Groups are a way to organize your objectives within your team. Groups can be used for full departments, smaller teams within departments, or even long-term projects.

Real-time overviews of OKRs

Being able to quickly work on an important Objective or check on its status and Key Results offers a peace of mind that won’t have you scrambling for answers.

Tackle To-Dos

Tasks will only grow as your team takes on more and more complex initiatives. Whether it’s a task living in Yaguara or synced from your project management tool, this will give your team quick understanding if there is a backlog piling up.

Michael Weider
Co-Founder @ Lalo

“We have loved diving in on all facets of the platform. Each of us has set up home screens with the most important data points to us. We've also been able to align the team around company wide OKRs and we revisit these on a frequent basis.”

Drew Leahy
Managing Partner @ Hawke Media

“Hawke is an agency that grows eCommerce brands daily, and the platform that Yaguara has created for brands is perfect for setting group goals and monitoring important metrics.”

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