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Pricing is the primary consideration when selecting any eCommerce platform. Because you must pay recurring monthly fees for eCommerce platforms, if you have decided to choose Squarespace, that will be the best selection. It is one of the best website builders that is easy to design and use. Squarespace Pricing is reasonable with all the essential features compared to other platforms.

If you are figuring out the pricing details of Squarespace to create your website, this article will be of great use to you. In this article, In this article, I will cover Squarespace Pricing plans, Additional costs, and Frequently asked questions about Squarespace Pricing. Read the article to the end to learn everything about pricing.

Squarespace Pricing Plans

Squarespace offers four pricing plans; the first two are preferred for building personal or business websites, and the other is for eCommerce sites. The pricing of all the plans is mentioned below in the table:

Squarespace Pricing  - Overview
Squarespace PlansPricing
Basic Commerce$27/mo
Advanced Commerce$49/mo

Features offered in each plan

1. Personal

This plan is suitable for people who want to build personal or basic websites. With this plan, you will get free templates to design your website. The Squarespace website is optimized for mobile usage. The templates in Squarespace can be modified to meet your needs. You will receive a free custom domain for a year for all the Squarespace plans if you purchase the annual plan. You can also check the 14-day free trial here.

2. Business

Businesses wishing to expand their customer base and accept payments should use this plan. You can get various templates that are mobile-optimized and fit your business needs. You can use advanced website analytics and conversion metrics in the business plan to understand how your operation performs. With this plan, You can use all e-commerce features, but you will be charged a 3% transaction fee.

3. Basic Commerce

This plan is made for eCommerce businesses that are just starting. This plan will give you all the tools necessary for an online store. You can choose from various mobile-optimized templates to design your website for your business needs. You can get an advanced analytics feature with this plan. There will be no transaction fees in this plan.

4. Advanced Commerce

This plan includes all the eCommerce tools required for advanced online stores. Like all other plans, the Advanced Commerce plan offers appealing mobile-friendly design templates for your eCommerce store. Advanced analytics and reporting features are offered to understand your store better. You will not be charged any transaction fee in this plan. You also have the option to use advanced shipping & discounting functionality in this plan.

Which Squarespace Plan Is Best For You?

Squarespace offers four pricing options, so choosing one over the others can be a difficult task. That’s why we have compared all four plans and created a comparison table for you so you can choose the best plan for yourself.

FeaturesPersonalBusinessCommerce BasicCommerce Advanced
Monthly Pricing$23 per month$33 per month$36 per month$65 per month
Yearly Pricing$16 per month$23 per month$27 per month$49 per month
Free Custom Domain✔️✔️✔️✔️
Unlimited Bandwidth✔️✔️✔️✔️
Squarespace Extensions✔️✔️✔️✔️
Google Workspace Email✔️✔️✔️
Customization with CSS✔️✔️✔️
Audience Engagement✔️✔️✔️✔️
Banners And Pop-ups✔️✔️✔️
Transaction Fees3%0%0%
Sell Unlimited Products✔️✔️✔️
Advanced Shipping✔️
Commerce APIs✔️
Advanced Discounts✔️

Additional Costs With Squarespace Pricing

Along with the monthly costs, there are other expenses associated if you choose the Squarespace website builder. Some of the additional costs are listed below:

  1. Domain name

While starting with Squarespace, if you choose the annual plan, you will get a free domain for one year. Also, you can save 30% if you choose to pay annually. These benefits do not apply to the monthly plan. After the first year, you will have to spend $20 to $70 for the domain annually. 

  1. Transactional fee

When running an online store, you must pay the transactional fee depending on your chosen plan. There is a 3% transaction fee on the Business plan, and Squarespace commerce plans do not charge any transaction fees. Two commerce plans are preferred if you run an online store, as they offer all the required features with no transaction fees. Usually, most eCommerce plans incur the transactional fee along with regular plans.

  1. Additional extensions

Squarespace offers all the essential features required to build and operate the website. If you need any extra functionality for your business, you can opt for third-party addons from Squarespace extensions. Squarespace offers several extensions in categories like Shipping and Fulfillment, Finance, Inventory, Marketing, dropshipping, etc. This extra cost is only applied if you require any additional features. If you have additional feature requirements, you have to pay the additional cost with the pricing plans.

Squarespace Pricing  - Extensions
  1. Email

One free business email account is provided through Google Workspace for each plan except for the Personal plan. You will have to pay additional charges after a year. Google accounts currently cost $6 per user per month. To use the free year of Google Workspace, you have one year from the date of your initial Squarespace purchase. This is another charge you need to spend along with the official pricing plans.

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Conclusion: Squarespace Pricing (2023) 

Before choosing any website builder, you should be aware of all the costs associated with the platform. Squarespace offers all the essential features for every business size with fair pricing plans. However, if you need any extra features to the website as per your business needs, you will also need to incur a few extra costs. The expenses associated with the Squarespace platform have been discussed in detail. I hope this article on Squarespace Pricing has enlightened you on all the costs of using the Squarespace website builder.

FAQs On Squarespace

Is Squarespace worth the price?

Squarespace is a user-friendly platform that provides eye-catching templates for creating websites with all the necessary features. Therefore, it is considered as worth the cost.

How much did Squarespace cost?

Squarespace comes with four different pricing options: Personal, Basic Commerce, Business,, and Advanced Commerce. The prices of these plans are $16/mo, $27/mo, $23/mo, and $49/mo.

How much do I have to pay Squarespace for the annual plan?

You’ll receive a free domain when you sign up for a year-long plan with Squarespace website builder. It will cost you $20 to $70 for the domain annually after the first year. 

Is Squarespace free?

Squarespace doesn’t have any free plan. Instead, they offer a 14-day free trial to understand how the platform works. 

What’s the best Squarespace plan?

Squarespace offers four pricing plans in total; all the plans are designed for different sizes of businesses. You should choose the plan according to you your business requirement.

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