SaleHoo Review 2024: The Best Wholesale Directory For You?

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Suppose you want to build your own dropshipping business, and someone has recommended you SaleHoo as this platform powers 8000+ dropshippers and suppliers and provides them with the best dropshipping features they need. 

But is it really worth it, or is it just a rumor in the wholesale market? 

Well, to demystify this confusion, here we’ve come up with a detailed review of SaleHoo, where we have mentioned its pricing, dropshipping features, and other important functionalities. And we are sure if you stick with us till the end, you’ll get a clear idea of whether this platform is right for your business or not. 

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

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How Does SaleHoo Work?

SaleHoo has a huge product library where you can find the best product to dropship on your online store. You can use its filters and other tools to find the right products in just a few clicks. After finding the right products to sell, now go to the directory of SaleHoo to find the best supplier for the product you chose.

You can use SaleHoo’s outreach templates to contact suppliers and get a quote from them to see if they are the right fit for your business or not. Once you sort out a few suppliers, now is the time for you to negotiate the prices so they can also fit into your budget. This is how SaleHoo works, and if you encounter any issues, you can contact the support team to get help.

SaleHoo Pricing 

When it comes to reviewing any platform, the first and foremost thing we must check is its pricing plans and whether it aligns with our budget or not. And the best part about SaleHoo is it offers budget-friendly pricing plans that differentiate this platform from the ocean of other dropshipping platforms.

Unlike other dropshipping platforms, SaleHoo has two types of pricing plans for different types of customers.

SaleHoo Directory Pricing
  • If you want to connect with reliable and premium dropship suppliers, “SaleHoo Directory” would be your perfect choice. 
Annual AccessLifetime Access

Here, you’ll get access to 8000+ SaleHoo Supplier Directory, Market Research Lab, sales trends, advanced search filters, customer support, and so on. 

Pro Tip: If you are planning to go for the SaleHoo Directory package, we recommend you go for its “Lifetime Access” plan, where you’ll get premium features at a decent budget for the lifetime.

  • Now, if you want to add high-quality products to your Shopify store, “SaleHoo Dropship” package is for you. 
SaleHoo Dropship Pricing

It offers you mainly two plans- 


(If you pay annually, you’ll save 17% on each plan.)

However, if you opt for its basic plan, you’ll get a one-sub-user account, automated dropshipping features, 500 high-quality AliExpress Products, one-click import, trustworthy suppliers, 30 Days Money-back guarantee, etc. In contrast,  the Premium Plan offers you 3 sub-accounts, 3 dropship suppliers, and a dedicated account manager with all the basic features.

SaleHoo Educate

However, if you are a newbie dropshipper looking forward to growing a 7-figure dropshipping business, you must opt for the “Educate” plan, where you will access different sources, videos, and training from dropship experts. 

SaleHoo Educate Pricing

Again, it has two categories – 

Dropshipping on ShopifyAmazon Product Launch
$47 ( One-time payment)$47 ( One-time Payment)

In a nutshell, we can say that SaleHoo has your back no matter what your business growth is. 

SaleHoo Features

Premium dropshipping features can make or break the whole game. Keeping this in concern, we’ll see some key features of this platform that’ll help you decide whether this platform will meet your needs or not.

  • Global Fresh Low-Cost Suppliers 

SaleHoo provides a global network of high-quality, vetted suppliers and wholesalers. If you want services from local suppliers to speed up the shipping time, SaleHoo has your back. Even you can find your business partner in SaleHoo Directory. And the best part is you can negotiate with the given pricing.

SaleHoo Review - Directory
  • High-Profit Products

At SaleHoo, you can choose from over 2.5 million expert-tested, trusted products to add to your online store. So, no matter what your business is, you’ll find your best fit on this platform. 

Moreover, if you get confused, you can check SaleHoo’s “Product Reviews” feature, which will help you decide whether you should add the products to your store or not. 

  • Dropship “shipping” filter

SaleHoo’s Product Filter feature will help you find the local warehouses near your store that’ll speed up shipping timing. Even you can also find the best shipping carrier as per your choice. 

SaleHoo Review - Dropshipping
  • Pricing and Process Automation

Starting from setting up profit margins on products to order fulfillment, everything is now possible with just a fraction of a second by SaleHoo’s automation tools. Thus, you can focus solely on better conversion rates

SaleHoo Review - Pricing Automation
  • Order Tracking tools

Once you complete the order from your favorite suppliers/warehouses, then you can track the order for customers and sellers to streamline the process.

  • SaleHoo Integrations

If you’ve opted for SaleHoo Directory, you’ll get to work with 8k+ dropshipping suppliers. If they are able to integrate with your online store, you can import the products directly to your store. 

Now, if they aren’t able to do that, you can still sell the products by manually uploading them to your store. Even you can also sell your products on different marketplaces like eBay. 

For more information about SaleHoo Directory, click here. 

But if you go for SaleHoo Dropship, you can sell unlimited hot products ( 1.6 m trending products)  to your Shopify store. 

  • Market Research Tool

With SaleHoo’s Dropship Market Research too,l you can find the winning dropshipping products that are trending and on-demand in the market. Not only that, it’ll analyze a wide range of data and show you whether your niche products will get you money or not. So, ensure using this tool before placing orders and importing products into your store.  

