How To Create A Wix Website In 9 Simple Steps (2023 Guide)

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Want to create a Wix website but don’t know where to start? If yes, then you are at the right place. 

The study states that Wix currently arms more than 3.8 million websites worldwide. And the craze is going on because of its easy-to-use and effective features. 

CMS Market Share Analysis

Even if you are not a tech-savvy person and have little tech knowledge, you can easily set up your site within a fraction of a second.

But still, if you are figuring out how to start with Wix, follow our step-by-step guide and create an attractive site for yourself. 

Let’s move on. 

Is It Worth Creating A Website On Wix?

Before we get into the step-by-step guide to creating a website on Wix, let’s consider whether it is worth creating a website on Wix or not.

Wix is a great drag & drop website builder that means you can just drag & drop elements directly onto your screen instead of using code to design your website. Immediately after signing up on Wix, you will get access to the template library of Wix, which has more than 800 pre-made responsive templates that are fully customizable.

Wix site builder may look a little bit complex, but it is really easy to use, and it is best for developers who want more control over their websites. Creating a website on Wix is free, and you’ll be given a free Wix domain. If you want to connect your website to a custom domain, then you will need to buy a subscription.

All-in-all, it is definitely worth creating a website on Wix. But if you want more flexibility and total control over your website, then it will be best for you to create a website on WordPress.

Step-by-Step Process to Create a Wix Website

Creating a Wix website is just an act of a few clicks. Here we’ll show you the exact step-by-step guide you need to follow to create a professional Wix Website.

Let’s get started.

1. Create a Wix Account

First things first, visit Wix’s official site. On the homepage, you’ll see the “Get Started” button. Click on that. Don’t worry; Wix doesn’t ask you for credit card credentials. 

Wix Homepage

Then you’ll get redirected to the Sign Up Page. Once you get there, simply fill in the details ( email and password) and sign up for your Wix account. 

Wix Sign Up Page

And that’s it. Your Wix account is ready. After that, you’ll have to answer a few questions.

For example-

Enter Name Of Your Wix Website

These questions are optional. But we would recommend you fill them up to help WIX ADI create a better site for you.

But what’s WIX ADI? 

We’ll discuss it in the next step.

2. Choose How You Will Design Your Website

Here comes the most important step. Once you answer the questions, Wix will show you two options – 

  • Get a custom build site (WIX ADI) – If you want to set up an immediate site, Wix AI will help you create one automatically. First, you need to fill in a few details about yourself.
Edit Your Info

After that, Wix will show you some personalized templates according to your needs. You can choose any of them and move forward.

Pick A Theme For Your Wix Website

Once you select your favorite theme, Wix will offer you a customized homepage design aligned with your requirements. 

Pick A Homepage Design

Next, add some extra pages of “Get to know me,” “Skills,” “ Education,” etc, to make the site more lively and professional. Once you are done, hit the “Edit Site” button. 

  • Begin with a Template 

Now, if you don’t want to go for the AI tool, you can move with this alternative. From choosing the template to designing it, you will have more control here than in WIX ADI. 

Simply click on the “Begin with a template” option, and you’ll get redirected to the ocean of premium templates. 

Wix Template Library

Once you pick your favorite one, you are now ready to edit it to align with your requirements and needs.

 Pro Tip: We would advise you to go for the “ Begin with a template” option as it gives you more control in designing the site,

3. Add Text and Images 

To be honest, editing the WIX site is a piece of cake. After selecting the favorite template, you will be redirected to Wix Editor to make the necessary changes based on your service type.

Add Text And Images

To update the texts, all you have to do is to click on the given text and rewrite them. That’s it. It’s flawless to edit. That’s why Wix is considered one of the beginner-friendly website builders available in the market. 

You can also change the text theme, font, and size as per your choice.

Change Text Theme

Wix comes with a ton of free images to give your site a professional look. Now, if you don’t like the already given images on the template, you can change them any time by clicking on the “Change Stripe Background” option. 

Change Background Color

Not only that, but you can also change the color of the image and add a video by doing the same. 

4. Manage Pages

Your customized homepage is ready. Now, it’s time to add other pages ( Contact Page About Me Page, Service Pages ) to your site. 

To add extra pages to your site, click on the down arrow sign next to the page bar in the left-hand corner of your screen. Then tap on the “manage page” option.

After that, a pop-up panel will be visible. For example-

Wix Popup Panel

You can add extra pages as per your service requirements from the options. For further details, click on the “three dots” right to the page options. You’ll find extra features regarding SEO optimization, social share option, and page design to make it more personalized.

Make Changes On Homepage

5. Change Your Site Background

When you want to create a personalized background for your website, the given templates and background aren’t enough. In such a situation, Wix lets you change your background as per your choice.

Just click on the “A” like option (Site Design) from the left-hand sidebar menu. 

Click On Site Design

It will open a  popup panel on your screen where you will find “Site Theme,” “Page Background,” and “ Page Transition” options. 

Make Changes On Site Design

If you click on the Page Background option, it will open up a range of photos and color palettes you can choose from. 

