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The evolution of businesses from traditional to digital has made setting up a new business more effortless. The POS systems for small businesses have made a phenomenal change in streamlining business workflow.

Choosing the right, reliable POS system helps with real-time communication abilities to handle everything appropriately. This article describes the top 11 powerful and affordable POS systems that will help your business streamline sales and operations. 

POS Systems For Small Business: In A Nutshell

Choosing the best of all in a market pool of POS systems might be confusing. Therefore, we have made it easier for you! This section lists the top 11 POS software in the market with its different features and benefits. 

Sr.No.POS For Small BusinessesBest ForPrice
1.Shopify POSRetail, e-commerce$39- $399/ month
2.Square POS Retail, food service$0- $60/ month
3.Lightspeed POSRetail, hospitality$69- $399/ month
4.Clover Retail, food service $14.95- $84.95/ month
5.StripeOnline businesses 2.7%- 2.9% + extra cents
6.PayPal POS Online and in-store2.29%- 3.49%+ extra cents 
7.ToastRestaurants and cafes$69- $165/ month
8.HelciumRetail, E-commerce 1.94%- 2.51%+ extra cents 
9.Revel SystemsRestaurants and bars$99- $674/ month
10.eHopper POSRetail, food service $39.99/ month
11.KORONA POS Various industries $59- $69/ month

POS systems have hardware and Software components in which each element is allotted to do a particular task. The right POS software is a non-negotiable system for many businesses, from restaurants to hospitals. 

There are a variety of POS systems, from basic to advanced. Their standards depend on the business’s size and the modern-day world’s requirements. We’ve spilled the beans on the top 11 POS systems for small businesses. Get scrolling to find out the best one in 2023.

1. Shopify POS

We all know Shopify as a famous e-commerce platform. Apart from giving an outstanding shopping experience to its customers, Shopify has given many businesses a real-time POS system for greater customer satisfaction since 2006. 

POS Systems for Small Businesses - Shopify POS

Their integrated POS system best suits Omnichannel companies operating online and offline payments. The components of Shopify POS systems include retail kits, tap, chip card readers, and iPad stands that can be directly connected and customized. 

Key features:

For basic Shopify plans

  • Free trial for 3 days
  • No extra transaction fees
  • Plug-and-play hardware
  • Order and product management
  • Customer profiles 
  • Credit card processing 
  • Integrated QR codes
  • Discount codes and coupons 

For advanced Shopify plans 

  • Smart inventory management 
  • Staff management 
  • Fulfill local delivery 
  • Custom printed receipts


  • E-commerce (required): $39–$399
  • POS: $0–$89 per location
  • Installation fee: $0 or DIY
  • Processing fees:
    • In-person: 2.4%–2.7%
    • Online: 2.4%–2.9% + 30 cents

Looking for a discount on a subscription? Click here for 25% Off + 3 Months For $1. They also give a free trial for 90 days just for $1.

2. Square POS 

If you’re looking for a partner for an advanced inventory management system, sales, and operations for your business, Square POS is the best software. Square POS is a cloud-based POS software founded in 2009. Square POS has a market share of 28.67%, with a whopping 27,821 tracked customers.

Its flexibility allows users to install it on iOS and Android. Square is best suited for retail stores and restaurants that take credit cards. 

Square POS 

It charges based on the amount of sales you’ve made instead of charging a cut & right fee. This feature makes it incredibly useful for small and newer businesses. 

Key Features 

  • Integrated payment system
  • Barcode scanning 
  • Invoice and e-gift options
  • Quick and secure payment processing 
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Integrate sales and inventory seamlessly
  • Customized checkout systems
  • Easy payment in offline mode
  • Digital or printed receipts
  • Stores customer directory 

Pricing: (Per Transaction)

  • Monthly software fees: $0–$60
  • Installation fee: $0; installation is do-it-yourself (DIY)
  • Processing fees:
    • In-person: 2.6% + 10 cents
    • Online: 3.5% + 15 cents
    • Custom rates are available for businesses processing more than $250,000 annually.

