BigCommerce Review 2024 — Is It Worth The HYPE?

BigCommerce Review —

Deciding whether Bigcommerce is a perfect suit for your business or not  – is one of the most common problems people face. And, when it comes to purchasing a plan, most founders get skeptical. After all, launching an online business isn’t an easy nut to crack!

In such a situation, a detailed review of the BigCommeerce platform can save time. It can help you decide whether you should go for Bigcommerce or not. 

That’s why here we have come up with an in-depth Bigcommerce review where we will cover the nitty-gritty of each feature (pricing plans, interface, marketing and selling features, support system) offered by this platform. At last, we’ll also show you how  Bigcommerce stands out among its rivals. So, stay tuned!

BigCommerce At A Glance In 2024 

Overall Ratings 4.2
Total Online stores85, OOO+
Category NASDAQ listed e-commerce platform serving as a Saas tool for retailers 
Country Across 120 countries
Total Networth$1.11B

Bigcommerce Features Review: A Quick Recap

After interviewing several Bigcommerce retailers and taking quotes from them, we have come up with the below-given feature ratings. So, have a look at them. These ratings are out of 5 stars. 

Ease of Use3.6
Pricing 3.0
Marketing Features4.0
Selling Features4.6
Themes and Designs3.6
Customer Support3.2

Bigcommerce Pricing, Fees, and Payment Gateways

Unlike other e-commerce builders like Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, and Squarespace, Bigcommerce has atypical pricing plans that offer diverse features based on the budget. So, here we will dismantle each plan and its offerings. Also, we will assist you in knowing which one would be the best for your business. Let’s dive into it. 

BigCommerce Pricing
Enterprise StandardPlus Pro Enterprise 
Pricing $39/month $105/month$399Pricing varies based on features.
Suitable forSmall/newbie business owners and founders.  Those small and medium-sized businesses are still growing revenue. Mid-level businesses who want to scale up their growth to the next levelEnterprise-level business 
BigCommerce Pricing Review

Bigcommerce Standard Plan


  • An intended online store
  • Unlimited products, storage, and bandwidth
  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Multi-currency Selling
  • Built-in blog features
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Professional reporting tools
  • No transaction fees
  • Product reviews and ratings. 


(Whereas Shopify and Squarespace offer the same feature in their basic plans) 

  • No store credit cards and product filtering features

 Bigcommerce Plus Plan 


All standard plan features  +

  • Abandoned cart saver and customer groups options
  • Store credit cards feature
  • Persistent cart tool 


  • Google customer reviews are not included in it
  • No product filtering and custom filtering option

Bigcommerce Pro Plans


All plus features +

  • Product search filtering and custom product filtering options
  • Google customer reviews feature


  • Multi storefront option isn’t included here
  • No API calls

Bigcommerce Enterprise Plan


All-Pro plans +

  • Unlimited API calls
  • Priority support
  • Multi-store features 

Our Recommendation: Which Plan to Choose? 

As per the study, E-commerce businesses lose almost $18 billion of total net worth because of the abandoned cart. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting or a mid-level business, abandoned cart recovery feature will work as a life-saver for your brand. So, Bigcommerce’s plus plan should be a go-to option for every e-commerce business as it provides all must-have features, including abandoned cart recovery, at a minimal price.

Also, you will benefit from a 10% discount annually if you go for Bigcommerce’s plus and pro plans. But we suggest trying out the 15 days free trial option before purchasing any of them. 

BigCommerce Payment Gateways

A common question that every newbie business asks is, “what’re the payment processes offered by Bigcommerce?”

Bigcommerce lets you choose from 65+ pre-integrated online payment processes serving 230 countries.  Moreover, These payment processes are 3D secured and multi-currency supported, allowing you to make payments via embedded checkout. 

BigCommerce Payment Gateway
BigCommerce Payment Gateway

These Payment gateways include  – 

  • Amazon Pay
  • Gpay
  • Clearpay
  • Paypal
  • Square
  • Zip
  • Worldpay Core

Does BigCommerce Charge Transaction Fees? 

If you use the leading payment gateways of Bigcommerce, you don’t need to pay any transaction fees, and it makes Bigcommerce stand out among competitors. 

But, Bigcommerce also provides default payment methods with credit/debit card transactions with Paypal powered by Braintree.  The higher your plan goes, the lower your rates can go. For instance – 

  • Standard plan – 2.59%+ $0.49
  • Pro Plan – 2.35% + $0.49
  • Plus Plan – 2.05%+ $0.49
  • Enterprise plan- 2.05%+$0.49
BigCommerce Transaction Charge
BigCommerce Transaction Charge

Bigcommerce Marketing Features

Marketing FeaturesRating
Built-in SEO tools 3.9
Analytics tools 4.3
Social commerce option4.1
Blogging option  3.8
Bigcommerce App Store4.2
Promotions and discount coupons 4.0

Bigcommerce SEO Tools

No matter how good your product is, without SEO, they are just of no use! Fortunately, Bigcommerce’s SEO tools are strong enough to generate organic traffic to your site. With Bigcommerce, you can easily customize SEO-friendly meta descriptions, page titles, headers, etc. 

