Yaguara Raises $7.2 Million to Deliver World-Class Experience for eCommerce Teams

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December 14, 2021

Jonathan Smalley


Yaguara Raises $7.2 Million to Deliver World-Class Experience for eCommerce Teams

Over the past four years, Yaguara has been building a platform that businesses around the world have come to depend on for better and faster planning, measurement, learning, and decision-making. We're proud to have worked with over 250 companies, and I love hearing from them about the impact Yaguara has on their business by turning their data into actionable insights that help them meet their goals.

Today marks a new chapter in Yaguara's journey, as we welcome a world-class list of investors to the Yaguara family. I'm excited to announce a $7.2M funding round led by Jonathan Ehrlich at Foundation Capital, with participation from Gradient, Rainfall Ventures, Hawke Ventures, and Zelkova, as well as founders of Warby Parker, Harry’s, Allbirds, and a former C-level executive from Glossier. 

The investment fuels further development of the Yaguara platform, which customers like Ned, Urbanstems, and arfa use to make better eCommerce decisions, faster. These companies use Yaguara to align insights and metrics across departments to help them understand their performance in real-time, but the platform goes a step further; Yaguara provides predictive, prescriptive recommendations that improve metrics based on those insights. These recommendations are powered by our network data – so suggestions get better and more robust with every new customer. 

Here's what our investors at Warby Parker, one of the world's premier e-commerce brands, have to say about Yaguara: 

"What many eCommerce companies today lack is a way to aggregate and unify data across departments, and as a result, they're missing out on huge opportunities to meet their goals, grow their businesses and better serve customers. 
Yaguara fundamentally transforms the way eCommerce teams work by making data actionable for every team and person in the organization; it's the source of truth that enables better, faster planning, measurement, learning, and decision-making." 

For us, building Yaguara has never been just about building great technology or an exciting tool. It’s about building something that enables individuals, teams, and organizations to reach their full potential. Four years ago, when I started thinking through the idea which eventually became Yaguara, I was struck by a simple fact: it’s incredibly hard to help someone achieve their goals if they don’t know what those goals are. 

Yaguara has always been about driving results for users who want to know that their work is meaningful, not menial. When data is unified in one place and given business context, people know where to focus their time, and they understand the contributions they’re making to their company’s’ success. 

We are living in unprecedented times, but commerce continues to grow, and entrepreneurs are still building businesses. The world needs both. Brands may be changing the way that they serve customers, but they’re not stopping with their operations, nor should they slow down. In fact, one of our customers, HIKI, launched last week during some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable, and they did so thoughtfully and empathetically. 

Building companies, fostering team collaboration, and serving customers has never been more important. Traditional retail will likely continue the already in-progress migration to eCommerce at a faster clip. We raised these funds so we could invest them into functionality that empowers our existing customers, and to help new customers act more quickly and effectively – a need that has never been more clear as it is today. 


Jonathan Smalley, Co-Founder and CEO of Yaguara

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