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Searching for a print-on-demand site to sell printed products online? Don’t worry, we have got your back with our list of the best print on demand sites & companies.

The easiest way to start an online business is by selling customized products. If you want to sell customized products online, you have many print-on-demand platforms to choose from. Each platform has its own unique features that benefit different types of businesses. The difficulty arises in deciding which platform is best for your business. I have written this article to help you choose the best platform to scale your online business.

This article will explain how to choose the best print-on-demand site and the top 12 print-on-demand websites you can use to start your online business. Read the whole article to get the complete details about print-on-demand sites.      

How to Choose the Best Print On Demand Sites

Print-On-Demand business is a dropshipping business model wherein you can sell customized products to your customers. Here are a few factors to consider before choosing the best print-on-demand sites.

Printing options: The print-on-demand providers should offer premium printing options that are long-lasting prints. 

Production and Shipping time: You should choose the manufacturing service providers and ship the orders as quickly as possible. When customers can get their orders on time, it leads to customer retention.

Special features: Learn what special features they offer to make your eCommerce store stand out.

Product Catalog: Learn about the platform and the products that can customize and how frequently they are updated.

Top 12 Print-On-Demand Sites to Start the Online Business (2023)

Sr. No.Print-On-Demand SitesPricing
1.PrintfulFree plan- 0
Plus plan- $9/month
Pro plan- $49/month
2.PrintifyFree plans- 0
Premium plan- $49.99/month
Enterprise plan- custom
5.GelatoGelato- $0
Gelato+ – $14.99/month
Gelato+gold- $299/month
8.Lulu XpressCustom
9.Zazzle15-17%Commission rate
12.SellfyStarter plan – $29/month
Business Plan – $79/month
Premium Plan – $159/month

Here are the top 12 print-on-demand sites that can help you can choose to start your eCommerce business:

1. Printful

Printful- official Page

Printful is one of the top choices for selling print-on-demand products. You can customize and sell more than 439 premium products under white labeling. Printful integrates with all the major platforms like Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Ecwid, Amazon, Magento, and more.

The advantages of using Printful are:

  • Their local fulfillment services are fast, consistent and offer competitive shipping rates.
  • You can use custom branding tools to improve your brand awareness. It allows you to sell white-label products, so your customers can recognize your brand name on the products.
  • You can use built-in Design Maker to create different kinds of designs, like simple or intricate, patterned or minimalist, as per your taste.
  • You do not need to send orders to Printful because they offer seamless automation manually.


Printful plansPricing
Free plan0
Plus plan$9/month
Pro plan$49/month

2. Printify

Printify-Official Page

Printify offers the lowest prices on print-on-demand products in the industry. It allows you to earn higher profit margins on all of your products. You gain access to many print-on-demand suppliers with automatic routing functionality. You can choose from 750+ customized products from high-quality brands.

The advantages of using Printify are as follows:

  • They offer Mockup Generator to apply your designs to your products. You can customize the products according to design and color and preview your products.
  • You can order samples from print providers to ensure that the product quality meets your expectations. This allows you to try various products and find the best print provider.
  • You can automatically add those products to your store if you are satisfied with the product. You can sell these products on Etsy, Shopify, Walmart, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, etc.


Printify plansPricing
Free plans0
Premium plan$49.99/month
Enterprise plancustom


SPOD- Official Page

It is one of the best print-on-demand platforms that provide all the essentials to scale your brand. You get access to 200+ unique product categories to choose the one you are interested in. SPOD is integrated with popular platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, WooCommerce, Order Desk, etc.

The advantages of using SPOD are as follows:

  • The custom products are produced within 48 hours of the order placement. As a result, shipping takes place quickly.
  • SPOD offers to ship to US and EU. As a result, you can sell custom products to global customers with less shipping prices.
  • It is easy to use tool that allows you to integrate with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.
  • You can order sample products for discounted rates of 20%off.

Pricing: Custom

4. CustomCat

It is one of the well-known print-on-demand companies in the US. By opting CustomCat, you can get an average fulfillment time of 3 days or less for all the orders. You can choose and customize products from popular brands, like Bella & Canvas, Anvil, Next Level, Gildan, etc.

CustomCat-Offical Page

The advantages of using CustomCat are as follows:

  • Since CustomCat offers products in thousands of variations, You can invest in something other than inventory.
  • They are integrated with popular platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, Bigcommerce, etc.
  • You can order a sample product at affordable prices by choosing the product & uploading the design. It helps you to check the quality of the product.

Pricing: Custom

5. Gelato

It is one of the best print-on-demand platforms, with production units in 33 Countries. 

Gelato-Offical Page

They serve in 200+ countries, and most local orders will be delivered in three days. Gelato integrates with well-known eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

The advantages of using Gelato are

  • They handle end-to-end fulfillment from production and payment to taxes and shipment, and there is no minimum purchase value.
  • They offer on-time delivery 99.9% time with their production and logistics.
  • They follow local production to reduce shipping distances and carbon emissions.


Gelato plansPricing 

6. Gooten

Gooten- Official Page

Gooten provides a smart supply chain for print-on-demand eCommerce stores trying to scale. This platform enables you to sell products featuring your designs and the designs of other designers. You can integrate your online store with the platform using Gooten API. They also integrate with well-known eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Big Commerce, Etsy, WooCommerce, etc.

