Shopify 2.0: A stronger integration for Yaguara users

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December 14, 2021

Jonathan Smalley


Shopify 2.0: A stronger integration for Yaguara users

If you’re a Shopify user, you already know that Shopify provides a powerful and intuitive platform for multi-channel commerce. Shopify is one of the easiest ways to spin up an eCommerce store, but also remains on the forefront of commerce technology with features like selling through Instagram and augmented reality shopping. And according to Builtwith, nearly a million businesses of all sizes use Shopify today to manage their eCommerce efforts.

Shopify has been one of Yaguara’s most popular integrations, so in August our team set out to make this integration with Shopify even more powerful. Our goal was to go levels beneath standard reporting to help surface important metrics teams should be tracking that can be leading indicators for future objectives. Below are a few of the new metrics in the update:

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Average Order Value
  • Average Time To Reorder
  • Orders Per Customer
  • Returns / 1000 Orders

Shopify 2.0 can be used in conjunction with other tools in your Yaguara account, such as Google Analytics, Shopify, and Facebook Ads. The suite of integrations can be used to enrich your objectives with valuable data, so you can track growth as you work towards your online store’s goals. For example, using Yaguara you could create Key Results ranging from ‘Maintain Average Order Value’ to ‘Triple Orders Per Customer over Holidays’. Learn more about Key Results.

How to get started

If you already have a Yaguara account, you can log-in here or learn how to connect your Shopify account to Yaguara.

Don’t have a Yaguara account yet? Try out the integration with a free trial, and start managing your company’s growth in real-time. Feel free to contact us regarding the Shopify integration with Yaguara, or to learn more about the platform.

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