What are OKRs?

Yaguara has several unique parts that contribute to it being a company-wide platform, whether it's the suite of integrations, visualization capability, or the machine-learning insights. But at the core of Yaguara’s platform is a system that every team interacts with to some degree: Objectives and Key Results

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are an organizational goal-setting framework popularized. Its purpose is to take all the hard work you have spent identifying the company strategies and then allowing the team to absorb the information in a straight-forward way. Thus giving clear direction, empowering everyone to work towards the big picture in harmony. OKRs help individuals across all levels work around shared common objectives.

An explanation of the system made popular by John Doerr is made into one simple formula: I will (Objective) as measured by (this set of Key Results).

I will (Objective) as measured by (this set of Key Results).


So what are Objectives?

The highest-ranking component, acting as a parent to all the other pieces. This is where you set the most important initiatives to unite the teams. They should be qualitative, aspirational, and memorable. Whether it be the master plan or a quarterly goal, Objectives will be the guiding light for your company’s growth.

Example Objectives:

key results

So what are Key Results?

How your teams track performance and measure results for a greater Objective. The combination of Key Results will determine how close or how far away you are to completing your Objective. They should be quantitative, value-based, and operating within a certain timeframe. Key Results are where you can integrate the data from your favorite tools to see progress in real-time.

Example Key Results:

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