The advantages of using Gooten are:

  • Gooten is easy to use print-on-demand platform with automated order tracking. It offers fast production and shipping times with quality packaging for delicate products such as mugs and glassware.
  • They offer unique product categories to print your designs, like apparel, wall art, homeware, stationery, baby products, and pet products.
  • Gooten has over 70 global routing locations, and the production time varies around 1.7 days and a shipping time of 3.8 days.

Pricing: It is free to use, and you will be charged a percentage of the profits when a customer orders.

7. Apliiq

Apliiq- Offical Page

With Apliiq, you can find a trusted partner to start your print-on-demand online stores. You can get the private label of your brand. Amplify offers weight-based shipping at $3.99 and has a 7-day shipping time. They offer international shipping from around 150 countries. In addition, they provide digital print, screen print, cut and sew, appliqué, and embroidery options.

The advantages of using Apliiq are:

  • Your customers can use advanced customization options like custom labels, clothing tags, patches, etc. 
  • You get a 20% starting discount on bulk orders of 10 products.
  • You will get a wide range of product categories like Pocket tees, Premium joggers, Hoodies with print, Kangaroo hoodies, Denim jackets, etc.

Pricing: Pricing is determined by the number of products purchased; the more you buy, the less you pay per product.

8. Lulu Xpress

Lulu Xpress- Official Page

They provide the best print-on-demand options for your books. They include digital printing features with customization options like paper type, trim size, print quality and color, binding type, matte or glossy finish, etc. Lulu Xpress offers shipping in 3-5 business days to over 150 countries, and the fulfillment centers operate in the U.S, Canada, Europe, and the UK.

The advantages of using Lulu Xpress are:

  • They offer customization options for various products, including novels, photobooks, cookbooks, journals, art books, and workbooks.
  • Customized books can be sold in marketplaces such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu’s marketplace, or even as an ebook.
  • It is a good option for authors and writers who want to sell books to customers directly. It is beneficial to avoid the hassles of traditional book publishing.

Pricing: It depends on the customization options choosen.

This is a platform that helps artists to connect with their target audience. They can sell their customers different kinds of design services on various products. They provide more freedom for customers to choose customization options like design, product color, material, style, etc. Zazzle has its marketplace and is not integrated with any platform.

9. Zazzle

Zazzle- Official Page

The advantages of Zazzle are: 

  • Designers can take ownership of their creations. Zazzle also has an affiliate program, which allows you to earn a percentage of sales by promoting Zazzle products on your blog or other channels.
  • They provide a wide range of personalized gifts, custom products, digital design services, etc. It’s a great platform for eCommerce entrepreneurs who sell products geared toward corporate gifts.
  • The platform is free to signup, and shipping is carried out in four to seven business days for standard shipping.

Pricing:  They take 15-17%Commission rate

10. Redbubble 

Redbubble- Official Page

It is a print-on-demand platform made for artists. Redbubble allows artists to sell their designs or art on 70 unique products. As they do not integrate with any platforms, they offer their market to sell products. They also provide a storefront that can be designed as per your requirements.

The advantages of using Redbubble are

  • You can hold complete ownership of your design.
  • They offer unique product categories like clothing, accessories, Phone Cases, Wall Art, Home & Living, etc
  • Redbubble ships worldwide and accepts free customer returns.

Pricing: Free to use, and you earn profit margins for each product. 

11. Teelaunch


If you have a Shopify store and want to start selling products using print-on-demand service, then Teelaunch is the best Shopify app for you. It also allows you to sell these products out of your Etsy store. It has a range of products that are not generic, which you usually find on other print-on-demand sites, such as clothing, electronics, homeware, etc. It gives you different printing options, such as laser etching, all-over print, cut & sew, and direct-to-garment. 

The advantages of using Teelaunch are:

  • Teelaunch takes care of the printing, shipping, and delivery of your items to the customers.
  • After creating unique and attractive designs, you will have four different printing options.
  • The product personalization feature allows customers to add their name, photo, or both to a product.
  • The unique product catalog includes products like handbags, dog bowls, iPhone cases, Canvas Sets, Journals, Mugs, Phone Chargers, etc.

Pricing: Custom 

12. Sellfy


Sellfy is another great print-on-demand option that allows you to sell printed products directly from your store along with products from your own inventory. It offers a complete eCommerce solution along with print-on-demand services. You can use Sellfy to build your online store from scratch and have complete control over it in just a few minutes. Now you can add print-on-demand products of Sellfy to your store and set pricing for them and start selling in no time.

The advantages of using Sellfy are:

  • Sellfy gives you complete control over your store, and you will have ownership of to store you create using the platform.
  • You can sell digital products, physical products, and print-on-demand products on your online store with Sellfy.
  • Sellfy also comes with in-built sales and marketing tools that you can use to promote your online store.
  • This eCommerce platform comes with many different categories, and every category has an ample number of products for you to choose from.


Sellfy PlansPricing
Starter Plan$29/month
Business Plan$79/month
Premium Plan$159/month

Winding Up! Best Print On Demand Sites (2023)

When starting an online print-on-demand business, selecting a suitable platform is critical. Every platform has its advantages and caters to specific niches and business models. Before deciding on a platform, look into service options such as shipping and production time, product and print quality, pricing, etc. After conducting your research, you can select an appropriate platform for your business. I hope this article has assisted you in selecting the Best Print On Demand Site for your business.

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