How Yaguara Works

Connect to Your Productivity Tools, Set a First Objective

Start by connecting to your team's favorite operational tools, such as Shopify, Google Analytics, and Asana. Then, create your first company-wide or departmental objective based on the metrics you're interested in.

Note Key Results that Show Success

Setting clear objectives with measurable key results can help rally your team around both near and long term company goals - keeping your team connected, informed, and empowered.

Get Prescriptive Insights Based on Your OKRs and Data

Work smarter, not harder, with custom insights. Receive recommendations through Yaguara's underlying technology that spots patterns and obstacles over time to keep your team's goals on track.

Share Your Insights with Groups

Use Groups to create dashboards for individual teams within your company. You can organize Groups by department, team, or any classification that best represents your model.

Harness the power of your real-time data today.

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