Squarespace Vs GoDaddy: Which Platform Is Best In 2023?

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Squarespace and GoDaddy are popular website builders in the market that differ in several ways. Both are great platforms for different audiences, So it is important to analyze all the features before choosing any platform. If you need help deciding between Squarespace and GoDaddy’s website builders, you must read this article. I have written this article about the main differences between Squarespace and GoDaddy, which include Ease of use, Design, pricing, eCommerce features, marketing features, and support. Make sure you read the entire article to understand every feature of each platform and its differences.

A Quick Comparison of Squarespace vs GoDaddy

Squarespace and GoDaddy are excellent website builders with impressive features, but before making a choice, make sure the platform satisfies all of your business needs. To put it in simple words, Squarespace offers a wide range of impressive templates suitable for all types of websites, covering most of the eCommerce features. Whereas GoDaddy offers affordable website builders with marketing features that are most beneficial to small businesses. I will detail the differences between Squarespace and GoDaddy in the following section.

Key Differences between Squarespace Vs GoDaddy

Squarespace vs GoDaddy - Comparison Infographic

Ease of Use

Getting started with both platforms is simple. It takes just a few clicks to create your account. Both Squarespace and GoDaddy do not need any coding skills to design the website. 

Using the Squarespace website builder might be difficult for some people. Learning how to use the options takes some time, but once you understand how they work, you can use them all comfortably. 

Squarespace website builder- home page

Meanwhile, GoDaddy’s website builder’s user interface is simple to use. You can easily edit any part of the website without any difficulty. It comes with all the basic editing functionalities.

 GoDaddy's website builder's user

Verdict: When comparing the two platforms’ user-friendliness, GoDaddy is easier to use than Sqaurespace.

Design and customization

Both platforms offer various themes and templates to choose from s per your business needs. You can customize those themes at your convenience. Let’s analyze both platforms at deeper levels now.

Squarespace offers 80 templates for websites like online stores, portfolios, memberships, blogs, etc. You can change the website’s theme even after you start the design process.

Squarespace  templates for websites

All of the themes are designed to look good on every device. You can customize these templates with drag and drop editor as per your business requirements. It allows you to add or remove different pages, sections, and blocks. You can edit fonts, background color,  headers, and footers. You will have complete freedom over designing the website with Sqaurespace.

Sqaurespace-complete  designing the website

GoDaddy is a great option if you want to build a simple website. You can choose from 100 premade templates that are extremely easy to customize as per your requirements.

After selecting a theme for your website, you can add additional sections and edit the color, font, buttons, and other elements. But you cannot add blocks in the GoDaddy website builder. 

GoDaddy- build a website

Similar to Squarespace, the theme can be changed even after the editing process has begun. When it comes to the design of the website, GoDaddy does not offer much freedom for customization when compared to Squarespace. GoDaddy is best suited for beginners who want a clear and simple website builder with less complex options.

Verdict: Squarespace offers more themes with good-looking designs and customization options. 


When choosing a website builder, the cost is the primary factor to consider. Let’s see which website builder has more affordable pricing:

Sqaurespace provides a 14-day free trial so users can explore its features. In total, they provide four pricing options. If you select the annual plan, you will receive a 1-year free domain for all plans.

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace pricing includes four pricing options.

Squarespace Pricing
Squarespace PlansPricing
Personal plan$23/month
Business plan$33/month
Basic Commerce plan$36/month
Advanced Commerce plan$65/month

GoDaddy offers five pricing plans in total, including a free plan. 

GoDaddy plansPricing

Verdict: In comparison to Sqaurespace, GoDaddy has more affordable pricing options.

E-Commerce Features

When building an eCommerce website, it’s critical to look for all the platforms’ eCommerce features and pick the one with all the necessary features. Both Squarespace and GoDaddy offer eCommerce features, but the majority of features are only available with GoDaddy’s premium plans. Let’s have a clear look at the eCommerce features of both platforms. 

Adding products: With Squarespace, you can add upto 10,000 products with descriptions, images, and videos. Whereas with the GoDaddy website, you can add upto 5,000 products and ten images for a product. 

You can sell digital, physical, and subscription-based products with Squarespace. In contrast, you can sell only digital and physical products on the GoDaddy website. 

Inventory: You can manage inventory with both platforms, but Squarespace offers more advanced options than GoDaddy. With Sqaurespace, You will get e-mail alerts about the stocks when they are low. However, if you’re using GoDaddy, you should check the analytics dashboard to see what’s in stock.

Payment gateways: Both platforms offer payment gateways, such as Paypal, Stripe, and Square.

Regarding transaction fees, Squarespace levies a 3% fee on the Business plan but not on the eCommerce plans. While GoDaddy does not charge any transaction fees.

Donations: Both platforms provide fundraising or donation options during checkout for a particular cause. GoDaddy offers a basic donation option that is not customizable, while Squarespace has more sophisticated and customizable donation options.

Verdict: While comparing both platforms for eCommerce features, Sqaurespace offers premium eCommerce features, whereas GoDaddy is suitable for small businesses.

Marketing Features

Both platforms provide excellent marketing features like blogging, email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO.

