The Complete Ultimate Guide to Gifting

July 15, 2021
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Abigail Shipps

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As we welcome this new year, one thing is for sure: DTC has your back, from customer experience and transparent branding to providing the perfect gift.

The Complete Ultimate Guide to Gifting

Gifting can be hard, and finding quality brands that have high value, product, and customer experience standards can be even harder. Whether you lost yourself in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, or you’re tired of gifting everyone a candle every year, direct-to-consumer brands are here to save the day.

This year, we’ve done the gifting research work for you and have gathered an impressive list of companies to shop from that are killing the eCom game, from their online branding to their customer journey ending in an exciting doorstep package. We've compiled our list of featured brands and products from this month into a complete guide to DTC gifting. Give the gift of quality products and personable brands with these impressive DTC powerhouses:


Take it easy this holiday season and give the gift of relaxation, canned. Recess is a sparkling water and realitywear brand. Their flavored waters are infused with hemp extract and adaptogens that the brand claims is “an antidote to modern times.” From pomegranate hibiscus to coconut lime, each flavor is brewed using real fruits and herbs. In addition to their drinks, Recess sells a variety of comfy clothes and accessories, such as hoodies, hats, and even notebooks and playing cards. One visit to their website and you’re hooked with their soft colors and funky animation


In the spirit of sanitation, Paume turns the focus of the giving season back onto our most important tool: hands. Paume is a hand sanitizer brand that values sanitation with nourishment rather than dryness. After founder Amy Welsman began keeping hand sanitizer handy after the birth of her newborn, she found herself wanting a product that wasn’t drying, smelled nice, and came in better packaging. So, she made it herself. The formula includes nourishing aloe vera and therapeutic witch hazel, and you can purchase the bottles in a variety of kits, many of which include a sleek refill bag. 


Hims began with a mission to spread the good word of self-care to men. In an industry primarily dominated by women, Hims provides a conversation space and good-for-you products that tend to hair care, vitamins, sexual wellness, skincare, mental health, and more. After the launch of Hims, joint brand Hers quickly followed. The sister brand is an identical self-care and learning space, but for women. With self-care especially on the rise this year, a gift from Hims or Hers for him or her is bound to be a hit. 


Forged from the inspiration of “the women who do it all,” luxury handbag brand Senreve showcases versatility, sustainability, and quality with their handbags and accessories. As a valued customer, Senreve began using Yaguara “because we really needed to be able to make decisions quickly based on sales, inventory, and more.” With the help of data-driven decision making, Senreve has been able to effectively manage the reach and inventory, including the Aria Belt Bag, the Alunna, the Fiore Bucket Bag, and smaller gifts such as silk scarves and Shearling Slippers


For the someone who loves snail mail, has a notebook for every occasion, or get goosebumps every time they walk into a stationary store: Papier is the DTC stationary spot you should check out. Their story: “to help you share yours.” The brand offers a wide selection of notebooks, cards, stationary sets, wall art, and more, all of which are bound to make thank-you notes and office spaces alike shine. Gift a photobook to share memories of a special trip, or opt for a never-fail personalized notebook in a fun print. 


Give the gift of “fine jewelry for every day” for that person who wants high quality pieces, but without the high price tag. Mejuri carries a wide variety of timeless gold and silver staples, ranging from rings to necklaces, and from earrings to necklaces. Shop their Essentials Guide, which includes best-selling staple pieces like the Editor Hoops, or their Trending Guide, which includes the Double Curb Chain Bracelet. Mejuri is also committed to transparency and sustainability with their jewelry materials; with each piece, they strive to reduce their environmental and social impact. Fine, fairly-priced, and mindful jewelry– watch out stockings, Mejuri is coming for you!

Ugly Drinks

Perhaps not the prettiest of gifts, but certainly a refreshing one, Ugly Drinks is a “refreshingly honest” sparking water company that offers a plethora of flavors. From Lemon Lime to Peach, to this month’s flavor, Candy Cane, there’s truly a flavor for everyone’s taste. As customers, Ugly loves how "Yaguara integrates with every software in our tech stack and allows us to visually represent custom and key metrics for our business all in one place." Cheers to Ugly! 

Blanc Creatives

Blanc Creatives is your one stop shop for barware, cookware, cutting boards, and kitchen tools– say hello to your newest heirloom kitchenware. The brand fuses “culinary roots with curious creative backgrounds” to create their pieces. Top picks include barware pieces such as their Cocktail Muddler, their Pro Skillet collection, or wow guests with a charcuterie spread on top of their Serving Board. For the pro chef or cocktail connoisseur in your life– Blanc Creatives has you covered.


Holiday shopping stress? Carpe says don't sweat it- literally. The antiperspirant brand is on a mission to do something about sweat, wherever it may be. From your hands to your feet, Carpe offers their dermatologist formulated products to stop sweat in its tracks. The brand's Sweat Free Underarm Holiday Kit and Face the Holidays Kit have you covered. Wonder why you sweat? Learn more about the science behind it on their site.

The Sill

Give the gift of a green potted pal for your desk, table, floor, ceiling, or sill. Aptly named, The Sill is a DTC potted plant brand that has a plant for everyone, from experienced plat parents to new owners. Browse through their bestsellers, including Monstera Deliciosa and Philodendron, or festive favorites such as their Winter Wreath and ZZ Plant. In addition to selling plants, The Sill helps you care for them as well, with their online workshops and plant car articles. As The Sill says, “plants make people happy”...for everyone looking for a fail-proof gift, you’re welcome. 

Crap Eyewear

“Don’t worry, be crappy” is a 2020 mood– and Crap Eyewear is embracing it entirely. As a reaction to overpriced sunglasses, Crap Eyewear embraces their California counterculture roots with their funky frames. Shop their best selling men’s and women’s frames, such as The Heavy Tropix, The Bikini Vision, and The Nu Bloom. For the perfect accessory to go with all things skate, surf, and beachside aesthetic, crap eyewear is a pretty great option. 


