Associating your To-Do with an OKR

When you create a To-Do you can connect it to an existing OKR.  Or you can connect To-Do's after they have been created. 

To assign a To-Do to an Objective or Key Result, navigate to your To-Dos tab on the left of the screen.  Find the To-Do you'd like to associate and click to expand it. 

Then click "Associate" and search for the Objective or Key Result it should be attached to. Don't forget to click "Save!"

You can also edit the Due Date, add notes, tag a team members or anything else you need to do! 

You can access all of your To-Dos from the 'To-Dos' tab or once they are connected with and OKR, you will see them in the OKR itself

Stand Alone To-Do's 

Store your non-OKR-specific To-Do's in Yaguara! 

Simply access them through "To-Dos" tab in the navigation panel on the left of the screen. We recommend naming them something obvious and including notes for yourself or other team members.

Creating To-Do's

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