Printify Review 2024: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Is Printify a reliable platform for starting an eCommerce business? 

Gone are the days when you had to maintain a huge inventory and pray you made sales. With increased Print-On-Demand platforms, starting a business with your customized designs is easier than ever. But with an increase in options follows the confusion of making the right choice. 

Printify has many amazing features and tools to help you start your POD business from scratch. This article will help you review the platform based on the features, pricing, drawbacks, print quality, product categories, shipping, and more. Toward the end, you will know if this POD platform is right for executing your next great business idea

Printify Review: In A Nutshell (2024)

Printify makes starting a print-on-demand business easy with over 600 products to choose from and 67 printing facilities worldwide providing fast 2-7 day turnaround times. Their expansive supplier network makes selecting the right facility for your needs simple based on location, speed, quality ratings, and more.

Even non-designers can create through their onboarding tools and mockup generator. Printify enables seamless integration with major sales channels like Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, and Etsy. You retain control over product selection, pricing, and where to sell, while Printify handles packaging, shipping, and simplified post-order logistics. 

The print-on-demand model means no upfront inventory risk as you only pay Printify per each sale. With their vast supplier network, designer tools, sales channel integrations, and frictionless fulfillment, Printify aims to simplify launching a profitable print-on-demand ecommerce business.

Printify Review: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons of using Prinitify.


  • Get details of multiple print providers and choose any one of them to print your items.
  • After creating a design, you don’t have to do anything because Printify will handle printing, packaging, and delivering your items to your customers.
  • You can contact Printify’s customer support 24/7, and they will give you a response as soon as possible.
  • Printify integrates with many eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, and more.
  • Custom branding is available, meaning your customers will receive products under your brand name only.


  • The price of print-on-demand products is higher than purchasing wholesale products on Printify.
  • Printify does not manage the printing, shipping, and delivery of your printed products in-house; they rely on third-party suppliers for that.

How Does Printify Work?

Printify, like any other print-on-demand platform, creates products per the customer’s demands. You can either create designs on your own or hire a professional designer to put your ideas into reality. Even if you lack print ideas, there are marketplaces to buy pre-made designs and customize them based on your requirements.  After you have the designs, visit the platform and choose products like t-shirts, cups, accessories, etc. Printify then provides a mockup design you can use for promotion. 

Printify Review - Official Page

Next, Printify charges your bank account for production and other miscellaneous costs associated with the process whenever a person clicks the buy button. The platform relies on automatic payments, and money is debited or credited accordingly. 

All relevant print files are sent to the producer to print products suiting specific requirements. After wrapping the production process, the product is shipped to the concerned customers. 

Top Printify Features We Loved 

Now, look at some of the best features this print-on-demand platform offers. 

Order Routing 

Are you tired of losing sales from out-of-stock issues? Printify saves you from the trouble if the original print provider cannot fulfill the delivery for some reason. The order is automatically routed to another reliable print provider to ensure you don’t miss sales due to order delays.

Printify Review - Order Routing

The customer’s location is considered before assigning the order to another print provider to ensure the delivery occurs on time and you suffer no additional costs (shipping cost, customs duties, etc.). The entire process is automated once you enable the feature in your settings. 

Mockup Generator 

Printify’s mockup generator assists users with little to no graphic designing skills. Upload your design images, and use the drag-and-drop builder to customize your designs the way you want. The design tool also warns users regarding stretching their graphics beyond the required limit. 

Custom Order Import 

The custom order import feature allows users to manually move their store orders to Printify even if the orders don’t involve Printify products. You can easily fulfill orders from other POD providers or third-party platforms like eBay.  

Custom Order Import 

Self-Service Submission

Are you tired of getting delayed responses regarding order issues? Let’s say you have some problem with a single order. You can find a hyperlink “Submit Issue” in the orders tab along with every single line item. These issues are prioritized and quickly resolved. 

Self-Service Submission

Product Migration Tool

Printify helps users easily migrate their existing custom-made products from other POD platforms. Migrating your products from other platforms and stores like Shopify becomes easy regardless of your business size. 

Selective Publishing 

Selective publishing assists Printify users in updating product listings without re-doing everything. Simply edit the needed parts without losing all the other information you entered. 

Selective Publishing 

Sell Without An Online Store 

Printify allows its users to sell products without creating an online store. All you need to do is submit the orders manually through the Printify dashboard. However, users prefer creating and connecting their storefronts to automate all operations. 

Where Printify Stands Out

Here are some remarkable aspects that make Printify stand out from other POD platforms:

  • Compared to other popular print-on-demand companies, Printify is much faster and more user-friendly. Its mock generator is simple yet powerful, and it gives you more control over the design and how it is displayed to your customer. 
  • Printify works with top-quality printing facilities and the latest printing technologies to provide the best quality to its users. However, you need to do some research before choosing a printing facility. You can check demanded printing facilities with great reviews so you can provide the best to your customers. 
  • Printify’s pricing isn’t the cheapest option on the internet. But compared to top PODs, it is much more affordable. There is no minimum order requirement which makes it an accessible option for individuals and small businesses. 
  • Printify offers excellent and responsible customer service to its users. A dedicated support team is always available to solve your queries via email, phone, and live chat. The team responds to customers’ emails within 24 hours with a satisfactory solution to their queries. 
  • Unlike other platforms, Printify allows you to choose your preferred supplier for manufacturing and shipping. This allows sellers to choose an affordable option, but you need to research before selecting one, so your customers can receive quality products. 
  • All white-label products on Printify have transparent pricing for manufacturing and fulfillment. You don’t have to pay additional charges for the design, integration, or shipping. 

