Yaguara for Marketing Teams

Whether it be quarterly goals or product launches, you’re growing in Yaguara.

Learn how marketing teams use Yaguara:

Yaguara for Marketing Teams

Whether it be quarterly goals or product launches, you’re growing in Yaguara.

Customer Acquisition

All your growth in one place.

Organize your acquisition channels in Yaguara to focus on initiatives and keep data streamlined.

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Marketing - Customer Acquisition

Community Engagement

Understand the brand.

Keep a pulse on all organic growth with your community engagement efforts. Quickly understand the results on from email lists, to site content, to social media.

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Marketing - Community Engagement

Website Analytics Strategy

Measure what matters.

In Yaguara, your team decides on the top web metrics. Cut through the noise and focus on the results that matter most, instead of every result.

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Marketing - Website Analytics Strategy

Marketing-Wide Collaboration

Make it a team effort.

Instead of spending time digging for information and notes, you can use Yaguara to create a single source of truth. Work on department objectives, integrate the entire marketing suite, and start measuring what matters as an entire team. You need your team to take action at all times with full confidence, regardless of role. Yaguara gives your team the proactive insight to keep your marketing efforts moving forward.

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Marketing - Marketing Wide Collaboration

Marketing integrations

All your favorite marketing tools in one place. Click on one to learn more.

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success stories

From leaders like you

Every decision we make is to help solve our customers’ problems. We’re a new type of tool solving an old problem. And people are loving it.

  • 1/4

    Janessa Leone

    Founder of Janessa Leone

    “I love that Yaguara provides a holistic overview of all important metrics to our business. It’s a wonderful, proactive tool to ensure that your team has full transparency into the health of the business and be able to take thoughtful and intentional steps to ensure objectives are being met.”

  • 2/4

    Phillip Soriano

    Founder of Hugh & Crye

    “As an eCommerce business operator, you are always looking for ways to better understand customers and provide more value to them. Yaguara makes setting and tracking goals for customer succces and experience simple.”

  • 3/4

    Drew Leahy

    Managing Partner at Hawke Ventures

    “Hawke is an agency that grows ecommerce brands daily, and the platform that Yaguara has created for brands is perfect for setting goals and monitoring important metrics.”

  • 4/4

    Kristen Luppino

    People at UrbanStems

    "Setting and managing to our growth goals has always been a high priority, but the tools we were using internally created more frustration than results. Yaguara has allowed us to seamlessly create the structure we have strived to build, while allowing us to focus on what matters, growing the company."

Marketing templates

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