11+ Best Dropshipping Courses & Training For Beginners (2023)

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Choosing the best dropshipping courses isn’t a cakewalk, especially when you have thousands of options on your plate. 

The craze for dropshipping business is high in 2022-23, and it’s increasing day by day. With this in mind, many cheap dropshipping courses are being launched daily, and entrepreneurs are being manipulated. 

In such a situation, you need to be super conscious while choosing the best one for your business. But how?

Well, you don’t need to scroll hundreds of sites to get an honest review of the courses as we have come up with the top 9 best dropshipping courses that are value money and will handhold you till you get your first sale. 

Let’s get started. 

1. eCom Elites 

If you are just starting out your dropshipping journey and have a tight budget to invest in a course, Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites is for you. This course includes a total of 10 modules – each having unique business strategies in itself.

Best Dropshipping Courses - eCom Elites


  • Module 1 is all about setting up an eCommerce store on Shopify.
  • Module 2 consists of some killer tips and tricks of product sourcing with Franklin’s real-life’s experience.  
  • Modules 3 and 4 talk about driving customers from socials, whereas Module 5 shows how you can boost sales via email marketing.
  • In Module 6, Franklin showed the power of chatbot marketing.
  • Module 7 teaches how you can build an advanced sales funnel, and module 8 talks about google ads leveraging.
  • In module 9, you’ll learn about driving organic traffic.
  • And Module 10 is a compilation of some secret premium videos.

As these modules were created in 2017, Franklin keeps changing them with new updates and inserts new videos in his course to stay updated with the fast-evolving eCommerce era.

Key Benefits:

  • The ultimate course to learn dropshipping from scratch
  • Affordable yet valuable
  • Franklin’s real-life experiences
  • Weekly QnA session with Franklin
  • Lifetime access
  • Active support from Franklin’s team
  • The ultimate plan includes sales funnel academy and Google ads academy with books on Frankin’s top-selling products.


  • FB training session is a bit conservative.

Pricing: ( 30 -Days Refund Policy)

  • Standard: $197 one time
  • Ultimate: $297 one time ( Our recommendation)

2. The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship Course

Created by Tim Sharp ( a successful entrepreneur since 2004), The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship Course is one of the best-selling dropshipping courses on Udemy. Though this course has been designed for budding eCommerce entrepreneurs, you can still opt for it if you are at the intermediate level and facing issues to grow it to the next level. 

The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship Course

Launched in 2022, this course will take you through the step-by-step guide to creating profitable eCommerce businesses and spill all the secrets adopted by giant business owners. 

Key Benefits:

  • All-in-one package to kickstart your dropshipping journey.
  • Beginner-friendly
  • It includes the complete breakdown of finding potential clients, profitable products, and marketplaces. 
  • Lifetime access


  • Not for advanced-level business owners.

Pricing: ( 30 Day money-back guarantee)

$11.99 one time 

3. Dropship Lifestyle

If your focus is on creating a high-end, profitable, semi-automated dropshipping business, Dropship Lifestyle has your back. In 2013, Anton Kraly introduced this course, and now it has 14k+ members worldwide. 

The best part is that it’s not like those traditional courses packed with the same generic materials and theories. In contrast, DSL has gone far away by providing personalized guidance to each member. 

Dropship Lifestyle

What more? If you opt for its Ultimate plan, you’ll get benefitted from 1-year handholding from Anton and a personalized Shopify store as per your needs. 

Key Benefits:

  • DSL’s 7.0 version with upgraded ultimate modules and strategies.
  • This course will teach you how to choose a profitable niche and target the right set of audience. 
  • Get in touch with the no.1 dropshipping suppliers.
  • Personalized DSL theme for your store
  • Dropshipping Lifestyle app to automate your work
  • Huge network with successful dropshippers
  • Priority Support


  • No strategy for driving organic traffic
  • A bit expensive.


  • Premium Package: $2997

4. Financial Freedom With Shopify Dropshipping In 2023

Let’s move on to another top-notch dropshipping course named Financial Freedom With Shopify Dropshipping in 2023, created by Reda EL. This course has 5 out of 5 ratings on Udemy, and more than a thousand students enrolled for it.  