3. Lightspeed POS

If you have a well-established small business set up in multiple locations, Lightspeed POS is the best platform. Its exceptional inventory management capabilities set it apart from any other type of POS in the market. 

Lightspeed POS

It allows you to run your entire shop from a single interface since your e-commerce can be easily integrated into the POS. With that, this is the best tool if you have a product-based business to track products across multiple locations. 

Key features:

  • 14 days free trial
  • Analytics tools
  • Integrated e-commerce platform
  • Customized sales reports
  • Real-time update on stocks
  • API for customized workflows
  • Dedicated account manager to answer queries


  • Monthly software fees:
    • $69–$269 for retail
    • $39–$399 for restaurants
  • Installation fee: $0
  • Processing fees:
    • In-person: 2.6% + 10 cents
    • Online: 2.6% + 30 cents

4. Clover 

Clover is a customized POS tailored to the needs of industries such as retail, restaurants, and other service-based businesses. It is known for its user-friendly interface and the ability to integrate with a wide range of hardware and software, making it a popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses.


Clover has 5,397 domains with a market cap of 5.56%. Clover offers a variety of hardware options, including countertop terminals, mobile devices, and handheld POS systems. This flexibility allows companies to choose the hardware that best suits their needs.

Key features 

  • Variety of hardware options 
  • Real-time synchronization across multiple channels
  • Inventory management 
  • Various mediums of payment processing 
  • Order management 
  • Customer relationship management 
  • Customer support


  • Basic POS setup: $14.95/ month
  • Advanced Business Management: $49.95/ month
  • Quick service dining management: $54.95/ month
  • Full-service restaurant management: $84.95/ month

5. Stripe POS 

Stripe is a point-of-sale system that lets merchants accept payments, send payments, and manage inventories and CRM in its platform. The popularity of Stripe is reflected in its metrics. The annual revenue of Stripe increased to 14% in 2022 from $12 billion in 2021. 

Stripe POS 

The Stripe POS is especially suited if you run most of the business online. Stripe accepts payments in more than 130 currencies. They also create a customized checkout flow by integrating Stripe into mobile and web applications. 

Key Features 

  • Variety of payment methods and currencies
  • Customizable checkout workflow.
  • Accept global payments: in-person and online.
  • Automating billing, invoicing, and tax
  • Prebuilt payments page
  • Encryption and credit card processing 


  • Online: 2.9%+ 30 cents
  • In-person: 2.7%+ 5 cents 
  • +1% extra for international transactions

6. PayPal POS

PayPal has its own POS system that allows merchants to accept payments, send out payments, manage inventory, and offer a seamless checkout flow. The latest name of the PayPal POS is the “PayPal Zettle,” a part of the PayPal family. 

PayPal POS

It’s a free POS software for startups, small businesses, and solopreneurs. It provides essential business management tools and functionalities, a user-friendly app, and a low processing fee. 

Key Features

  • Checkout options and QR payment
  • Free POS software subscription 
  • Integrate option with other e-commerce platforms
  • Low stock alerts
  • Track sales activity


  • In-person- 2.29% + 9 cents
  • Invoicing- 3.49% + 9 cents 
  • QR code- $10 and below 2.40% + 5 cents 

7. Toast 

 Toast is a purpose-built POS system that is designed for restaurants. Like any other POS system, they accept and send payments, track the items and food products, and manage all the inventory without hassle. 


But what sets its authenticity is its robust features- Its hardware is completely spill-resistant, and its software makes it easy to run all the business operations. This feature makes it the best for restaurants, bars, hotels, and other food and beverage industries. 

Key features:

  • Multiple ways of accepting payments
  • Order and pay from your own devices
  • App-based ordering via the Toast TakeOut app
  • Prevents spills, grease, and heat
  • Pay-as-you-go plan with no monthly fee
  • Manage tables, inventory, and employee performance


  • Quick start bundle: $0
  • Core: $69/ month
  • Growth: $165/month
  • Build your own: Custom pricing 

8. Helcim 

Checkout is now made accessible in any store using the all-in-one Helcim. These can easily set up and manage your inventory without cost and hassle.


