videos
  • Clean and crisp interface
  • Product photography gives the magazine a look 
  • Multiple options like store locator, wish list, and gift cards are added to the homepage to enhance visitors’ shopping experience. 

4. Victoire

If you want clean yet multiple colors and elements on your site, Victoire will impress you. The floral design on the background gives girly vibes,  portraying the brand’s core theme. 

Alongside this, excellent copies and attractive text font enhance the site’s overall look. We also liked the checkout page of Victoire, where they integrated every detail of the product in a clean way. 


In a nutshell, it’s a fun and lively site that has the power to entice the busiest customers to spend a little extra time on their website. 

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Beautiful floral background design
  • Clear font
  • Use of multiple colors that complement each other 
  • Product zooming features
  • Multiple photographs of a single product

Best Website Designs For Beauty Brands

Like fashion, the beauty industry is also ruling the whole eCommerce market. Even it’s projected to grow by 77% before 2026. Interesting, right? 

From this standpoint, if you are looking to launch your own beauty brands, the following are some best website designs to inspire you: 

5. Frank Body

Frank Body’s website is clean, modern, and playful, which can connect with visitors on an emotional level. From the second of landing on the site, its flirty product photos and different fun elements will make you fall in love with the interface. 

Apart from that, the page layouts and different fonts set this site apart from other skincare brands’ designs. As they don’t have lots of product images on the homepage, visitors can scroll and navigate the site without getting overwhelmed. 

Frank Body

On the homepage, a menu bar on the upper-hand side of the screen features different categories like Shop, Best Sellers, etc. And Skin Quiz option, where you answer different questions related to your skincare, works as a cherry on top to enhance the overall UX. 

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Pastel colors
  • Unique product photos
  • Use of fun elements like zigzag lines, animated images, etc. 
  • Intuitive interface 

7.  Glossier 

You can give your site a classy look with a bare minimum of product photos and elements, and Glossier is a perfect example of the same. 

The huge photos on the Glossier website give elegant vibes and clearly define the quality and texture of the products. Not only that, but they also use an engaging product video on the homepage that makes the site more lively and enjoyable. 


What’s more interesting? At the bottom of every page, they have listed products in alphabetical order, which gives fun vibes to the visitors. 

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Ultra detailed shots
  • Minimalist design
  • Lots of white space

7. Sugarpill

Sugarpill is way too different than the sites we saw in the list so far.  If you like some colors or want some quirky designs, Sugarpill will interest you. 

Upon landing on the homepage, you’ll find multiple color blocks that perfectly enhance their make-up products. Though they don’t have a range of products, the site still looks elegant and vibrant. 


Additionally, the use of compelling copy and fun elements will “wow” the customers on their first visit. 

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Quirky model poses
  • The cool combination of vibrant colors
  • Fun moving elements
  • Live chatbot support 

Best eCommerce Website Designs For Food & Beverage Stores

If you are looking to build an eCommerce store related to foods and beverages, these websites will give you unique ideas: 

8. Di Bruno Bros

Be it for its outstanding photography or its unique color combination, Di Bruno Bros has nailed the design on its websites. On the homepage, the first thing that will attract you is the slide with different food photographs. 

Not only do these photos look alluring, but the copy written with them literally allures everyone –  no matter whether you are a foodie or not. 

Di Bruno Bros

When you scroll down, the generous use of CTA will tempt you to make purchases – surely the cleverest way to turn visitors into customers. Even a super fun video has been added to the homepage to connect with scrollers in an effective way. 

However, on the upper-hand side of the homepage, you’ll get various options, including gifts. Once you click on them, you’ll get redirected to a new world where you’ll find endless foods and side dishes. 

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Alluring food photos
  • Use of video on the homepage
  • Clean and crisp interface
  • Generous use of CTAs 

9. Vivino

If you don’t like chaos on the web pages and need a clean look, you can check out Vivino – a site where you can find wines under various price ranges and qualities. 

No, Vivino doesn’t have any out-of-the-box design templates. Even they don’t have many product photos on their web pages. But whatever they’ve done with minimum text and photos is excellent. 


The unique feature that enhances the shopping experience is that you can control your searches as per your budget. And the best part? Customer reviews are shown under every product, making the purchase much easier. 

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Lots of white spaces
  • Minimal product photos
  • Customer reviews under every product

10. BeLive

BeLive, a vitamin gummy brand, has created a top-notch eCommerce website with scroll-stopping designs. The homepage combines different vibrant and pastel colors and compelling copies written boldly in black. 

But still, in spite of using multiple colors and blocks, the website doesn’t look overwhelming. Rather, it looks more stunning and clean. The product page features large product photos and lots of white space so that visitors can shop seamlessly. 


Not only that, BeLive has added a dedicated “Happy Customers” section where you’ll find numerous UGC content in video format. 

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Huge product photos
  • Use of multiple colors
  • Adding UGC video content
  • Clean interface

Best eCommerce Website Designs For Fitness Brands

Unfortunately, there are only a few fitness brands with beautiful website designs. Here are some of them: 

11. Crossrope

Can a website look great without any funky design or excellent product photography? 

