How to Integrate with Snapchat Ads

First, head to your Yaguara Integrations and select 'Connect' for Snapchat Ads.

You’ll be presented with a window to log in with your Snapchat Account.

Once you’ve completed setup, you’ll see Snapchat Ads with your integrated data sources when creating a Key Result:  

How Snapchat syncs with Yaguara

With Yaguara, you can set goals and track your review and paid aquisition performance. The metrics and filters we currently offer are:

Snapchat Metrics

  • Micro-Currency Spend
  • Currency Spend
  • 25% of video seen
  • 50% of video seen
  • 75% of video seen
  • 100% of video seen
  • Qualified Impressions
  • Time Spent on top (milliseconds)
  • Swipe Ups
  • Total Impressions

Snapchat Filters

  • Ad Status
  • Ad name
  • Is settled?
  • Ad Account
  • Ad Squad
  • Ad Campaign
  • Ad Organization

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