Introducing 'Good Company', Yaguara's First Podcast

J.D. Crabtree
August 16, 2020
Future of Work


It is our pleasure to introduce 'Good Company', Yaguara’s first podcast. Yaguara’s mission is to make working towards goals, working with data, and simply work in general more meaningful to every company and team we come in contact with. So we are using this show as a place to expound on that mission in audio format.

Like most Good Companies, this too will evolve over time. But we do plan on a few constant themes being the foundation of this production:

  • Strategy, future of work, combining the qualitative and quantitative sides of a business, and scaling with confidence
  • Interviews with industry leaders and personalities
  • And some Yaguara updates and thoughts sprinkled in every now and then

We look forward to embarking on this audio journey with you all, and making our world a more connected and collaborative place to work in. Start listening and subscribing now on your platform of choice below:
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