Wix Review 2024: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Looking for detailed insights into the features & tools of Wix to decide whether this platform is right for your business or not? You’ve landed on the right page to get the answer!

Wix is one of the best eCommerce website builders which can help individuals, small business owners, and enterprises build their business from scratch. But no one has the time to read and review all the learning resources to understand how the tools & features of Wix work.

That’s why I decided to do it for you guys; I have used the tools of Wix thoroughly and shared my honest opinion in this detailed Wix Review.

So without further ado, let’s get into all the juicy details.

Wix Review: In A Nutshell (2024)

Based on our understanding and personal use, we give Wix a rating of 4.5 stars. Let’s now take a brief look at the detailed findings: 

Wix Review - Official Page
  • Plans start from as low as $17/month for basic website creation and $29/month for all the eCommerce features.
  • More than 800 customizable templates with a drag-and-drop editor assisting personalization. 
  • A super-intuitive website builder and ease-of-use feature make it suitable for beginners without prior experience in website building. 
  • Highly suitable for building small online stores with no transaction fee and an abandoned cart recovery feature with every plan. 
  • Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) helps create and get your website live within a few clicks. 
  • A variety of websites and eCommerce plans help users pick the most suitable option for their business. 
  • Minimum restrictions with third-party integrations. 
  • A two-week money-back guarantee ensures you experience minimal risk and make an informed decision. 

Pros And Cons Of Using Wix

Let’s look at the pros and cons before understanding the platform’s suitability. 

Pros Of Using Wix

  • 800+ fully customizable templates with a drag-and-drop editor, making it suitable for beginners without technical knowledge. 
  • Two-week money-back guarantee for all paid plans. Experiment with the paid ones and get your money back if you change your mind. 
  • Wix provides feature-enriched templates suiting the selected industry. For instance, a restaurant template will come with a booking feature. 
  • A wide variety of eCommerce tools make it suitable for opening an online store.
  • The extremely flexible editor allows you to move every website element, giving you creative freedom conveniently. 
  • Allows animations for added visual domination
  • Wix app marketplace allows you to choose from various apps that tackle the functional aspect. 
  • Easy integration of third-party apps to your Wix website. 
  • Wix ADI assists in quickly creating a personalized website suiting your requirements.
  • Automatic backup ensures you never lose valuable information and get access whenever needed.

Cons Of Using Wix

  • Wix doesn’t allow you to change the template once the website goes live. You need to start over if you wish to use a different one.
  • The marketplace mostly consists of third-party apps demanding additional investment. 
  • Wix prioritizes customization, so the editor is filled with different options assisting you with the process. It might seem intimidating and confusing at first to new users. 
  • Slow-loading speed in case of certain elements. 
  • Tracking and analytics require shifting to paid plans (not included in the free plan).

Who Should Use Wix? 

Suitability: small businesses, creative websites, and personal branding sites. 

Wix is suitable for businesses more inclined towards the visual aspect of a website. It’s suitable for personal branding websites, small eCommerce stores, and businesses. It’s great for people with little to no sense of building websites. Complete beginners can develop a highly professional website in a few clicks. 

Wix is widely known for the limitless creative freedom it offers. You get to choose everything suiting your requirements. But you don’t have much say in the matter when it comes to other aspects, including site maintenance, hosting, updates, uptime, etc. In short, users don’t have much say in the technical aspect. Wix is the platform for you if you are looking for an easy-to-manage platform that reduces your extra effort in managing every aspect. 

Here are some examples of beautifully designed visual-dominated websites using Wix. 

1. Seven Grams Caffe: Cafe And Restaurant Website 

We love this stunning restaurant and cafe website covering testimonials, easy buying options, and a fascinating image gallery. 

Seven Grams Caffe

2. Tobias Becs: Portfolio Website 

This is a great example of a creative portfolio website containing images, the latest updates, videos, and a booking option. 

Tobias Becs

3. The Sofia Log: Personal Blog Website

Take a look at the playful theme of a travel and food blog created by Sofia. It uses a cool and modern approach to sharing ideas and imagery. 

