The eCommerce Stack

When choosing an eCommerce stack, it's vital for teams to evaluate a variety of factors - it can’t be narrowed by simply comparing feature sets.

With an infinite amount of tools available for eCommerce companies like yours, how do you choose which to purchase that will coexist with your existing stack? Or whether to purchase any at all?

At Yaguara, we work with eCommerce teams every day to become more aligned on their goals and in becoming data-driven. Here are a few of the tools designed to help you today, so you can grow better tomorrow.

Brand Strategy
Technical Solutions

Paid Marketing

Paid acquisition channels are an easy way to drive traffic to your website for higher engagement or to test products. There’s social targeting, retargeting, product targeting, and many more tactics to try. Make sure you do your research to find the right match to help attract your target audience.

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Multichannel is a strategy to help eCommerce teams move past their home marketing site and sell products on popular marketplaces, social media platforms, point-of-sale, and other channels. These type of tools increase product visibility and brand awareness.

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When it comes to choosing an eCommerce platform, the considerations are oftentimes ease of use, flexibility, and cost. It can be difficult to tell the difference in features and performance with all the vendor promises, but it is important to get the core piece of your digital business correct. Compare and contrast the industry’s best below.

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Analytics & Tracking

Teams that track together, win together. Digital analytics is critical to understanding and improving eCommerce performance. In fact, the absence of it would lead to making blind decisions. A great analytics tool not only needs to collect and display data your team can easily draw insights from -
it should also have advanced reporting and filtering, otherwise critical action can be delayed.

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As competition increases, the details that set your business apart matter more than ever. Personalization and exit engagement are leading strategies to keep customers at the center of your shopping experience. eCommerce teams can see up to a 15% profit boost when they successfully handle funnel personalization in eCommerce.

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Email Marketing

Email communication is one of the most impactful marketing channels. It's direct, can be personalized, and when done right, it can generate an incredible ROI. Of one of the most tried and trusted markets, here are the tools that can help you successfully land in the inbox, and track engagement from all of your unique customer segments.

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Chat & Support

As live chat and support becomes the preferred method of communication for online shoppers, a platform strategy needs to be hashed out. Does it integrate all your channels? Can you see a customer’s history? When evaluating the wide range of support tools make sure to understand its eCommerce features and transactional capabilities.

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Rewards Programs

Loyalty platforms are a rising category that savvy eCommerce teams are adding to their arsenal. These programs are one of the best ways to build your brand community, which results in improved retention. But there’s not a silver bullet approach, be sure to research on which platform can provide a route that matches your customer service style.

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Social Media Management

As social media and eCommerce walk hand-in-hand into more of everyday consumer interactions and buying journeys, its critical to manage your shop’s various channels to ensure brand and customer service are never taking a step in the wrong direction.

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In the fast-paced eCommerce world, efficient checkout experiences are critical to hitting top conversion rates. But your store needs speed on both ends, checkout and access to funds. Financial woes can bury a company’s image and pace if the right platform is not allowing speed and accessibility to the market.

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Product Reviews

Social proof is becoming a requirement before purchase for today’s buyers. They want to be able to trust your business and demand transparency. eCommerce companies needs to adopt product rating and review tools that let buyers look inside before becoming a coveted conversion.

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Deferred Payments

Financial tech platforms have emerged to help provide an alternative form of payment to consumers. Instead of purchasing all at once the customer pays in regular installments, which can help in a variety of use cases. Picking this type of tool is tough though, each has their own policy on approvals, purchase history, and other credit features.

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Rating Criteria

Each platform’s overall rating is an average of the Return on Investment, Features, Ease of Use, Support, and Scalability criteria. This aggregate score gives you the best idea on how a tool can make your team more data-driven, aligned, and efficient.

Return on Investment

Will the venture yield serious revenue growth with the platform’s price point and upkeep efforts.


How robust is the feature set. How often are their meaningful updates. Does it play well with other platforms.

Ease of Use

Is the platform friendly for beginners and new users. Does navigation and implementation cause headaches or happiness.


Does their support go beyond help ticket submission. Are there guides, universites, and account management access.


Can the platform work today, but more importantly tomorrow as your team grows and evolves.

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