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Finally, a platform that gives everyone across your commerce organization a single source of data truth. Get the insights you need to work better, together.

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All of your ecommerce metrics, in one place

Easily integrate your data in our platform to get the full picture of your company. Define your own metrics and gain cross-functional insight. Basically, see it all and see it well, in real time.

Janessa Leoné

Founder @ Janessa Leoné

“I love that Yaguara provides a holistic overview of all important eCommerce metrics. It’s a wonderful, proactive tool to ensure your team has full transparency into the health of the business & is able to take thoughtful, intentional steps to ensure objectives are being met."

Tie Project to results

Understand Performance in Real-time

Trust us, data without context confuses everyone. Yaguara helps your team connect unified data right to your goals and projects, so you get a real-time understanding of overall performance.

Tony Delmercado

COO @ Hawke Media

“Yaguara gives us the ability to streamline and simplify our agency workflow. With multiple projects and clients being handled at all times, it’s incredibly powerful to have a single source of truth across all of our engagements.”

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Make Informed
Decisions, Faster

Save time in making strategic decisions. We give you recommendations based on patterns and obstacles that pop up over time. Your team stays on track. Simple.

Bryan Mahoney

Co-Founder @ arfa, Former CTO @ Glossier

“Yaguara’s eCommerce platform gives teams a source of truth out of which to operate. Now everyone can be aligned, data-informed, and proactive. It’s the missing link in the enterprise technology stack.”

Tie Project to results

Become an Aligned, Data-Informed Team

Struggling with siloed data? We hear you. Yaguara gives visibility to company-wide goals, letting people and teams understand their impact in real time.

Michael Parker

Marketing Strategist @ LuminAID

“Yaguara has helped LuminAID better align our goals across teams. Since using the platform, we’ve been able to reach our goals much quicker than we were previously through monthly meetings.”

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