Moreover, Bigcommerce’s SEO features are out of the box, giving you full control of your settings to elevate the SEO strategy. Apart from that, other SEO tactics provided by Bigcommerce are –

  • Unique URL for every page on your site. 
  • Built-in microdata and “rich snippets” to improve the search results.
  • 301+ automated redirects and URL rewrites to adjust changes and pages. 
  • Bigcommerce offers CDN (Content Delivery Network) to load your site quickly in the Search Engine. 
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages to boost site visitors. 
  • Image optimization feature etc.
BigCommerce SEO Features
BigCommerce SEO Features

Bigcommerce Analytics Tool

Bigcommerce has done a great job by bringing in the report analysis tool to improve your business and ease the shopping experience. This built-in analytics has 11 reports based on your business performance. These include –

  • Marketing report
  • Consumer report
  • Selling report
  • Abandoned cart report
  • Tax report
  • Search report
  • E-commerce report
  • Store report
  • Real-time report
  • Retailing report
  • Sales funnel report

But, these reporting features will depend on your purchasing plan. The higher your plan is, the more you will get facilitated by these reports. Apart from that, Bigcommerce also allows you to integrate Google analytics for a higher conversion rate.

Social Commerce Option in Bigcommerce

The study states that the social commerce market will skyrocket to $50 Billion in 2023.  Keeping that in concern, Bigcommerce has an integrated omnichannel marketing feature that fuels your business and gives you more conversions. 

Connect the Bigcommerce products to your optimized Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts and sell the product to your ideal customers.

Bigcommerce Blogging Feature

Bigcommerce’s built-in blog option is one of the most impactful features to leverage the inbound-marketing game. If you are new to this platform, you’ll have a default blogging option connected to your site. You just have to turn on the blog visibility option and post your draft. 

If you don’t like the basic blogging features of Bigcommerce, you can easily opt for other blogging platforms like WordPress to benefit from more advanced options. 

BigCommerce Blog Post
BigCommerce Blog Post

Bigcommerce Mobile Apps

Bigcommerce’s App Marketplace is the go-to option for every growing eCommerce platform. If you aren’t satisfied with the given features of Bigcommerce, you can integrate extra functionalities by purchasing relevant apps according to your needs from this marketplace. 

BigCommerce Mobile App
BigCommerce Mobile App

It features more than 1000 well-known Saas tools ( both paid and free) that assist you in managing sales, marketing, and shipping options.

In a nutshell, this app marketplace is a gold mine for every brand to win the e-commerce business game. 

Bigcommerce’s Selling Features

Selling FeaturesRatings
Multi-currency selling 4.5
Point of Sale feature4.4
Multiple Language Selling4.0
Shipping options4.3
Product Inventory4.2

Bigcommerce’s Multi-currency selling Feature

Globalize your business with the multi-currency feature offered by Bigcommerce! 

This function allows the users to purchase the products with their local currencies. Consequently, it eases their shopping experience and builds a credible relationship with them. It means more conversions for you!

Apart from that, Bigcommerce’s Payment API helps them make a partnership with well-known payment providers across the globe. So, it’s a win-win situation for both the merchants and customers.

Bigcommerce’s Multi-currency
Bigcommerce’s Multi-currency

Bigcommerce’s Point of Sale Feature

This is one of the most impressive features offered by Bigcommerce. With this feature, you’ll get to sell your product even in your offline shop. It’s more like covering the gap between your online and brick-and-mortar stores. And the credit goes to the Bigcommerce connected POS providers such as PayPal Zettle, Square, Clover, Hike, Heartland Retail,  etc. 

In one way, it reduces the transaction fees; on the other hand, it makes your selling easier no matter where you stay! So, it’s a big achievement for Bigcommerce to compete with its rivals. 

BigCommerce Sale In Store
BigCommerce Sale In-Store


Every newbie merchant looks for dropshipping option on eCommerce platforms. The same is the case with Bigcommerce. But it never disappoints the marketers as it provides the dropshipping option for them. 

All you have to do is to take orders from your customers and send them to the inventors. They’ll take care of the rest, and you’ll get free from the headache of keeping product stock.

BigCommerce - Dropshipping

Here are a few best dropshipping suppliers in partnership with Bigcommerce – Spocket, AliExpress Dropshipping, Modalyst, SaleHoo, Doba, and so on.  Hence, it’s proved that if you have a limited budget to start a business, Bigcommerce is always there for you!

