Don’t fly blind this holiday season

The Yaguara team is offering a free trial of our premium tier from now through December 4th so that you and your team can have the most data-driven holiday season yet.

The Black Friday-Cyber Monday Trial

Black Friday-Cyber Monday is a critical time of the year for your business, and it doesn’t have to be chaotic. This year we are offering a free trail of our premium tier that gives your team access to your 4 most important integrations, 2 live goal-tracking packages, and 2 dashboards so you can finally manage the holiday season out of a real-time control center.

Dashboards for monitoring performance in real-time

Start using our custom Dashboards for monitoring key metrics and data sources all across your business.

Goal-tracking to align your team and focus where it matters

Right away help teammates across all levels work around shared holiday objectives.

Insights surfaced so you can make the right decision, faster

Start to identify benchmarks, key drivers, and leading indicators to capitilize on this year like never before.

Your data in one place so you can see signal through noise

With this trial you’ll have a single, seamless, integrated solution that solves the problem of siloed, segmented data every holiday season.

See YoY, Campaign and total BFCM performance in real-time

Implementing Yaguara allows for operating beautifully without the need for hands-on attention. That means focusing on outcomes rather than ad-hoc tools and workarounds.

See trends, get insights, have your best holiday season ever.

Yaguara puts data in a business context so you can understand how you're doing as a company, and the same goes for this critical part of your year.
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