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The most crucial aspect of running an eCommerce store is to handle shipping and deliver products at the right time. Since shipping requires a lot of manual work, it might feel overwhelming to process every order. To avoid this hassle, eCommerce store owners prefer to use automated software to process their orders. But you should choose the shipping software that suits your business needs. If you do not choose the right software, you end up doing half of the tasks manually.

I have written this article to help you choose the best shipping software for your eCommerce store. This article includes the importance of shipping software for eCommerce, How to choose the best shipping software, and the top 10 shipping softwares for your e-commerce businesses.

What Is Shipping Software? How to choose the Best Shipping Software For your Ecommerce store?

Shipping software integrates your eCommerce store with shipping carriers to automate the entire shipping process for eCommerce store owners. This process includes tracking orders from the store, label generation, and tracking orders. 

How to choose the Best Shipping Software For The Ecommerce store?

The following features are essential while you choose the shipping solution for your eCommerce store:

  1. Bulk label generation:

You should be able to generate shipping labels in bulk when you get numerous orders in your eCommerce store. Rather than printing each label individually, this feature saves you time. As a result, this is an essential feature for any growing business.

  1. Display different shipping methods with rates

When the customer wants to order the product, the checkout should be able to display different shipping methods with live rates. It enables customers to select shipping methods, such as the fastest or cheapest, based on their needs. 

  1. Customize the shipping process with branding

Customization in shipping involves branding the shipping label, tracking page, packing slips, tracking notification, etc. It is essential when you want your customer to remember your brand.

  1. Order tracking

Shipping solution also helps to track the orders by sending the tracking number to your customers. This prevents you from having to respond to multiple questions regarding your customer’s tracking information. 

  1. Use multiple carriers at the same time.

You can integrate various carriers into your eCommerce store with shipping software. Suppose you are selling internationally, and the carrier you use is only available in a few countries. You can automate another carrier that supports remaining countries with shipping software.

  1. Multiple Integrations 

You should use a shipping carrier with multiple integrations like eCommerce platforms, shipping carriers, marketplaces, and other eCommerce-related apps. It allows you to use it without any issues.

Top Shipping Software For E-Commerce: In A Nutshell (2024)

Below are the top 10 shipping solutions you can choose depending on your business needs.

Sr. No.Shipping software Pricing plans
1.ShipstationStarter – $9.99
Bronze- $29.99
Silver- $59.99
Gold- $99.99 
Platinum- $149.99
Enterprise- $229.99
2.ShippoStarter- Free
Professional- $10/month
Premier- Custom
3.EasyshipFree- $0
Plus- $29/month
Premier- $69/month
Enterprise- Custom
4.Shipping EasyStarter- $0
Growth- $19.99/month
Basic- $29.99/month
Plus- $49.99/month
Select- $69.99/month
Premium- $99.99/month
Enterprise- $159.99/month
5.ShippyProFast Growing- €49/ month
Professional- €99/ month
Enterprise- Custom
7.OrdoroStarter- Free
Express- $59/month
Pro- $499/month
Enterprise- $999/month
8.Pirate shipFree
9.ShipperHQEssentials- $69/month
Starter- $183/month
Standard- $320/month
Advanced- $550/month
10.MetapackEssentials- Custom quotes
Professional- Custom quotes
Enterprise- Custom quotes

1. Shipstation

Shipstation is a popular shipping solution that integrates with most eCommerce platforms. It offers all the essential features required for shipping, such as Import & Manage Orders, printing shipping labels, branding, inventory management, etc. 

Shipstation official

You can create a branding experience for your customers by displaying the company logo on shipping labels, tracking pages, notifications, packing slips, etc.

Shipstation is integrated with 412 platforms that include a wide range of softwares. These integrations cover various carriers, online stores, marketplaces, Order and Inventory Management, ERP and Accounting, Ecommerce Tools, etc.

A great benefit of Shipstation is that e-Commerce merchants get discounted shipping rates with companies such as UPS, USPS, Global Post, and DHL.

Shipstation Pricing plans:

ShipStation Pricing
Shipstation pricing plansPricing
Starter $9.99
Platinum $149.99
Enterprise $229.99

Shipstation offers advanced features like the number of shipments, users, label and packing slip customization, and premium support option with each upgraded plan.

2. Shippo

Shippo is another well-known shipping software provider. You can automate your shipping process with various features like comparing carrier rates, Automating label creation, CSV upload, address validation, Address validation, Returns and pickups. 

Shippo official

In addition, you can create branded shipping experiences such as branded tracking pages, shipping labels, packing slips, notification emails, and other features.

Shippo makes your international shipping easy with Pre-filled customs forms, Paperless Trade for commercial invoices, etc. The standout features in Shippo are Analytics and reporting, partial fulfillment, bulk label generation and Manifests.

You have two options to use with Shippo: Web App and customizable API. Shippo integrates with over 80 shipping carriers, as well as well-known eCommerce platforms and fulfillment companies. The best part about the Shippo shipping solution is you can use the free plan. 

Shippo Pricing plan:

Shippo official
Shippo Pricing plansPricing

3. Easyship

Easyship is known for its discounted shipping rates on well-known carriers UPS, USPS, DHL Express, Aramex, SF Express, DHL eCommerce, and SkyPostal. They offer great discounts on shipping fees, starting at 18 and going up to 76%.

Easyship official

It is easy to set up the shipping software. The software automatically imports orders from the store, generates labels, and sends tracking numbers to each order. You have more carrier options with Easyship since it is integrated with 250+ shipping carriers worldwide. You can also display live shipping rates for your customers on checkout. 

