What to do when an integration gets disconnected

If your integration gets disconnected for any reason (sometimes this can happen if your integration gets updated or its settings).  

Navigate to the Integrations page and you will see any integrations that need to be reconnected. 

If you would still like it to be integrated, simply click "Re-Connect" and that button will take you through the normal connection sequence to get you synced up again.

The example screenshots in this article are re-connecting a Stripe integration, but the sequence would be for your specific integration you are reconnecting. 


How we sync your data

We connect your integrations through API feeds. This basically means that we have you give us permission through the desired app, the data then the data they specify is synced into Yaguara. 

Some of the metrics that come over need to be calculated, while others are unedited. If you ever have questions about how a metric is showing up in Yaguara, please let us know through chat or emailing us at support@yaguara.co so that we can go over specifics.

Still have questions? Reach out to us at support@yaguara.co or start a chat with us!

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