Shopify 30/90 Days Free Trial 2024 → Only $1/Mo

Eager to build a powerful e-commerce store without heavy investments upfront? Well, listen up, because Shopify now offers a 3-day free trial to put their robust platform to work for your business! 

What’s more, you can extend this trial for 30 days by just paying $1 and access all the features of Shopify and take your online store to new heights. Play with the intuitive drag-and-drop Shopify editor to customize modern templates. Experiment with settings and apps to mirror your ideal customer journey. 

Here are the active Shopify Free Trial, you can claim right now👇

30 Days At $1

We have also shared a step-by-step guide that will help you claim these offers on Shopify without any hassle. So without further ado, let’s get into the details.

Shopify Free Trial Timelines (3, 14, 30, 44, 60, 90, 120 Days)

Here is a summary of the key Shopify free trial offers over the years:

  • Shopify 3 Days Trial – Currently available; no credit card required
  • Shopify 14 Days Trial – Previously offered but no longer available
  • Shopify 30 Days Trial – Currently available at $1 (Credit Card Required)
  • Shopify 44 Days Trial – Special offer for affiliate partners
  • Shopify 60 Days Trial – Previously offered but no longer available
  • Shopify 90 Days Trial – No longer Available
  • Shopify 120 Days Trial – Offered until 2018, when it was discontinued
  • Unlimited Shopify Trial – Only for official Shopify partners

The main free trial option Shopify currently offers is the 30-day $1 trial. The 3-day no credit card trial is also still available. The 14, 30, 60, and 120-day trials were all discontinued over the past few years. The 44-day and unlimited trials are restricted to partners.

In summary, the current options for most users are the 30-day $1 trial or the 3-day free trial. The generous 14, 60, and 90-day free trials are no longer offered.

Bonus: Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms, and we have explained everything about this platform in our in-depth review that you can check here.

How to Claim Shopify 30-Day Trial?

Availing of Shopify free trial is a few steps away. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to avail free trial by Shopify. 

Step #1: Click on our exclusive link to sign up for the free trial HERE. 

Step #2: Enter your official email address in the small tab on your screen and tap on ‘Start a free trial.’ 

Click On Start Free Trial

Step #3: You now have to answer the questions asked by Shopify. These questions allow Shopify to make your experience personalized and ensure you get the best experience with the platform. Generally, you have to answer two questions. 

Shopify - Question

Step #4: Next, you can decide your Store’s name. However, you can also set that up later by tapping on the ‘next’ option below. 

Shopify - Name Your Store

Step #5: Now select the country/region and click on ‘next.’ 

Shopify - Click On Next

Step #6: The last step is to create a Shopify account. You can use your email, Gmail account, Facebook, or Apple account to sign up. 

Click On The Pick A Plan Button

Step #7: Congratulations! Your free trial has now started. Once the free trial ends, you can choose the right plan according to your needs. To choose a plan, click on the “Select Shopify” button.

Select A Plan On Shopify

Step #8: Now, fill out your payment information on the checkout page. Once you’ve filled out all the information, click on the “Subscribe” button.

Fill Out Your Payment Details On Shopify Checkout Page

Shopify Features You Can Use During The Free Trial

Here are the features, you can try during the Shopify free trial:

  • Theme Customization – Shopify has many professional themes available. During the trial, you can fully customize things like colors, fonts, layouts, and sections without code. This lets you see design options.
  • Product Listing Pages – Create unique product pages by adding images, descriptions, and variants like size/color. Test different layouts and filtering.
  • Checkout Process – Configure shipping and payment options. Test the checkout flow on mobile and desktop to ensure it’s smooth.
  • Apps & Integrations – Explore the Shopify App Store to add functionality like marketing apps, inventory management, accounting, and more. Try some top apps for free during the trial.
  • Collections & Sales – Group products into categories, collections for seasonal sales, or collections for featured products together.
  • Custom Domain – Connect a custom domain name during the trial to preview what your live store URL will look like.
  • Payment Processing – Accept payments through Shopify Payments or third parties like PayPal. Process sample orders to test payments.
  • Reporting & Analytics – Track key metrics like visitors, orders, revenue, and best/worst-selling products. See what analytical insights you’ll have access to as a store owner.
  • Customer Accounts – Allow customers to create accounts, and maintain address books, order histories, and wishlists to enhance their experience.

The free trial lets you fully set up a sample online store to experience Shopify’s features and see if it is good to go online. You will need to buy a subscription to Shopify to take your store online.

Shopify Pricing 

Shopify provides straightforward pricing plans. Below is a complete breakdown of all the plans. 

PlanPriceBest For
Basic$39 per monthBeginners
Shopify$105 per monthSuitable for online businesses that sell online or in-store
Advanced$399 per monthIdeal for large business owners
Shopify Pricing Plans

Shopify Plus: If the advanced plan does not suit your business needs, you can opt for the Shopify Plus plan, which is ideal for large business owners and high-volume merchants. However, there are no fixed plans for Shopify Plus. Instead, Shopify will quote the price based on your business needs. 