Financial Freedom With Shopify Dropshipping

Starting from finding hot-selling products to creating an attractive, profitable Shopify store to marketing products on socials, this dropshipping course has accumulated everything. Not only that, but this course will also teach how to approach all the legal and financial aspects to skyrocket your business growth. 

Key Benefits:

  • Marketing strategies for the dropshipping stores
  • Successful Facebook ads running strategies.
  • Organic marketing tricks
  • Influencer marketing strategies


  • This course is solely dedicated to Shopify Dropshipping only. 

Pricing: ( 30 -Days Money Back Guarantee)

$24 one time 

5. Dropshipping 101

Looking for a free dropshipping course to kickstart your journey?  Welcome to Dropshipping 101.  This free course has been created by Jessica Guzick, a successful eCommerce entrepreneur and the senior brand lead on Shopify. 

Dropshipping 101

This course has a total of 29 lessons, with each having a different perspective on creating a successful dropshipping business. These include –  how to choose a reliable supplier on Aliexpress, how to create a sustainable business, how you can leverage Facebook, etc. After completing this course, you’ll have a clear view of your next goal and process in this dropshipping career. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Perfect for newbie entrepreneurs
  • Step-by-step guidance on creating a Shopify store
  • Learn how to leverage Facebook ads and drive traffic
  • Jessica’s unique strategies to market your products
  • Learn how to build a sustainable  brand
  • Free lifetime access


  • This course doesn’t focus on the organic market
  • Only Facebook marketing is included



6. eCom Hacks

As we are listing the best dropshipping courses, how can we forget eCom Hacks, one of the premium dropshipping courses available in the market?

Created by Jared Goetz, eCom Hacks is mostly centered on Drop Surfing, which is the same as Dropshipping but focuses on hot-selling products. He has categorized this course into 4 modules. The first module will teach how the whole eCommerce market works. In the second module, he will show you how to set up a store that brings high conversions. He’ll also spill the secrets that netted him $5,000000.The third and fourth modules are all about products and conversions. 

eCom Hacks

In the end, Jared has included some bonus eCommerce hacks, including setting up a  call center, and using virtual assistants, that we really appreciate. 

Key Benefits:

  • In-depth dropshipping business strategies
  • Conversion techniques
  • You’ll learn how to do mass-marketing and advertising of your products.
  • Learn how to select the best dropshipping suppliers


  • No other forms of marketing in terms of Google ads, Pinterest marketing, or bot marketing are added to this course.


$997-$1997 one time.

7. eCom Inner Circle

Launched by Arie Scherson, eCom Inner Circle is an all-rounder dropshipping course that has covered every nitty-gritty aspect you need to know before launching your own.

eCom Inner Circle

The whole course has a total of 10 modules, and each of them has covered a  detailed breakdown of the following topics. 

  • Module 1: Connect with eCom Circle’s support team
  • Module 2: Setting up a highly profitable eCommerce store and order fulfillment
  • Module 3: Market research and finding the best profitable and hot-selling products
  • Module 4: Instagram Marketing
  • Module 5: Leveraging Facebook ads
  • Module 6: Strategizing high-converting Facebook ads
  • Module 7: understanding advanced Facebook ads
  • Module 8: Maximizing profits via abandoned cart recovery and other back-end systems
  • Module 9: Building a sustainable Top-notch brand
  • Module 10: A handful of effective resources

As you can see, each module of this course has bought something new to the course by removing the old marketing strategies. Thus, in a nutshell, we can say that eCom Inner Circle is a complete package of Killer dropshipping tricks and strategies you need to build a successful business.

Key Benefits:

  • A detailed oriented Dropshipping course
  • Advanced Facebook ads strategies
  • Building back-end systems to boost sales
  • Premium resources for the lifetime
  • Learn brand building and Instagram Marketing


  • No mention of organic marketing
  • Mass promotion of ListGenie


$397 for full access to eCom Inner Circle. 

8. Modern Dropshipping: Fast Shipping Time With Local Products

Modern Dropshipping: Fast Shipping With Local Products is another cost-effective dropshipping course available on Udemy with 4000+ positive ratings. This course is straightforward, on-point, and goes beyond the traditional generic eCommerce hacks.

In this course, Kevin Princeton has revealed his exact blueprint of a 7-figure business from scratch. You’ll also learn how not to order cheap Chinese goods and dropship the best products to grow your business. 

