Introducing the Metric Builder, a new way to track custom metrics

J.D. Crabtree
October 22, 2019
Yaguara Product

The Yaguara team is thrilled to share our newest feature, the Metric Builder. With our ambitious mission of giving teams a unified, persistent, cross-functional source of truth for company-wide data, the addition of this features moves Yaguara users that much closer to said goal.

What is the Metric Builder

In a nutshell, Yaguara’s Metric Builder allows teams to construct their own custom metrics from various data sources and mathematical operations that can be used in Key Results and Visualizations.

Now Yaguara’s custom metrics do the hard manual work for you in a matter of seconds, so your team can go back to focusing on pushing the business forward. When your team integrates your data, you gain the ability to combine and define important business metrics without any intense data modeling.

Why it hasn’t existed before

In the past, complicated metrics had to be calculated in a siloed environment, often costing teams significant time and effort to produce a single data point. This often took place in spreadsheets or one-off individual efforts that were either too hard to replicate or required so much updating that resulted in eventual drop-off.

Now Yaguara’s custom metrics do the hard work for you in a matter of seconds, so your team can go back to focusing on pushing the business forward.

Popular examples

Here are a few examples of tricky metrics that can now be easily created and tracked in Yaguara:

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Measure the cost of converting a potential lead into a customer across all your acquisition channels.

Total Social Following

Aggregate and track your social footprint in one unified metric without manual updates.

Value Per Visit

Understand your progress of how your efforts to improve the visitor experience is affecting revenue.

There are several other popular metrics that are now possible to track (ROAS across multiple channels, Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), Total Gross Sales, etc.) but the beauty of the Metric Builder is that it truly lets your team customize your targets to exactly what impacts your business. We encourage getting creative!

Start creating your custom metrics today

If you already have a Yaguara account, you can head over to the Metric Builder in the lefthand panel and start creating custom metrics. 

If you’re new to Yaguara, start your free trial today — then, connect your data sources and start measuring what matters.

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