The Sofia Log

Wix Design, Customization, and Templates 

Users can either build a website from scratch or choose from the available templates that are easy to edit with the drag-and-drop editor. More than 500 templates with exceptional designs crafted by professionals make Wix stand out in the competition. 

Niche-based templates targeting education, fashion, photography, etc. are also available to users. Users can further customize these templates based on their specific needs. 

Let’s take a look at certain customization options to make the most of the stunning templates: 

  • Wix has a beautiful color palette providing numerous enticing colors.
  • Scroll through the large font library to select the one that speaks for your brand. 
  • You can change the menu and the entire navigation system to suit your requirements. 
  • Wix customization makes websites more responsive for all devices.
  • Showcase your products, services, customer testimonials, etc. using images and videos. 

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence | Create A Website In A Few Clicks 

Are you looking for a quick solution to get your website up and live? 

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) will instantly build a personalized website with custom text, images, and style based on your responses to certain questions. You can further edit the layout and make changes as you go. Based on your answers to certain questions, they design the pages, add texts, images, etc., which you can modify further. 

Wix Template

Which Wix Editor Is Easier To Use?

Wix comes with two editors: Wix Editor and Wix ADI. The Wix ADI designs your website without you getting involved. You just need to answer a few questions, and it will create a website based on your choices. It also allows you to make changes to the final design. However, it is not an ideal choice if you want complete control over your website.

The Wix Editor is a classic website builder that most platforms. With Wix Editor, you can create your website from scratch, and you will have complete control over your website. It has a drag-and-drop interface where you choose to select an item and drop it on the website. It is quite clear that Wix ADI is much easier to use because the AI does all the hard work, and it creates a website that is tailored to your needs. But if you want full control over your website, then I would recommend you to use the Wix Editor.

Wix Pricing Plans

Note: Go for a yearly Wix Premium Plan to purchase the plan at a discounted rate and enjoy promo code benefits. 

Alert For Students: It also provides a discounted premium plan for students where you can enjoy 60% off of all yearly premium plans with your Student ID. 

  • Wix offers a free custom domain name for one year. 
  • If you only aim at creating a website with a custom domain name to establish credibility for your business, then go for Connect Domain and Combo Plan.
  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers aiming to drastically increase their leads and conversions through a premium website must go for Unlimited And VIP packages. 
  • Business and eCommerce plans require various tools for driving traffic, showcasing products, retaining customers, etc. 

Is Wix’s Free Plan Worth It? 

Wix’s free plan is great to use but comes with multiple restrictions. You cannot connect a custom domain name or third-party apps even for analytics or tracking purposes. 

There are four pricing options available on Wix, which range from $24 to $172/month. Here is a quick overview of those plans:

Wix PlansMonthly SubscriptionYearly Subscription
Business Elite$159/month$172/month

Let’s take a look at all these plans in detail and what they offer:

Wix Pricing Options

1. Light Plan

  • Costs $24/month or $17/month paid yearly
  • Best for beginners to get started
  • 2 Collaborators
  • 2 GB Storage Space
  • Light Marketing Suite Features
  • Free Domain For 1 Year When Subscribing To The Annual Version

2. Core Plan

  • Costs $36/month or $29/month paid yearly
  • Best for small businesses to create their online stores
  • All the Features from the Core Plan
  • 5 Collaborators
  • 50 GB Storage Space
  • Basic Marketing Suite
  • Accept Payments On Your Online Store
  • Basic Site Analytics
  • Basic eCommerce Features

3. Business Plan

  • Costs $43/month or $36/month, paid annually
  • Best for Entrepreneurs to build their brands
  • All The Features From The Core Plan
  • 10 Collaborators
  • 100 GB Storage Space
  • Standard Marketing Suite Features
  • Standard eCommerce Features
  • Standard Site Analytics

4. Business Elite

  • Costs $172/month or $159/month, paid annually
  • Best for Enterprises and Agencies to scale their businesses
  • All The Features From The Business Plan
  • 15 Collaborators
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Advanced Marketing Suite
  • Advanced Developer Platform
  • Advanced eCommerce Features