Multiple Language Selling

Though Bigcommerce claims to offer multi-lingual selling on this platform, it’s not properly implemented as they have no built-in feature. But, it allows you to integrate other apps to make your store multi-lingual. 

But, the major drawback of Bigcommerce is you have to pay extra over the pricing plan for this feature. The cost starts from $21 to $230, depending on your requirements.

Bigcommerce Shipping Options

Bigcommerce offers free and paid shipping options to its users.

Moreover, the merchants can avail of other shipping quotes in terms of Flat Rate, Ship By, Pick Up In-Store, Real-Time Shipping, and so on. 

Under the Real-Time Shipping, you’ll get to access other quotes, including –

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS by Endicia
  • Royal Mail
  • Australia Post,
  • Zoom2u

Product Inventory

Bigcommerce has its own Product inventory management to make the process easier for the marketers. It means you don’t need any third-party apps to manage your product inventory system, which most of its competitors lack.

However, it will sound very soothing for the businesses that Bigcommerce allows them to sell every kind of product ( Physical, digital, service-based) as per their will. 

By using SKU, the merchants can track their inventory effortlessly. Also, automatically syncing the inventory option of Bigcommerce will help ease the customer shopping experience.

BigCommerce Themes and Designs

When it comes to themes offered by Bigcommerce, it’s a huge thumbs up! Bigcommerce offers a range of free(12) and paid (100) themes that cost you $150- $235.  You can easily filter your industry and get a variety of themes as per your needs. Even some of them offer a “zoom feature” to ease customer shopping. 

BigCommerce - Theme
BigCommerce – Theme

Also, the themes provided by Bigcommerce are mobile compatible, and you can change them anytime you want. 

Homepage Design

Don’t worry; you don’t need to be an expert or coder to design your store homepage. Bigcommerce has got your back. Here you can design and edit any page effortlessly using the drag and drop method.  

BigCommerce - Page Builder
BigCommerce – Page Builder

This feature of Bigcommerce helps you control your brand identity and provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience. 

Not only that, but before the final setting up of your store, you can enable the preview option to check how it’ll look, and if needed, you can change it accordingly. 

Product Design

A product page can make and break the whole game of shopping. That’s why Bigcommerce has launched out-of-the-box product designing options for marketers. 

You can edit your product page as per your needs without any web developers. Also, to make the process easier, you can take the help of various third-party apps such as Dogma, Zakeke, Inkybay, and so on. 

BigCommerce Ease of Use

Let’s be honest here! Bigcommerce isn’t as easy to use as it claims to be. You might face issues with various technical terms and conditions that are alien to a non-tech-savvy person. 

But, Bigcommerce is a perfect go-to for beginners regarding product adding and theme customization.  But the problem comes while designing storefront. 

BigCommerce - View Product
BigCommerce – View Product

So, better to take help from a web developer to make the process seamless and streamlined. After all, the best things come with complexity. So, Bigcommerce is a better option for tech-savvy persons. 

Apart from that, you can do everything within a blink using the drag-and-drop option of Bigcommerce. 

BigCommerce Customer Support

Bigcommerce’s customer support system is available 24*7 for the merchants. But the facilities depend on your monthly plan. If you have purchased a standard plan, you’ll benefit from live chats and calls from the customer care system of Bigcommerce. 

Bigcommerce has a few contact numbers based on geographic locations. You can either call them or chat with them to detangle your issues. 

BigCommerce - Customer Support
BigCommerce – Customer Support

Apart from that, video tutorials and articles are available for the merchants. But if you opt for the Enterprise plan of Bigcommmerce, you’ll have personalized care from the support system. You can simply contact them via calls and take personalized consultations to skyrocket your business. 

Who Should Use BigCommerce?

BigCommerce has features for everyone. It can help you create your very first online store, help you grow your existing eCommerce business, or fulfill the needs of enterprise-level companies. This platform can help you manage your customers, orders, and products, generate analytics reports and give marketing tools to market your business across different social media channels. BigCommerce’s POS feature can help you run your online & offline stores smoothly.

The features of BigCommerce are designed in a way that even a beginner who doesn’t have any technical knowledge can start using it without having any issues. If you ever get stuck somewhere, you can always contact the customer support team of BigCommerce. There is no limit on the number of products you can sell on your BigCommerce store.

BigCommerce Review: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons of BigCommerce.


  • Most of the advanced features of BigCommerce are available on low-cost plans.
  • With BigCommerce, you can easily sell your products in multiple currencies.
  • BigCommerce does not charge you any transaction fees for any payment, whether you use a third-party payment method.
  • BigCommerce offers plenty of reporting tools on all the plans, which you will not get in other eCommerce platforms.
  • BigCommerce offers amazing SEO features that you will not find on most platforms.