Starter: Not every user wants to create an online store, especially when you are just starting. The starter plan by Shopify allows selling products through messaging or social media applications at $5 per month. 

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Which Plan Should You Choose?

If you’re having difficulty choosing a Shopify plan for your store, then this comparison table can help you choose.

FeaturesBasic PlanShopify PlanAdvanced Plan
Price$39/mo or $348/year$105/mo or $948/year$399/mo or $3588/year
Unlimited ProductsYesYesYes
Staff Accounts2515
Sales ChannelsYesYesYes
Inventory LocationsUp to 4Up to 5Up to 8
Third-party Shipping RatesNoNoYes
Ecommerce AutomationsNoYesYes
Shipping InsuranceNoYesYes
Currency ConversionYesYesYes
Shopify POS LiteYesYesYes
Language TranslationYesYesYes
Shipping DiscountMax 77%Max 88%Max 88%

What Is Included In the Shopify 30 Days Trial?

The normal Shopify trial allows you to create an online store from scratch and add products to your store. But you can not take your store online. You will have a complete understanding of the platform with a 3-day free trial, but that is not enough time for you to do everything. That’s why you should sign up for the Shopify 3-month trial offer.

In this offer, you can choose between the starter and the basic plans to start the trial. You have to pay $1/month to get access to this offer. With this offer, you will get access to all the features of the basic plan or starter plan, depending on your choice. You can easily create your store and start selling with it during this trial period. But this offer is for new users only; if you are a Shopify user, then you won’t be able to access this offer.

What Happens When the Shopify 30-day Trial Is Over?

Once your Shopify 30-day trial is over, your account will start getting charged for the plan you chose to start the 3 months trial with. Whatever changes you made during the trial will remain intact. You also get the option to upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you want. 

If you didn’t enjoy selling with Shopify, you can cancel or pause your plan easily. If you pause it, you can resume your store whenever you want by restarting your subscription.

How to Get The Most of Your Shopify 30-Day Free Trial?

You can use the free trial to set up your online store with minimum hassle. While there are plenty of features you can enjoy, below are a few tips to make the most of the free trial of Shopify. 

  • You can add a few products you want to sell and include their details to see how they will be displayed to your customers. 
  • Easily organize your products by creating a collection. 
  • Before you choose the premium version, make sure you familiarise yourself with the settings of Shopify. You can do that by heading to the admin page to learn about configuring taxes, shopping, and selling channels on which you want your products. 
  • Make sure to set up Shopify payments for receiving payments from your customers. If you want to use a third-party application to receive payments, ensure that it works with Shopify. You can learn how to set up payments HERE. 
  • Check out Shopify’s collection of beautiful themes by visiting the Shopify themes store. You can design your store with your ideal design in mind by exploring through Shopify Themes. 
  • Shopify also offers a Shopify App store where you can find additional apps that blend with your store to increase the functionality and success of your business. You can choose the application you want to customize your store as per your needs. 

User Testimonials After Using Shopify Free Trial

Here is what users are saying about Shopify:

BLK & Bold

Yaguara helped us to get start with Shopify for free. With their 90 Days free trial access to Shopify it helped us to save $$$ every month.

BLK & Bold

Owner, Rod Johnson


I have been using Shopify from last 4 years but never tried any coupon or trial offers. But this time, our new Ecommerce partner Yaguara, kick-started our journey with almost 0 Investment by using Shopify Trial.


Owner, Patrice Mousseau 

Shopify Resources:

Conclusion: Get Shopify for 3 Days free & 30 Days for $1

Now that you know how to avail yourself of the Shopify free trial, you can easily get access to one of the best e-commerce platforms! 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try the free trial by using our step-by-step guide mentioned above. 

FAQs On Shopify

Can you extend your Shopify free trial?

Unfortunately, no. Shopify only offers a 3-day free trial. There is no way to expand your free trial. The only way to use Shopify after 3 days is by choosing the right plan. 

Do you need to add credit card details to get a Shopify free trial?

No! One of the best parts about availing of the Shopify free trial is that you do not need to add any credit card or payment details. Moreover, Shopify doesn’t need you to give commitments, unlike other applications. All you have to do is sign up by entering your email. 

Can I choose not to upgrade my plan after the free trial?

Yes. Shopify doesn’t force its users to purchase any plan, or unlike other platforms,  it doesn’t ask for your payment details and deduct money. You can also choose to cancel your free trial anytime. 

Will I lose all my work after the free trial ends?

No. Your account will be frozen even if you do not want to upgrade to the paid plan. However, you do not lose your work. Once you resume your account with the paid version, your work will remain. 

Which is the affordable plan by Shopify?

All the plans by Shopify offer different features suitable for various business owners. For beginners, they can opt for the basic plan. Similarly, professionals or large business owners can upgrade to the Advanced plan with higher features. If you sell through social media, Shopify provides a Starter plan at $5 per month. 

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