What is a Key Result?

Key results are the outcomes that move your team closer to completing an objective.

They are often quantifiable results that are based on performance, revenue, or other growth sources. In Yaguara there are several ways to measure a Key Result, the most popular being a Target Key Result or a Range Key Result. These types of Key Results allow your team to integrate real-time data from your growth sources. You can also create an Achievement Key Result allowing your team to mark a Key Result as "incomplete" or "achieved."

Examples of Key Results:

  • Publish 10 blog posts
  • Double a visitor's Time On Site
  • Increase Facebook followers to 5000

What are the different types?

Target Key Results

Teams often have straight-forward numbers they would like to hit. Target Key Results sets a hard amount for a goal to climb towards. Success is easily defined by whether the number is met or surpassed.

Target Key Results are best implemented for metrics that require a slower uphill climb.

A few Target examples:

Google Analytics: 22,000 Unique Users

Shopify: $1,500,000 Net Sales

Facebook Ads: 50,000 Click Throughs

The Office: 9,000 reams of paper sold by Dwight Schrute

Range Key Result

Range Key Results create lower and upper limits around the desired range your team considers a success.Range Key Results are often correlated to percentage and time-based models where increases or decreases are frequent. With Yaguara’s real-time capability, Range Key Results can keep the team on track if a goal slides out of the lower and upper limits.

A few Range examples:

Google Analytics: Keep Average Session Time between 2:00-4:00

Shopify: Average Order Value between $80-$100

Facebook Ads: Acquire customers for between $40-$50

The Office: Upsell between 40-60% of Scranton clients every year

Achievement Key Result

Not all results have to be confined to numerical significance, often success can be defined by a qualitative binary system. An Achievement Key Results allows your team to mark a Key Result as “Incomplete” or “Achieved”.

Goals often get complex, and strategies call for updates and changes along the way. Achievement Key Results allow teams to work towards these outcomes that are too difficult to quantify, too large to be a task, and too critical to not be tracked all the way to completion.

A few Achievement examples:

Google Analytics: Create new conversion goals

Shopify: Place new product line in catalog

Facebook Ads: Launch new ad campaign

The Office: Finish video on how to close sales by Michael Scott

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