Ultimate Guide to Gifting: Week 4

December 25, 2021
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Abigail Shipps

Content Marketer
Abigail is a creative well-versed in writing and developing digital content. She enjoys exploring the relationship between modern social influence and the eCommerce landscape, as well as the increased focus on transparency and tactility with digitally native brands.

Ultimate Guide to Gifting: Week 4

We’re back with Week 4 of Yaguara’s Ultimate Guide to Gifting! Gifting can be hard, and finding quality brands that have high value, product, and customer experience standards can be even harder. This year, we’ve done the gifting research work for you and have gathered an impressive list of companies to shop from that are killing the eCom game, from their online branding to their customer journey ending in an exciting doorstep package. We’ll be featuring a new brand daily and providing weekly roundups throughout the month of December to help with every aspect of your gift-giving needs. Give the gift of quality products and personable brands with these DTC wavemakers:

Buck Mason

Forget the seasonal Christmas sweater– give the gift of a wardrobe staple that will last year-round. Buck Mason is an everyday menswear brand with solid staples that can be worn anywhere, any day. Shop favorites such as the Pincord One Pocket Work Shirt, the Brushed Loopback Trouser, or the Felted Chore Coat. The brand’s California roots and celebrity worn pieces are a two-thumbs-up in our book. 


We could all use a little more relaxation this year, and Walden is here to help. Their meditation cushion sets help anyone looking to take a breather to do so comfortably. The cushions are made with hypoallergenic buckwheat hull, and the memory foam and body adaptive features allow for an easy, custom feel. Take it anywhere with its easy to carry handle– meditation on the go!


Cheers to alcohol-free beer...but wait, before you make that face: they do it differently. Freestar beer is uniquely brewed without yeast and with 80% less water than other alcohol-free beers. Additionally, Freestar goes beyond their beverage and is dedicated to making a positive impact with thier product: the beer emits 90% less CO2, and uses 80% less energy than normal beer production methods. It’s crisp, it’s refreshing, it’s zero-proof: it’s Freestar. 


Goodbye paper bag lunches, and hello chic Inka lunch kits. The luxury kitchenware brand says “why not” to making leftovers look great– the elevated food containers, silverware, and lunch kits impress with their sleek design. The brand is committed to sustainability with the knowledge that lunch is the most wasteful meal: Go Well Consultants helped build a 3-year-plan of actionable commitments that align with the UN’s sustainability goals. Support a sustainable lunch and gift their Lunch Kit, complete with containers, silverware, a saucepot, napkins, and of course, the chic bag. 

SET Active

Matching sets: the perfect pair, and a 2-for-1 gift idea. SET Active is a functional and form-loving activewear brand. Their trademark SCULPTFLEX and LUXFORM fabrics make the pieces move where you do. Gift their SCULPTFLEX leggings, LUXFORM Scoop Y, or their Half-Zip and Sweatpants. If there's one thing we've learned this year with working from home: one cannot own too many sweatpants and leggings.

Check back here every Friday this month, and stay tuned on our Instagram every day for the latest DTC brand gifting spotlight!

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