Modern women deserve modern bra support, and Cuup has the answer. The brand has thrown out conventional sizing due to an overwhelming feeling of being squished and forced into standard sizing. Well, Cuup is on a mission to be the new, inclusive, sleek, and body loving standard. They share their mission through their blog, where they feature the “unwrapped” stories of creatives, styling tips and much more. Their best-selling Balconette bra is a brand favorite, as The Plunge and their underwear bundles. Here’s to body positivity and relatable conversations with positive and relatable females! 


Whether you’re a novice or expert chef, visually pleasing and “zingy” tasting olive oil and vinegar is a kitchen staple. Brightland is in a “golden state” of mind with their family farm sourced olives, grapes, oranges, and berries. Dedicated to better and honest food production, Brightland is on a mission to share the importance of what we put in our bodies. Shop their olive oil Artist Capsule, their vinegar pair, or browse through their gift guide. Brightland is *chef’s kiss* exactly what your, your friend’s, your family’s and your neighbor’s next dish needs. 


For the people who like to work on a puzzle out on the table for days or weeks at a time: listen up. Jiggy just changed the puzzle game with their puzzles that look good before, during, and after you solve them. Founder Kaylin Marcotte began solving puzzles as a self-care past time, but decided that the designs could use an upgrade. So, she founded Jiggy, where female artists designs are featured on every puzzle. Some designs include Animal Kingdom by Olivia Wendel, Portrait Design 091 by Natasha Cunningham, and Just A Snack by Emma Repp.

Buck Mason

Forget the seasonal Christmas sweater– give the gift of a wardrobe staple that will last year-round. Buck Mason is an everyday menswear brand with solid staples that can be worn anywhere, any day. Shop favorites such as the Pincord One Pocket Work Shirt, the Brushed Loopback Trouser, or the Felted Chore Coat. The brand’s California roots and celebrity worn pieces are a two-thumbs-up in our book. 


We could all use a little more relaxation this year, and Walden is here to help. Their meditation cushion sets help anyone looking to take a breather to do so comfortably. The cushions are made with hypoallergenic buckwheat hull, and the memory foam and body adaptive features allow for an easy, custom feel. Take it anywhere with its easy-to-carry handle– meditation on the go!


Cheers to alcohol-free beer...but wait, before you make that face: they do it differently. Freestar beer is uniquely brewed without yeast and with 80% less water than other alcohol-free beers. Additionally, Freestar goes beyond their beverage and is dedicated to making a positive impact with their product: the beer emits 90% less CO2, and uses 80% less energy than normal beer production methods. It’s crisp, it’s refreshing, it’s zero-proof: it’s Freestar. 


Goodbye paper bag lunches, and hello chic Inka lunch kits. The luxury kitchenware brand says “why not” to making leftovers look great– the elevated food containers, silverware, and lunch kits impress with their sleek design. The brand is committed to sustainability with the knowledge that lunch is the most wasteful meal: Go Well Consultants helped build a 3-year-plan of actionable commitments that align with the UN’s sustainability goals. Support a sustainable lunch and gift their Lunch Kit, complete with containers, silverware, a sauce pot, napkins, and of course, the chic bag. 

SET Active

Matching sets: the perfect pair, and a 2-for-1 gift idea. SET Active is a functional and form-loving activewear brand. Their trademark SCULPTFLEX and LUXFORM fabrics make the pieces move where you do. Gift their SCULPTFLEX leggings, LUXFORM Scoop Y, or their Half-Zip and Sweatpants. If there's one thing we've learned this year with working from home: one cannot own too many sweatpants and leggings.


“Dear parents, you’ve got this,” says LALO. The modern baby and toddler brand has products for a parent’s everyday. Founded by two dads, LALO is dedicated to producing thoughtfully designed products that are non-toxic and look good in any space. Shop The Daily Stroller and Accessory Kit, or gift The Chair and The Play Kit– the sleek baby and kid care that children will love to use, and parents will love to look at. 

Pendragon x Converted Closet

A sustainable, fashionable match made in heaven: Converted Closet and Pendragon have joined forces to create a chic collection of belts. Converted Closet founder Kate McGuire notes that "belts are the most powerful tool in our closet– they can transform our look, our outfits, and how we feel when we wear them.” The collaboration’s Toolbelts; The Nailset, The Tape Measure, The Hammer, and The Wrench; are composed of organic certified leather, handmade in England, and have a lifetime free repair and reconditioning service. 

Good Stock

The weather outside is frightful– so eat some soup. Good Stock is a modern soup company “doing things the old fashioned way.” Simply select a few, or choose from one of their curated picks, open the insulated package, and reheat, or store in the fridge or freezer for later. Choose between their best-selling Carrot Ginger and Roasted Tomato, or their Pumpkin and Green Curry and their Butternut Squash. 


According to Italic, “retail is about to change for good,” and that starts with labels, or lack thereof. The retailer sells luxury products, such as cashmere sweaters, leather goods, down coats, home goods, and more– all at a fraction of the typical luxury retail cost. Gift their Waverly Long Puffer, Walker Slim Briefcase, Champagne Glasses, or their Stride Atheltic Shorts. DTC retail that makes their luxury products literally direct-to-consumer? Count us in. 

As we welcome this new year, one thing is for sure: DTC has your back, from customer experience and transparent branding to providing the perfect gift. Here's to a year of exploring even more DTC brands!

Yaguara's 2020 Ultimate Guide to Gifting

As we welcome this new year, one thing is for sure: DTC has your back, from customer experience and transparent branding to providing the perfect gift.

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