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Our Customer Success and Strategy teams are here to help you maximize your results by proactively offering strategic support, eCommerce expertise, and Yaguara best practices. All at no additional cost.

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Available to respond to chat requests from 9am to 5pm MT.


Available to respond to email and web requests from 9am to 5pm MT.


Access articles, guides, and videos in the Yaguara Resource & Help Center.

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We’ll help you hit the ground running. From integrating your eCommerce tools to setting up OKRs to getting you started—we’ll provide a blueprint for success.

A team that’s dedicated to your success

Every Yaguara customer can email and send a chat to our Customer Experience team. We’re standing by to assist with onboarding help, understanding how our platform works, and any questions you may have.

Customer Strategy

Yaguara Pro comes with white-glove on-boarding that gets your team up and running in no time. We help you set and track goals. Our goal is to help you make sense of your data to get to actionable insights faster.

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