Yaguara for Product Teams

Whether it be user retention goals or product launches, you’re growing in Yaguara.

Product Adoption

Continue building the relationship

Focus on how you can improve adoption with your hard-earned customers, and continue growing their satisfaction with your product over time.

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Product - Product Adoption

Customer Engagement

Get to know all your customers

Spend time on the heart of your business and own the customer lifecycle: experience on your site, experience during checkout, and the critical return experience.

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Product - Customer Engagement

Product Launches

Make launching more like mission control

Quickly understand a product’s reception and traction into the market, and optimize during the post-launch process. Keep the overall health of the launch easy to access and transparent.

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Product - Product Launches

Product-Wide Collaboration

Make it a team effort

Product teams must always be tracking key metrics to see where the product is performing well and falling short. They must see through all the noise, reiterate when needed, and be able to drive tough product decisions. All of this can become challenging. You need your team to take action at all times with full confidence, regardless of role. Yaguara gives your team the proactive insight to keep pushing the best version of your product forward.

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Product - Product-Wide Collaboration

Product Integrations

All your favorite product tools in one place. Click on one to learn more.

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Product Templates

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