Yes! If you don’t believe it, check Crossrope’s website. 

The whole website has a clear white background, and it mostly depends on product videos. From how you’ll use their products to how you’ll experience while using the products – everything has been shown through lifestyle videos. 


Apart from that, Crossrope features UGC with photos on the homepage to build a solid bond with the customers. Overall, with fewer product photos, top-notch product videos, and a clean interface, this website is worth checking out if you want to launch any fitness product.

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Excellent Product videography
  • Generous use of UGC
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Attractive logo

12. Nobull

When brands like Nike and Adidas are your competitors, you need to do something extra with your website look and USP to give neck-to-neck competition to them – Nobull took this statement seriously and built an outstanding website with unique designs. 


To enhance users’ experience, it gives two different CTAs for users – shop for men and shop for women. Not only that but for those who adore floral designs, Nobull has a dedicated page for them.

While huge product photos in real-life context make the store crisp and clear, the perfect white background makes the color blocks more unique and lively. 

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Multiple blocks for different product categories 
  • A dedicated floral shop
  • Perfect white-black combination
  • Live chatbot support

13. Peleton

Peleton is a fitness brand where you can find various gym goods, apparel, and accessories with just a few clicks. Though there are no-such out-of-the-box design elements, the website still looks elegant and classy. 

The best part we liked about Peleton is its minimal use of product photos on the homepage. Instead, it features multiple product categories that’d redirect you to the dedicated pages once you click on them – meaning easy navigation and less confusion. 


Another best thing that takes Peleton’s product page design to the next level is that it has integrated a “how it works” video with every machine they sell. In a word, Peleton has a video-rich, clean website that looks playful and classy at the same time. 

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Minimalistic color approach
  • A “how-it-works” video with every product they sell
  • Excellent product photography from multiple angles

Best eCommerce Website Designs For Electronics Brands

As we are listing the best eCommerce website designs. It will be unfair if we don’t include some top-notch electronics brands with amazing website designs. Do check them out:  

14. Fitbit

Fitbit’s website relies on light background color so each section, text, and messaging can remain in the limelight. 

While the large product photography gives a sleek look to the site, the readable text font makes the product description readable and skimmable. The rigorous use of CTAs is capable enough to make the visitors hit the “add to cart” button. 


However, if you expect multiple colors and design elements on the site, you might get disappointed as it doesn’t use such props. Rather, its sleek, clean look with light pastel colors makes the site stand out among the crowd.

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Rigorous use of CTAs
  • Classy choice of colors
  • Huge product photos

15.  Noise

Noise ditches the minimalistic approach and adopts funky photography on its homepage. It uses a clean white background and multiple colors that complement each other. However, Noise doesn’t leave any chance for branding and marketing. Thus, it features celebrities’ photos and videos to position itself as a trustworthy brand.


Apart from that, using the grid layout to separate products is a great approach that impresses visitors. Also, the CTAs, navigation menu, and showing product reviews provide excellent UX that further leads to huge sales and revenue. 

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Featuring celebs as models
  • Use of grids to separate products
  • Quirky product photos

Other Unique eCommerce Website Designs

Last but certainly not least, here are two more out-of-the-box eCommerce website designs that’ll blow your mind: 

16. Burberry x Harrods

If you want to enjoy a totally unique shopping experience with outstanding design elements, you must visit Burberry x Harrods. Once you land on the site, it’ll give you fairy-tale vibes with 360-degree views.

Burberry x Harrods


After clicking on ENTER, you’ll set foot in a place where you’ll find a gorgeous collection of bags with shoppable links. At the same time, the virtual shelves, celestial atmosphere, and large sculpture would make the whole experience royal and heavenly. 

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • 360-degree product views
  • Celestial shopping experience
  • Excellent storefront

17. Starcadet

Sometimes, it’s better to play with simple black-and-white photos, and Starcadet solely believes in this. On their site, you’d hardly get a couple of model shots. Instead, they mostly offer product-only photos, so the visitors can only focus on the product quality. 


A clean background with less color and lots of white spaces literally soothes the eyes and provides a seamless shopping experience. Apart from that, the sparkling black and white photos give vintage vibes with classy looks. 

Key Design Elements That Make This Site Stand Out:

  • Black-and-white photos
  • Less color
  • vintage look 

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Final Note! Best eCommerce Website Design (2024) 

Designing the eCommerce website is no rocket science if you have a great designer on your team. 

Even nowadays, you can find ready-made premium templates on eCommerce platforms to design your site and give it a classy look. Thus, if you are just starting out and don’t have the budget to hire a designer, you can buy and modify the premium templates. 

But, we’d highly recommend you not to save money on eCommerce designs. Plan your budget and get a designer who will help you build a top-notch site. 

However, hope our dedicated list will help you ideate the best design aligned with your brand. So, which one do you find the most interesting design from this list? Let us know below. 

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