The Tools of the Forbes 30 Under 30: 2019 Retail & Ecommerce

July 15, 2021

J.D. Crabtree

Director of Marketing
J.D. is a marketing and strategy leader who is fascinated with data modeling & insight, product innovation, growth strategies, and go-to-market campaigns that take brands to the next level.

The Tools of the Forbes 30 Under 30: 2019 Retail & Ecommerce

In November, Forbes released their annual “30 Under 30”, which is a set of lists featuring 600 of up-and-coming leaders, under 30 years old. We, Yaguara, are naturally drawn to the “Retail & Ecommerce” division.

This year’s list had an interesting portfolio. There were first-time entrepreneurs, teenage prodigies, community-focused warriors, and corporate leaders. It’s safe to say the only consistent theme was impressive traction. The Yaguara team extends another round of applause to these individuals, because regardless of purpose and niche these teams are pushing the industry forward.

Thus we completed a deep dive into their digital toolkits (with a few confirmations from teams) and broke down what these shining stars are using to stay at the top:


The tools for powering the online store.


The tools for communication and outreach.


The tools for social proof.

Ad Tracking

The tools for brand awareness.


The tools for website construction.


The tools for instant help and support.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most utilized website tracking and audience measurement tool in the market.


Klaviyo has become a powerhouse in the Ecommerce world due to its niche features focused on data-driven decisions.


The tools spanning a range of functionality to assist digital strategy.

The Yaguara Top 5

As we dove deeper we decided to take this accolade one step further. Yaguara is taking a page out of Inception and sharing a top five of the “30 Under 30”. The criteria is based on digital approach, usage of top-tier tools, and user experience. Below is a breakdown:

It is no coincidence that these five companies are being highlighted on a global scale. Utilizing modern digital architecture and messaging aligns companies with consumer expectations. So for those looking to one day make the Ecommerce Hall of Fame, we provide several templates to push any area of your business forward. Feel free to use one today:


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