📄 Pages

Pages let you organize your report. Create as many pages as needed and easily reorder them.

▇ Blocks

Blocks are the elements used to build a report.

To use a block, simply drag it in from the sidebar. Once it's in the report, you can edit, toggle size, or delete by using the actions on hover.

⚙️ Settings

Upload a logo for it to be added to the report.

👥 Sharing

Share the report with individuals, groups, or the workspace.

For individuals, you can assign the following permissions:

  • View - They only see the report in present mode
  • Edit - They can use the full builder

▶️ Navigation & Present Mode

Navigate to the next or previous page or toggle between present and edit mode.

TIP: Use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Previous page: CTRL + SHIFT + ⇦
  • Next page: CTRL + SHIFT + ⇨
  • Toggle present mode: CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER
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