Ultimate Guide to Gifting: Week 3

December 26, 2021
2 minute read

Abigail Shipps

Content Marketer
Abigail is a creative well-versed in writing and developing digital content. She enjoys exploring the relationship between modern social influence and the eCommerce landscape, as well as the increased focus on transparency and tactility with digitally native brands.

Ultimate Guide to Gifting: Week 3

We’re back with Week 3 of Yaguara’s Ultimate Guide to Gifting! Gifting can be hard, and finding quality brands that have high value, product, and customer experience standards can be even harder. This year, we’ve done the gifting research work for you and have gathered an impressive list of companies to shop from that are killing the eCom game, from their online branding to their customer journey ending in an exciting doorstep package. We’ll be featuring a new brand daily and providing weekly roundups throughout the month of December to help with every aspect of your gift-giving needs. Give the gift of quality products and personable brands with these DTC wavemakers:

The Sill

Give the gift of a green potted pal for your desk, table, floor, ceiling, or sill. Aptly named, The Sill is a DTC potted plant brand that has a plant for everyone, from experienced plat parents to new owners. Browse through their bestsellers, including Monstera Deliciosa and Philodendron, or festive favorites such as their Winter Wreath and ZZ Plant. In addition to selling plants, The Sill helps you care for them as well, with their online workshops and plant car articles. As The Sill says, “plants make people happy”...for everyone looking for a fail-proof gift, you’re welcome. 

Crap Eyewear

“Don’t worry, be crappy” is a 2020 mood– and Crap Eyewear is embracing it entirely. As a reaction to overpriced sunglasses, Crap Eyewear embraces their California counterculture roots with their funky frames. Shop their best selling men’s and women’s frames, such as The Heavy Tropix, The Bikini Vision, and The Nu Bloom. For the perfect accessory to go with all things skate, surf, and beachside aesthetic, Crap Eyewear is a pretty great option. 


Modern women deserve modern bra support, and Cuup has the answer. The brand has thrown out conventional sizing due to an overwhelming feeling of being squished and forced into standard sizing. Well, Cuup is on a mission to be the new, inclusive, sleek, and body loving standard. They share their mission through their blog, where they feature the “unwrapped” stories of creatives, styling tips and much more. Their best-selling Balconette bra is a brand favorite, as The Plunge and their underwear bundles. Here’s to body positivity and relatable conversations with positive and relatable females! 


Whether you’re a novice or expert chef, visually pleasing and “zingy” tasting olive oil and vinegar is a kitchen staple. Brightland is in a “golden state” of mind with their family farm sourced olives, grapes, oranges, and berries. Dedicated to better and honest food production, Brightland is on a mission to share the importance of what we put in our bodies. Shop their olive oil Artist Capsule, their vinegar pair, or browse through their gift guide. Brightland is *chef’s kiss* exactly what your, your friend’s, your family’s and your neighbor’s next dish needs. 


For the people who like to work on a puzzle out on the table for days or weeks at a time: listen up. Jiggy just changed the puzzle game with their puzzles that look good before, during, and after you solve them. Founder Kaylin Marcotte began solving puzzles as a self-care past time, but decided that the designs could use an upgrade. So, she founded Jiggy, where female artists' designs are featured on every puzzle. Some designs include Animal Kingdom by Olivia Wendel, Portrait Design 091 by Natasha Cunningham, and Just A Snack by Emma Repp.

Check back here every Friday this month, and stay tuned on our Instagram every day for the latest DTC brand gifting spotlight!

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