Easyship is integrated with various agencies, eCommerce platforms, Marketplaces, Warehouse Partners, Agencies & Solution Providers. There is no limit to how many stores you connect the software to.

Easyship Pricing plans:

Easyship Pricing
Easyship pricing plansPricing

4. Shipping Easy

Shipping Easy is a cloud-based shipping platform. You can automate all your shipping-related tasks, such as printing labels, managing orders, and tracking shipments, without taking any time out of your day. 

Shipping Easy offficial

 A few standout features in Shipping Easy are Advanced Reporting, Upload CSV, Sort, combining, splitting, and re-combine orders, Returns, and more. You can get competitive USPS Commercial Rates with discounts and insurance. 

Shipping Easy is integrated with various apps like Accounting & ERP, API & EDI Integration, Shipping Carriers, Carts, E-commerce platforms, Inventory, and Marketplaces. 

Shipping Easy Pricing details: 

Shipping Easy offficial
Shipping Easy pricing plansPricing

5. ShippyPro 

ShippyPro is a recent major shipping software that has unique shipping capabilities. It offers unique features like Label Design, Shipping Rules, Manifests, Picking Lists, Invoice manager, Pickup Manager, etc. You get a dedicated tracking page to convert to a sales page to engage your customers.

ShippyPro Pricing

ShippyPro integrates with 158 shipping carriers, 79 sales channels, and 20+different apps. Some of the notable return shipping features of ShippyPro are Return forms, Return Rules, Return combinations, Return Analytics, and Drop–off point maps.

ShippyPro Pricing Plans:

ShippyPro PlansPricing
Fast Growing€49/ month
Professional€99/ month

6. ShipBob

ShipBob is a 3PL eCommerce fulfillment company that handles end-to-end shipping processes. 

ShipBob official

The order is automatically sent through the software to the warehouses, where inventory is picked, packed, and shipped. 

It is possible to make the shipping process faster by having a distributed inventory. ShipBob’s fulfillment centers can split the inventory across different locations. 

You can also use our 2-Day Express Shipping Program of ShipBob. It provides fast delivery for all orders in the continental United States through any ecommerce store integration.

It integrates with well-known eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. Some of them are Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Backerkit, Squarespace, Wix, etc.

ShipBob offers an app store, and it has different apps that are required for your business.

When it comes to pricing, you pay according to your needs. You can get the pricing after filling out details about monthly shipments.

7. Ordoro

Ordoro is cloud-based shipping software. It allows you to connect your shipping carriers, marketplaces, and 3PLs to one dashboard.

Ordoro official

Ordoro has some powerful shipping features, like displaying real-time order import, discounted UPS® and USPS rates, and CSV uploads.

With Ordoro, you can provide customer satisfaction with barcode scanning for order verification and tracking number writeback. You can use advanced order management like Splitting, merging, or cloning orders automation rules, shipping presets, etc. 

It enables you to print bulk shipping labels, allocate inventory to orders, create advanced pick and pack workflows, use branding, and so on. Other than this, Ordoro supports all kinds of workflows, including Dropshipping, Vendor Portals, Automated Order Routing, etc. 

Ordoro Pricing plans: 

Ordoro official
Pricing plansPricing

8. Pirate ship

Pirate ship is a web-based software that provides the cheapest shipping rates for USPS® and UPS® shipping carriers. Although it supports only two carriers, it is best to ship when you are selling across the US. 

You can upload the addresses with simple CSV and ODS to XLS and XLSX files to create the shipping labels. 

Pirate ship integrates with well-known platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, Cratejoy, etc.

Some advantages of Pirate ship include easy label generation, pickups, tracking status updates, payment with any credit card, integrated shipment reports and receipts, and so on. The best part about Pirate ship is that it is free to use.

9. ShipperHQ

You can set various shipping options based on rules like geographic zones, specific products, price, weight, discounts, free shipping, etc. 

ShipperHQ official

You can access information about the delivery date and time and set blackout dates, holidays, and closures to improve delivery date accuracy. ShipperHQ offers dimensional Packing that automatically decides the right packing method for any products in the cart. 

You can ship complex products like perishables and products with restrictions. When your customers are checking out, they can see what rates and options you offer.

Apart from these, you have other benefits like Multi-Origin Shipping, LTL Freight, Address Validation, Backup Carrier Rates, Product Page Calculator, etc.

ShipperHQ Pricing plans:

Pricing plansPricing

10. Metapack

Metapack is a well-known shipping software used by popular brands. 

Metapack official

Some of Metapack’s features include automatically selecting the best shipping service for a package, handling huge quantities of shipping at rapid speed, and shipping rates at the lowest possible cost.

You can display branded tracking page to your customers. Returning the package is no longer a hassle with Metapack, as they offer returns for over 100 carriers covering 200 countries. 

They are also integrated with multiple eCommerce platforms, Warehouse Management Systems & Order Managements Systems, shipping carriers, etc.

Metapack gives insights into the entire shipping process to analyze and improve the shipping process.

Metapack Pricing plans:

Pricing plansPricing
EssentialsCustom quotes
ProfessionalCustom quotes
EnterpriseCustom quotes

With each plan upgradation, you get advanced features.

Winding-up: Shipping Software For eCommerce (2024)

Shipping software is in charge of accelerating your online store’s shipping process. So, to avoid manual work, select a shipping solution that includes all the necessary automation features. I have mentioned most of the must-have features to look for in shipping software in the article.

I hope my article on Best Shipping Software For Ecommerce Store has been useful in understanding how to choose the best shipping solutions and top 10 shipping softwares for your eCommerce store.

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