Page Background Option

Even if you have any personalized background in your gallery, you can upload it on Wix by clicking on the “ Upload Media” option. 

Upload A Video For Your Site Background

This is how you can experiment with different color themes and images to set up an alluring site that represents your brand identity.

6. Add Elements

Though creating a site on Wix is free, but its options are no less than that of a paid website builder. When you set up your own website on this platform, you’ll be free to add a number of elements, including images, social sites, Booking Images, Content Manager, theme button, and many more.

To activate these options, you’ll have to click on the “+” sign in the top left-hand corner. 

Add Elements On Your Website

Moreover, if you want to build your own Wix store, again click on the store option from the add-ons and set up a beautiful storefront free of cost. 

Add An Online Store On Your Wix Website

Remember, selling on Wix isn’t possible if you are on its free plan. For that, you have to purchase one of its paid plans to start selling on this platform. 

Also, we highly recommend adding the “Blog” option to your site to make it more engaging and boost the conversion rate through Content Marketing.

7. Wix App Marketplace

When it comes to building an attractive site, built-in options aren’t enough. You need to install some extra apps to fulfill your requirements. 

That’s why Wix has come up with its App Marketplace containing a range of free and paid applications. 

Wix App Marketplace

Not only that, if you are on its paid plans and have an online store, you can manage everything by installing the selling applications. From drop shipping to payment options, everything is now seamless with Wix App Marketplace. 

Even there are a number of tools that’ll come in handy to analyze your business performance and traffics. So, make sure to use this option wisely.

8. Get a Domain

Unfortunately, on Wix’s free plan, you won’t be able to customize a professional domain name. It will automatically change the domain name to “,” or likewise. So, we suggest you upgrade to its paid plans to get a professional, personalized domain name.

Wix diversifies its paid plan into two categories – Website Plans; and Business and eCommerce Plans. 

  • Website Plans
VIPProUnlimited Combo
  • Business and eCommerce Plans
Enterprise Business VIPBusiness UnlimitedBusiness basic
Custom Price$59/month$32/month$27/month

But if you are creating a general portfolio, then the free domain is enough. 

9. Publish

The last, but foremost step is to publish the edited site. 

Before that, recheck the site by clicking on the “Preview” button and then hit the “Publish” button on the right-hand side.

Congratulations! You have successfully published your site. But still, you can always edit your site ( except the base template) by clicking on the “Edit Site” option on your Wix Dashboard. 

Edit Your Wix Website

( Wix Dashboard: Wix Dashboard is the powerhouse of operations on your site. Here you can manage every kind of site activity, including managing contacts, SEO, site performance, analytics, etc.)

Few Must-have Features Your Website Should Have

No matter whether you are creating a website for your personal portfolio or for an online store, you should consider adding a few must-have features to your site for better engagement and conversions. These are – 

  • Mobile-optimization

Mobile makes around more than 50% of traffic on the website, Statista stated. Considering this, you should make your site mobile-friendly to boost engagement and make it accessible to everyone.

Fortunately, Wix has added this option to its editor. On the editor, you’ll find two options on the top left-hand side- Edit site for Desktop and Edit it for Mobile. 

You can choose ‘Mobile” to ensure all the designs and texts are mobile-friendly. 

Mobile Optimization
  • A Strong Brand Voice

Before launching your site, take a few hours and think about what exactly you want to portray on your site. Then, design the site, customize the font, and align color and themes to give it strong looks portraying your brand identity. If you get confused in this step, you can take help from a Wix Professional to make the process easier.

  • High-quality Content

Quality content can make or break the whole game. So, make sure to write the website in a  professional yet persuasive way to attract visitors. You can also hire a professional writer to simplify your work.

  • A Clear CTA

Adding a CTA is unavoidable, especially when you are selling your service/products. If you are creating a portfolio, you should add CTAs like Contact Me, Get on a Call With Me, etc.

 And if you want your visitors to subscribe to your blogs, you should clearly mention this by adding a link button. 

   By doing this, you can directly contact the visitors and convert them.

  •  Social Media Channels

Adding your social channels to your site will enhance the credibility among the visitors and establish a bond with them.

Also, if you provide any service/products, share the testimonials on the homepage to get better results. 

Are You Ready To Create Your Wix Website?

Creating a Wix website is easy and fun at the same time. If you have zero coding knowledge, you can easily set up your personalized site by following the easy-peasy steps mentioned above.

 But if you have decided to create an online store, you have to upgrade to its paid plans, which are pocket-friendly and offer you a number of premium features. 

That’s why Wix is considered the cheapest yet most effective website builder available in the market.

That’s it!

If you have any questions, don’t forget to let us know through the comment section below.


Are Wix Websites customizable?

Yes, Wix lets you customize your site with Wix Editor. You can add a range of elements and functionalities to make it more engaging.

Can you create a Wix website for free?

Yes, you can create a fully customized Wix website with lots of features. But if you want to sell products, you have to upgrade to a paid plan.

Is Wix worth paying for?

Though Wix is one of the cheapest websites in the market, it has compensated for the price of its paid plans by offering hundreds of premium features to the users.

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