Email marketing: Email marketing services are available on the Squarespace and GoDaddy platforms and offer professional email addresses with Google Workspace.

You can send newsletters to your customers using different layouts and templates with Squarespace. It also displays the key performances of the emails sent to understand how they perform. 

On the other hand, GoDaddy also provides email templates that can be customized with stock photos. GoDaddy has the advantage of providing advanced analytics and supporting your email marketing development. You can integrate the website blogs into emails to your customers.

SEO: You do not need any external addon to align the technical SEO of the website. Both Squarespace and GoDaddy handle technical SEO by themselves. They can take care of meta and title tags, URL slugs, keyword suggestions, and alt text for images. Let’s have a deeper on the SEO aspects of both platforms.

With Squarespace, you can utilize features like canonical tags, automatic labels, and redirects. It also offers a blogging feature to enhance the SEO capabilities of the platform.

While GoDaddy provides SEO Wizard to manage technical SEO. Additionally, they provide blogging functionality, but their SEO does not correspond with blogging functionality.

Social media: Both platforms allow you to market your products using social media platforms. 

You can connect Facebook Manager and Instagram to Squarespace, allowing your customers to purchase products with social media accounts.

You can embed the social media posts to your website in Squarespace website. 

In contrast, GoDaddy provides a Marketing Suite specifically for social media marketing. This feature lets you manage your social media interactions from a single dashboard. You can also personalize and pre-schedule social posts using its social media post creator.

Verdict: When comparing the general marketing capabilities of the two platforms, GoDaddy is superior to Squarespace in terms of marketing options.


Support should be one of the major concerns when choosing a website builder. Both platforms offer excellent customer support with various options like technical documentation, step-by-step guides, blogs, and other resources.

Squarespace offers support via email or live chat: visit our Contact form. They also have step-by-step video tutorials on designing the website from scratch.

In contrast, GoDaddy offers support 24/7 from 9 am to 9 pm AEDT via phone call and chat.

Verdict: Even though the customer service on both platforms appears identical, Sqaurespace provides quick responses, making it the winner.

Squarespace vs GoDaddy: Who is this Platform For?

Squarespace and GoDaddy might carry the same features and tools to create a platform, but their customer base is quite different from each other. You can also choose one of the platforms according to the following preferences.

Choose Squarespace If:

  • You want a platform with more flexibility and design options. 
  • You prioritize a modern and aesthetic look for your eCommerce store.
  • You are looking for a platform with built-in eCommerce features and capabilities.
  • You want a platform with better SEO and marketing capabilities.
  • You are willing to pay a slightly higher price for more features and customization options. 

Choose GoDaddy If:

  • You prioritize affordability and are looking for a budget-friendly option.
  • You want a platform with easy-to-use website builders and templates.
  • You need a platform with reliable website hosting services.
  • You are looking for a platform with strong customer support and resources.
  • You are mainly focused on creating a basic website without advanced features and customization options. 

Squarespace vs GoDaddy: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons of Squarespace and GoDaddy.

Squarespace Pros

  • Squarespace offers you plenty of customization options for your online store or website.
  • You can sell digital & physical products and services on Squarespace with ease.
  • Squarespace offers you plenty of marketing and blogging tools to help you get ahead.
  • It is the best website builder for beginners to get started.
  • The customer support of Squarespace is excellent.

Squarespace Cons

  • Squarespace does not offer any AI solution to help you create a website.
  • The eCommerce features of Squarespace are not that advanced.

GoDaddy Pros

  • GoDaddy’s ADI functionality helps you create a website using AI.
  • You can easily switch themes on GoDaddy, and the content will get reformatted according to the new theme automatically.
  • GoDaddy has a free version that allows you to create a website completely free.
  • GoDaddy offers hosting and domains for your website.
  • You can use GoDaddy’s app to manage your website on the go.

GoDaddy Cons

  • GoDaddy does not offer a lot of customization options.
  • There is not much creative freedom available on GoDaddy for developers and website designers.

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Conclusion: Squarespace Vs GoDaddy (2023)

Both platforms offer solid features and serve different types of businesses. Choose the platforms that match your requirement. 

In short, I can say choose the Squarespace website builder

  • If you want to create a website or an online store with a sleek design and the best eCommerce features.

Choose the GoDaddy website builder 

  • If you want to build an easy-to-use and create a website for your small business with 

I hope this article has made it easier for you to understand all the features and variations of the Squarespace and GoDaddy platforms and how they can help your business.

FAQs: Squarespace Vs GoDaddy

Is it better to buy a domain on GoDaddy or Squarespace?

 If you are looking for a feature-rich platform, Squarespace can be a good option, or you can choose GoDaddy if you want affordable pricing and excellent customer service.

Can I use GoDaddy with Squarespace?

It is possible to connect your Squarespace website to a GoDaddy domain by adding the domain to your GoDaddy account, then updating your DNS settings.

Which is better, Squarespace or GoDaddy?

Compared to GoDaddy, SquareSpace offers better options in terms of design, customization, features, and many other aspects.

Which is cheaper, Squarespace or GoDaddy?

Comparing the pricing plans of both platforms, Godaddy offers more affordable pricing plans than Squarespace.

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