Ascend By Wix: Online Marketing And Customer Management

Choosing a website-building platform that provides you with relevant marketing tools plays an important role in growing your business. All Wix users can get access to the marketing tools on their dashboard under Ascend’s Marketing Tools.  Here is a list of some crucial tools you must use: 

Email Marketing Tool:

Ascend helps you keep your audience engaged and updated about your business through effective email marketing. Make the most of your strategy by using ready-made templates with customization options, easy integration with your mailing list, tracking stats, etc.

Wix Email Marketing

Built-In SEO Tools 

The built-in SEO tools effectively identify the weak areas in your website’s SEO and help you achieve a better ranking in SERPs. It tackles all crucial SEO areas, including SEO-friendly title tags, descriptions, keywords, and image alt texts. New website owners require a platform with built-in SEO tools to develop a strong presence on search engines. 

Wix SEO Tool

Social Media Presence 

Ascend social posts by Wix assist you in showcasing products, sales promotion, posting inspirational quotes, and other enticing content formats to drive engagement. 

Wix Social Media

Video Content Creation 

Creating and promoting video content helps businesses drastically increase organic traffic for their site. Ascend Video maker will help you create enticing promotional videos for your business. Take advantage of free visuals, templates, sounds, etc., and create engaging video content for your website and social media platforms. 

Marketing Automation

Sending manual messages or reminders to your customers gets hectic, especially if you have a huge mailing list. The marketing automation section under Ascend’s Customer Management assists in frequent customer interactions to keep your audience engaged. Create drip campaigns and set up a series of automated emails to welcome new subscribers, send sale reminders, thank them for purchases, etc. 

Wix eCommerce Payments: Is It Suitable For Secured Payments?

Wix is known for relying on secure payment providers, including Wix payments and more than 50 payment getaways for conducting secured transactions. Here is how Wix protects all eCommerce payments and transactions:  

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard certification ensures all transactions are conducted in secure environments. 
  • Transaction monitoring ensures it protects users from cyber attacks. 
  • Data analysis and machine learning assists in fraud blocking and prevention. 

Lastly, Wix also conducts frequent third-party audits and bug bounty programs for identifying severe vulnerabilities. 

You can easily manage your payments and payouts from your dashboard. Wix Payments assists you in conducting secured transactions without requiring a third-party payment provider. 

Wix provides multiple payment options, including leading debit/credit card brands like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Some additional payment options like Apple Pay, Pix, Boleto, etc. are available in certain locations. 

More On Wix:

Final Verdict: Wix is Good for Designers, Bloggers & Small Business Owners 

Wix is an excellent option if you want to develop a premium-looking website with minimum effort. The plans are affordable and feature-enriched as compared to other available options. Furthermore, Ascend by Wix provides you with all relevant marketing and customer management tools to assist in substantial growth. 

FAQs On Wix Review

What’s the fastest way to build a website using Wix? 

Wix ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence, is the quickest way to create a website using the platform. Just answer a few questions to get your website live as soon as possible. 

Is Wix suitable for beginners only? 

No, Wix is suitable for both beginners and advanced-level website builders. Wix ADI helps beginners get started with minimal tech knowledge. On the other hand, professionals can start from scratch and design a premium website based on their preferences.

Should I go with the Wix free plan for building a website? 

Wix’s free plan comes with 500 MB of cloud storage and 500 MB of bandwidth. The plan also has an ample amount of restrictions and isn’t suitable for building a professional website. 

Is Wix great for blogging? 

Wix’s ease of use and collection of beautiful templates makes it easy to start a blogging website. The built-in tools will also help you improve website traffic and grow it over time. It’s great for beginner bloggers to start and learn along the way. 

Should I build my eCommerce website with Wix? 

Wix is a great option if you plan on starting a small eCommerce store with a moderate budget. It comes with a plethora of features, tools, and customization options to help you grow your store. 

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