How to Integrate with Stripe

First, head to your Yaguara Integrations and select 'Connect' for Stripe.

You’ll be brought to Stripe's applications settings, where you’ll need to connect your Stripe account details to Yaguara.

Once you’ve completed setup, you’ll see Stripe with your integrated data sources when creating a Key Result:  

How Stripe syncs with Yaguara

Stripe automatically updates your tracked data in Yaguara. Changes made in Yaguara will never modify your data in Stripe. 

When a transaction takes place on your Stripe account they are shown in their respective Key Result in Yaguara. The following metrics can be tracked:

  • Gross Value of charges over time
  • Number of charges over time
  • Average charge value over time


  • Subscriptions all time
  • New Subscriptions over time
  • Subscription churn over time
  • Subscriptions value over time
  • Subscriptions value churned over time


  • Customers all time
  • New Customers over time


  • Gross Order Value
  • Number of orders over time
  • Number of items ordered

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