Introducing Reports: A New Way to Bring Words, Data, and Teams Together

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December 19, 2021

J.D. Crabtree

Director of Marketing
J.D. is a marketing and strategy leader who is fascinated with data modeling & insight, product innovation, growth strategies, and go-to-market campaigns that take brands to the next level.

Introducing Reports: A New Way to Bring Words, Data, and Teams Together

Introducing Reports

A department insight. The end of the month scramble to share results. A presentation to your newest hire. An all-hands meeting.

For years teams have been split across documents, spreadsheets, slideshows and a variety of organizational apps. At this point another project management tool or ad-hoc Excel sheet might get the job done, but the approach has caused organizations to plateau. 

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Reports, a new way to bring your words, your data, and your teams together in Yaguara. That means you can now turn any aspect of your business into a sleek, shareable digest for any internal or external team, any time.

The next generation of data-driven work

Ultimately, we listened and learned from customers. We evaluated the Reports prototype with feedback from coworkers and users, and started by finding customers who might be interested in helping us test this major addition to the platform. The feedback more or less had the same request:

Companies wanted to be able to centralize and put context around results when it is time to tell a story.

So instead of trying to replicate this necessary communication with screenshots and log-ins outside Yaguara, we created a place to drag-and-drop all your efforts into a space with creative freedom. Basically your data has a storytelling sandbox to play with.

How Reports work

If you have data and have set goals in Yaguara, the hard work is already done. Just head to Reports. Yaguara Reports are broken down into a few components:

Pages let you organize your report. Create as many pages as needed and easily reorder them.

Blocks are the elements used to build a report. Blocks can be Headings, Rich Text, Images, Visualization, Key Results, and more.

Share the report with individuals, groups, or the workspace.

Present Mode
Walk through your report in a clear, condensed fashion to keep your audience focused on the greater story.

Benefits of relying on a reporting foundation

For those seeking to take deeper advantage on storytelling in 2020 and beyond, Reports provides the following advantages 

  • Departments and strategic teams can bring all their efforts under one umbrella\
  • Growth and marketing leaders can share paid acquisition overviews 
  • Agencies and relationships with clients can bridge the constant information gap
  • Fundraising data can be created in a matter of minutes and shared in a real-time professional format

Get started today!

Yaguara’s Reports are available to all Professional tier customers as part of the current plan. Get started today by checking out our technical documentation and set up guide.

If you’re not a Yaguara customer or not on the Professional plan, contact us to learn more or sign up for our upcoming product tour.

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