The Helcim hardware is easier to adapt and integrates with most software to operate from multiple locations and devices. If you’re a small business owner, this is perfect for you to accept payments more accessible and affordable. 

Key Features 

  • Get customer sales trends 
  • Accurate inventory data 
  • Easy access to product and inventory
  • Checkout payments via Helcim card reader
  • Hassle-free third-party integration
  • Card vault to store the card info. 


  • In-person: 1.94%+ 8 cents 
  • Online: 2.51%+ 25 cents 

9. Revel Systems 

Revel Systems has a single functionality dashboard that manages everything from accepting payments to integrating customer channels. The platform provides services like customer management, social media management, and payments, creating a consistent checkout flow. 

Revel Systems 

Revel systems also track metrics such as order history, hourly sales, and payment summaries. You can also get immense support from Revel Systems through live chat, query box, and training videos. If you have a restaurant, this is the best tool since it allows you to add or remove items from the menu. 

Key features 

  • Integrated inventory management 
  • Customer relationship management
  • Present sales data in reports and graphs
  • CRM features record every customer’s data
  • Integration with third-party partners 
  • Multi-location management 


  • POS software cost: $99/ month
  • Processing: FREE
  • Implementation: $674/ month

10. eHopper POS 

The top-of-the-rank eHopper POS is a bang-for-the-buck software that works just right for your retail and restaurants. The annual revenue of eHopper ranges from $10M- $15M. The platform offers a free version along with a premium version. eHopper can be used on Android, iOS, and Windows PC. 

eHopper POS 

This is what makes it best for Omnichannel businesses. Its free plan offers 50 products and 300 transactions per month. But you might shoulder a premium plan if you need extra services such as table management, customer service, and CRM. 

Key features

  • Free and premium features
  • Free e-commerce site
  • Credit card processing 
  • Free processing for U.S. customers
  • OmniChannel plan for loyalty programs 
  • Inventory management 
  • Restaurant table management 
  • Cash discount program 


  • Essential: Free plan (50 products, 300 transactions)
  • OmniChannel: $39.99/month

11. Korona POS 

Korona POS is a purpose-built software for retail, restaurant, hospitality, and food service. The best part of installing Korona POS is that it makes every sales operation easy! It helps streamline your business and is a versatile platform with a user-friendly interface! Import all the customer sales data and order history- thanks to its collaboration and compatibility with QuickBooks Online.

Korona POS 

Key features 

  • Inventory management 
  • Employee management 
  • Customer relationship management 
  • Analytics tools for sales trends 
  • E-commerce integration
  • Franchise and multi-location management 


  • Korona POS core: $59/ month
  • Korona POS retail: $69/ month

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Final Thoughts: Which Is The Best POS System?

Suppose you are still confused about choosing one out of the best of 11. So, here we leave you to choose from the best of 3. 

  1. Square: Best for retail and restaurants.
  2. Shopify: Go for it if you have a physical store.
  3. Lightspeed: If you want a tailored POS.

The POS mentioned above systems are chosen according to their affordability, ease of use, and compatibility with third-party apps. It’s your turn. Which is the best POS system, according to you? Let us know in the comments. 


What is a POS system?

A POS (point-of-sale) system is a platform used to accept and send out payments used by most businesses. POS transactions are conducted in-person or online. A company can use a POS system for trades and streamlined workflow. 

Do you need a POS for a small business?

While there are many ways to accept card payments, a POS does a much deeper job. It helps you accept and send out payments, manage inventory, track sales and operations, and manage the CRM. It can also be integrated with third-party apps for better performance. 

Can I use POS without the internet?

We can use POS without the internet as long as your data is synchronized to the cloud. But there are some risk factors when you don’t connect to the internet, such as hacks, malware, and missed updates. 

What are some of the best POS software for small businesses?

Square, Toast, Paypal Zettle and Helcim are some of the best free POS resources. They are designed for small businesses, and therefore, their upfront processing payment is a low flat rate. 

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