Modern Dropshipping

So, if you are a student or a newbie business owner looking for perfect dropshipping guidance to hold your back, Modern Dropshipping: Fast shipping Time With Local Products is for you. 

Key Benefits:

  • Keven’s step-by-step guidance to kickstart your dropshipping journey
  • Learn how to source the best products for selling
  • The exact products and blueprint Kevin used for his $71, 786 ad campaign
  • Facebook ad marketing


  • Other social marketing isn’t included.
  • The course has not added the brand-building process.


  • $42 (30-day money-back guarantee)

9. The Complete Shopify Dropshipping Masterclass 2023

Our Last pick is The Complete Shopify Dropshipping Masterclass 2023. If you want some in-hand practice with the theory, this course should be your choice. Created by Robin and Jesper, this course is a complete breakdown of creating a profitable Shopify dropshipping store. 

The Complete Shopify Dropshipping Masterclass

Moreover, from choosing a profitable marketplace to successful order fulfillment, this course has covered all. In addition, this course will also take you through the exact step-by-step process of driving paid and organic traffic to your store. 

So, if you are looking for the best dropshipping course that has covered both paid and organic marketing, go for it. 

Key Benefits:

  • Step-by-step guidance for building a successful dropshipping store
  • How to choose profitable marketplaces
  • Learn How to drive traffic via paid and organic marketing
  • Email Marketing Strategies
  • High-conversion techniques
  • Copywriting techniques


  • Perfect for beginners but not for intermediate or advanced-level business owners.

Pricing:  ( 30-Day Money Back Guarantee)

$42 one time. 

10. Shopify Ninja Masterclass

If you have a big budget and want to learn dropshipping in-depth, then this masterclass is the best option for you. The creator of this course is Kevin David, who teaches about eCommerce, dropshipping, and Facebook marketing. This course will be best for dropship beginners, and it has five different modules.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass

Before starting the course, there is a mini course available that tells you what this course is all about. There are also a few bonus modules available after finishing the entire course. This masterclass will teach you to create a store and how to scale it up to the next level.

Key Benefits:

  • Walkthrough to niche and product selection
  • Learn to optimize your Shopify store for visibility.
  • Access to the Facebook Mastermind group.
  • Facebook Ads Mastery.


  • The course is a bit expensive compared to other courses on this list.


$997 Once

11. Build A Shopify Dropshipping Business From Scratch

If you want to start a dropshipping business with a Shopify store, then this is the best course you should enroll in. The instructor of the course, Adam Reeder, has built a six-figure Shopify dropshipping business, and with this course, he shares his secrets on Udemy. This course is a step-by-step guide to starting a dropshipping business on Shopify from scratch.

Build A Shopify Dropshipping Business From Scratch

The course also helps you run successful Facebook ads to get you your first sale within the first week of starting your business. Adam also helps you find the best product that you can sell to start your dropshipping business.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete walkthrough to help you start your Shopify dropshipping business
  • Helps you select the trending niche and also the product
  • Learn to leverage social media ads to drive sales
  • How to use Shopify apps to increase conversions


  • The course does not help you learn the organic way to drive conversions


$79.99 but on sale, you can get it at just $19.99.

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Final Verdict: Best Dropshipping Courses (2023)

Let’s get more specific. Though we have hand-picked the top 11 drop shipping courses in this article, you still might get confused while purchasing one. 

Well, before taking any decision, we highly recommend you to do some background research. E.g.- 

  • What is business growth?
  • Your revenue calculation
  • The course has accumulated every aspect of dropshipping business or not. 
  • If it has covered all the social marketing strategies or not.
  • Does it offer reliable resources?
  • What’s the user review of the course?

Once the answers are ready, use them to churn out the best dropshipping course for your business. However, we suggest you to go for Dropship Lifestyle, eCom Elites, and eCom Inner Circle to get the most cost-effective result. 

By the way, have you already decided your a suitable one? Let us know below. 


Are dropshipping courses worth it?

We believe nothing comes for free. You have to invest something to get the best result. From that point of view, these 11 dropshipping courses are obviously worth it.

What is the most profitable product to dropship?

Some hot-selling products are women’s clothing, baby products, home decor, and beauty products. 

Is dropshipping worth it in 2022-23?

Indeed. If you choose the right business model and marketing strategy for dropshipping, it’s one of the most profitable businesses. 

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