The Black Owned Businesses

J.D. Crabtree
June 12, 2020
Tools & Tech

A few of our team members spent the past week listening and thinking about how to keep progressing the Black empowerment movement. And we came together to create The Black Owned Businesses.

The purpose of this resource is to further empower Black entrepreneurs and leaders by promoting their successful brands and other valuable resources that stimulate entrepreneurship in Black communities.

What sparked this idea was all of the lists and shared documents being posted on various social media channels of businesses to support. While these are amazing resources for people to use, they eventually get lost as more posts occur and they move farther down the timeline, so we wanted to create something that was long-lasting and supporters would enjoy using.

We’re up to 145 companies currently, and will continue its growth. We invite you to check them out, read their stories, buy  products you like, and share it around so that other people can do the same. Also, if you know of any awesome businesses please use the submit form on the website so we can get them added.

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