Yaguara's Public Launch

Yaguara News
December 14, 2021

Jonathan Smalley


Yaguara's Public Launch

3...2...1...Yaguara has lift off

Yaguara helps your team work better together.

We make it simple to tie real-time data into your goals so that your team can be aligned,  measure progress, and make better decisions faster so you can hit your goals on time, every time.

But today that mission has a special meaning to it, I am proud to announce the public launch of Yaguara.

Why we built Yaguara

I’ve always loved teams. From an early age I was obsessed with the unified components of basketball, seeing a group of people functioning in harmony together to accomplish a common goal.

As I entered the workforce and experienced starting companies, I fell in love with building this modern version of teams, but still creating the same feeling of being inspired, of having a common goal, of uniting a group of determined individuals to achieve something bigger than themselves.

When we started building the platform it was with the belief that being a high-performing team takes a balance of the qualitative and quantitative. That good communication can’t exist without the right context. And that the right context for a business team are the objectives and key results they are looking to drive forward.

We have an egalitarian view on utilizing data, it should be accessible for all. And in result the intuitive paradigm of goals will empower individuals across a whole organization not only to make faster confident decisions, but to better communicate and feel their impact.

And that’s our goal here at Yaguara -- to help the companies not just uncover and overcome their obstacles, but be shining examples on how to become the best companies period. The type of organizations that create a culture of transparency while still demanding excellence.

We’ve been fortunate to partner with over 100 companies the last year and a half as we’ve built out the first iteration of the platform. And we can’t wait to work with the next wave of companies ready to work and grow better together.

If you want to learn more about what we are building at Yaguara, please drop me at note at jonathan@yaguara.co.

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