Work smarter, not harder, with custom insights. Receive recommendations through Yaguara's underlying technology that spots patterns and obstacles over time to keep your team's goals on track.

Be aware of anomalies

Identify data points, events, and important metrics that deviate from your data business’ normal behavior.

Discover correlations

You have a lot of data, and not a lot of time. Find out which data points relate to your successes or obstacles, and immediately tackle them.

Finally learn from your data

Learn more about who your customers are, what is affecting your business, and what to do next — then use that knowledge right away.

Adriaan Zimmerman
Co-Founder @ Ned & Co.

“Our unified data sets have become invaluable in terms of making data actionable. We've never been short of data, but having them aggregated in specific sets has made it possible to actually make informed decisions without exhaustive outputs.”

Sib Mahapatra
Co-Founder @ Branch

“Measuring what matters is critical, but no one likes the actual process of measurement, for example collating multiple data sources and updating massive spreadsheets to calculate metrics. By automatically mapping our performance back in real-time, Yaguara makes it easy for us to focus on the right goals as we scale.”

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