SaleHoo Review - Market Research Tool
  • Daily Updates 

SaleHoo’s team always keeps their eye on trending products on different marketplaces and updates you from time to time. 

  • New SaleHoo Dashboard

To enhance user experience, SaleHoo has introduced a new dashboard layout that streamlines your favorite suppliers and products in one place. So, the next time, you don’t need to find a needle in the haystack. Rather, you can place the order in just a few minutes.

  • Reports &Analytics 

SaleHoo generates automatic sales data and metrics that help you keep track of your business growth.

  • Customer Support

SaleHoo’s support team is available 24/7. If you face any issues, you can email them at They’ll revert you within a few hours. 

SaleHoo Review - Customer Support

Moreover, SaleHoo has a number of articles and case studies that might come in handy if you need to know some extra information on SaleHoo. 

Even if you are on premium plans of SaleHoo Dropship, you’ll get a dedicated manager who’ll handhold you through the process. 

How To Get Started With SaleHoo Dropship

After logging in to SaleHoo, you’ll be directly redirected to SaleHoo Directory. There you can browse a number of dropship products, especially curated by AliExpress experts.  

Well, once you have chosen your favorite products aligned with your business needs, now you are ready to dropship them. 

Here are a few steps you need to follow to start SaleHoo Dropshipping.

Let’s get started – 

  1. Connect with the store

First things first, you have to connect your Shopify store with Salehoo. If it’s not connected, you’ll get to see the “Connect Store” button on the Salehoo Dashboard. 

Click on that and enter your store name. Then again, tap on the “connect” button and ensure clicking on the “Allow” button to successfully integrate your Shopify store with  SaleHoo.

  1. Search for Your Favorite Products

After that, filter the product search option ( delivery time, product category, product pricing) and find your niche products from 100000+ hot items.

  1. Add Products to the Import List 

Once you’ve found the best quality products, now add them to the import list. 

  1. Change the Product Price and Other Information

In the import list, you’ll find multiple options to edit the product information, shipping option, pricing, and images. Change them as per your choice and needs.

  1. Upload the Products to Shopify Store

Once everything is done, simply click on the “Upload to Shopify” button. And that’s it; your customers will get to see the products in your store. 

SaleHoo Review - Shopify Store

As you can see, you just have to follow these five simple steps to start dropshipping with SaleHoo. If you get any orders, the SaleHoo suppliers will take care of the rest. You can track the order fulfillment process through “SaleHoo’s Order Tracking” tool. 

SaleHoo Review: Pros & Cons

Here are the benefits & drawbacks of using SaleHoo.


  • They have comprehensive training videos and guides to help sellers with their dropshipping businesses.
  • You can find suppliers of famous brands such as Sony, Lego, Disney, and Adidas on SaleHoo.
  • All the suppliers you see on SaleHoo are vetted before, so you can trust them completely.
  • You won’t be paying any hidden fees on SaleHoo after paying for the subscription.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee on SaleHoo, so you can get a refund on your purchase if you don’t like its services.


  • SaleHoo offers fewer products than its competitors.
  • Your brand will have no recognition because you are mostly selling other brands’ products.

Why Should You Go for SaleHoo?

  • Lots of well-known brands like Disney, Lego, Adidas, and Sony are available on SaleHoo.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if you find anything wrong, you can cancel your plan.
  • Trusted low-cost worldwide suppliers to support the newbie dropshippers.
  • You’ll get access to Market-research Tools to test whether your business is on the right track or not.
  • Unlike its competitors, you don’t need to order bulk products. You can still continue dropshipping with minimum products.
  • SaleHoo Educate is the perfect fit to handhold you until you succeed in your business.

Why shouldn’t you go for SaleHoo?

  • Unlike Spocket, you can’t promote your brand on this platform.
  • You can’t integrate other leading eCommerce platforms with SaleHoo (except for Shopify) until the suppliers are able to do it.
  • You won’t have any control over product inventory.
  • You’ll have to pay $2 to $5 extra if you order a few items. This may cause difficulties in competing on other marketplaces (like eBay), especially when you are selling trending products.
  • It doesn’t offer any free-trial option.

SaleHoo Alternatives

SaleHoo Alternatives Pricing PackagesValue for Money
AliDropship$89 (one-time)4.9

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Final Words: Is SaleHoo Worth it In 2024?

We have already reached the final section of this article. Now, it’s time to see whether SaleHoo is worth it for your dropshipping business or not. 

Well, if you are a newbie dropshipper, go for SaleHoo without a second thought. It’ll provide you with everything a newbie dropshipper needs. If needed, you can also go for SaleHoo Educate.

But, if you are looking for a long-term game and already have a growing business, we won’t recommend you go for this platform. It’ll take a long time to establish a successful brand. 

So, analyze your business position and then take any decision. And if you find any issue regarding the same, we have your back. Don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below. 

FAQs On SaleHoo

Does SaleHoo integrate with Shopify?

Yes, SaleHoo has a dedicated plan named “SaleHoo Dropship,” where you can integrate your Shopify store with SaleHoo.

Where does SaleHoo get its products?

SaleHoo works with 8000+ dropshipping suppliers worldwide who provide high-quality products to dropshippers.

Does SaleHoo work with eBay?

Yes, SaleHoo partners with marketplaces like eBay and Amazon merchants

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