  • Its abandoned cart feature will cost you more in comparison to other platforms.
  • Its free themes are a lot similar, which is not good.

Why Should You Go for Bigcommerce?

After Analysing an in-depth review of Bigcommerce, we have come up with a few points that make Bigcommerce stand out among the crowd. For example – 

  • It provides a number of premium features such as multi-currency selling, dropshipping, omnichannel-selling, etc at a low cost.
  • Bigcommerce is a perfect option for you if you want to globalize your business. 
  • Multi-currency selling and multi-channel selling are available here.
  • No transaction fees. But if you use default payment methods via credit/debit card, you have to pay the extra cost but it’ll depend on the pricing plan you have chosen. 
  • SEO features are pretty effective in ranking your site higher.
  • Third-party real-time shipping calculations are available here.
  • Built-in blog feature.
  • A variety of apps are available in the Bigcommerce app marketplace to boost your sales.
  • Built-in review and performance-analyzing functionality.

What are the Drawbacks of Bigcommerce?

Though Bigcommerce ranks among the top e-commerce platforms and builders across the globe, it has several cons holding it back from grabbing the first position. These include – 

  • No abandoned cart recovery option in its standard plan, whereas Shopify includes this feature in its basic plan. 
  • Free templates are very basic and not competitive. They could’ve been better.
  • The interface is a bit difficult to use for beginners.
  • No shipping discounts are available on any membership.
  • The built-in blog feature lacks advanced functionalities. It is better to use WordPress to have a better experience. 
  • Limitations can hold you back in sales and product stocks.

Bigcommerce and Its Competitors – The Battle

Here’s the list of BigCommerce alternatives and its competitors.

  1. BigCommerce
Ratings 4.2
Pricing Plans (per month) $39-$399
Number of Templates 120+
SEO featuresHighly effective 
Built-in Email Marketing functionalityNo ( via third-party apps) 
Ease of UseA bit difficult 
Business Globalization A perfect fit to grow your business 

2. Shopify

Ratings 4.5
Pricing Plans (per month) $39-$399
Number of Templates 70+
SEO featuresEffective but can create issues of duplicate content 
Built-in Email Marketing functionalityYes 
Ease of UseEasy
Business Globalization Not for international-level growth 
Read More. Shopify Review

3. Squarespace 

Ratings 4.3
Pricing Plans (per month) $16-$46
Number of Templates 110+
SEO featuresRemarkable SEO features. Still, it needs some investment to boost site SEO. 
Built-in Email Marketing functionalityYes
Ease of UseMinimalistic but could be improved
Business Globalization Ideal for big brands 
Read More.Squarespace Review

4. Wix

Ratings 4.4
Pricing Plans (per month) $23-$49
Number of Templates 1000+
SEO featuresExcellent fit for every website
Built-in Email Marketing functionalityYes, Even its free plan offers an email marketing tool. 
Ease of UseVery easy and user-friendly 
Business Globalization Not a perfect match for large businesses 
Read More.Wix Review

5. WordPress

Ratings 4.1
Pricing Plans (per month) 0-$45
Number of Templates 31,000+
SEO featuresWordPress’s SEO trends to rank on Google.
Built-in Email Marketing functionalityNo ( Via third-party apps)
Ease of UseLess easy than Shopify. 
Business Globalization Top brands use WordPress for growth

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Final Verdict: Is BigCommerce Worth it in 2024? 

Everything consists of a few pros and cons. So does Bigcommerce. For some people, the pricing plans may sound a bit higher. But it’s totally worth it as Bigcommerce provides premium features at this price.  So, no matter if you are a newbie business or a growing one, Bigcommerce has got your back. 

But we recommend you try out the 15-day free trial (No credit card required) before opting for any plan. It’ll save both your time and money!

Time flies! And we have reached the last section of this article. Hope you have cleared all your doubts, and now you can decide whether Bigcommerce is the perfect fit for your business or not. If you have any questions regarding Bigcommerce, feel free to comment.  

FAQs On BigCommerce 

Is Shopify Better than Bigcommerce? 

Both are perfect in their own ways. Shopify overpowers Bigcommerce’s selling features, whereas Bigcommerce has several premium built-in marketing features.

Is Bigcommerce good for newbie business? 

Bigcommerce offers unlimited features at a minimal price. So, it’s suitable for small businesses. But, you need to be tech-savvy to handle its interface. 

Is Bigcommerce better than Magento?

Yes, Bigcommerce has more built-in exclusive features than Magento. 

Is Bigcommerce good for b2b?

Yes, Bigcommerce is the first choice of every B2B marketer.

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