Where Printify Could Do Better

Despite being a renowned POD platform, here are some areas Printify can work on: 

  • Access to different printing vendors comes with a lack of reliability in print quality. It differs from supplier to supplier, and prediction becomes difficult. Experimenting with separate vendors’ quality and other fulfillment requirements for varying requirements becomes a hassle. 
  • Lack of customization options as compared to other competitors like Printful. Print-on-demand business is all about having the right design and customization options available.  
  • A lack of in-house production requires Printify to connect with different vendors in case of any issues. Refund amount after a certain stage also becomes difficult. This often leads to slow customer support as they consistently manage between customers and suppliers. 

Printing Technologies Used By Printify

Here are the printing technologies used by Printify to create customized designs: 

Direct to Garment 

Printify uses direct-to-garment or DTG technology for printing on garments. In this process, the garment’s ink is sprayed and absorbed for a finished design. It’s one of the most used technologies for printing products at an affordable cost covering detail-centric designs. Using this tech, you can get compelling clothing designs, including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, etc. 


All-over printing or sublimation is one of the most popular techniques used for printing on clothing, accessories, mugs, home decor items, etc. It relies on using high heat and pressure to dye products. The dye is neatly absorbed, leaving you with neat product designs. Remember that sublimation is rather costly, but the finished product doesn’t crack or damage with time. It’s preferred as the products last longer when compared to other printing technologies used. 

Digital printing 

Digital printing using top-notch printers is used for printing on paper products like cards, posters, journals, etc. This technology maps out images by pixels and applies ink accordingly. 


Some businesses like creating embroidery designs for products like bags, hats, jackets, etc. Make sure the designs are suitable for embroidery before choosing this printing technique. 

Print Providers 

Printify allows users to choose from a huge list of print providers. You can pick location-based sellers from Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Czech Republic, to name a few locations. Some sellers, like Air Waves, have remained in the market of print order fulfillment for over 40 years. Finding multiple sellers in a single niche becomes easy with this POD platform. But remember that there exist certain products with a single supplier only.  

Printify Print Quality: Is It Up To The Mark? 

Printify’s print quality remains subjective as the platform is connected with many different print vendors worldwide. The quality depends on the chosen print provider and whether the customers adhere to the care instructions. 

Initiate the process by checking the ratings of the providers you search on Printify. Next, order samples from multiple printers to test the print quality before making a choice. Switching between print providers based on specific designs is also a great option.

Some printers might provide a result better than others in some cases. The designs are not always on the mark, but having multiple options ensures you can always switch between print vendors if disappointed. Flexibility makes Printify one of the best options for a print-on-demand provider. 

Note: Printify is not accountable even for poor product quality as they don’t rely on in-house production. Many other top competitors like Printful produce in-house designs, but production costs are generally pretty high. 

Printify Product Catalog 

Printify provides a wide range of options in Men’s, Women’s & Kid’s clothing, accessories, and home & living. Their product catalog page will suggest some bestsellers, new arrivals, and eco-friendly products for you to browse through. 

Printify Product Catalog 

After selecting a specific category like Men’s clothing, you will come across various options like T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc. 

Printify Mens Clothings

Select the product of your preference, and you’ll see the available options from different print providers. Printify also provides certain filters to help you search for products easily. All relevant details of the print provider and available discounts are displayed. Click on “Start Designing” for the product you prefer to select. 

Printify Shipping 

Printify users cannot set the shipping rates for the products. The print providers tackle the rates based on the item and customers’ locations. The products take between 2-7 days for shipping after order placement. This time can vary according to the chosen print provider and customer location.

Printify Shipping

Despite not having control over shipping rates and time, users can browse through the time and rates provided by individual providers. Go through customer reviews of print providers on Printify to understand their adherence to the given time.

Who Should Use Printify?

If you want to start a business selling printed goods, then you need the help of the best print-on-demand company, and Printify is one of the best POD companies. It is a great option for businesses because you won’t need to spend a lot on monthly subscriptions. It also provides good profit margins, so that’s a plus too. It offers you plenty of customization options for you to create unique designs on the goods.

It also offers plenty of suppliers who can ship printed goods directly to the customers on your behalf. With Printify, you can start with a low budget and make your way up to the top. The quality of printed items is really good on Printify, so your customers won’t be disappointed. You can even get started with Printify for free and only pay for the premium package when you feel like it.

Printify Pricing

Printify has different pricing plans accommodating the needs of everyone, from new merchants to enterprises with their specific needs. The free plan remains suitable for merchants starting a new business. Next, the ones with growing sales should opt for the premium plan, which costs $29/month or $24.99/month, billed yearly. Lastly, merchants exceeding 10K+ orders a day can go for the Enterprise plan

Printify Pricing Plans

Printify’s free plan provides some of the most important features, like a mockup generator, manual order creation, customer support, and integration with Shopify, Etsy, eBay, etc. The premium plan consists of all the features in the free plan with an additional 20% discount on all products. Lastly, the Enterprise plan has all these features: custom API integration, branded customer support, and early access to newly-introduced features. 

Printify Merchant Support (Reprint and Refund) 

Printify merchant support assists users if the printed product is of bad quality, damaged, or comes with an incorrect print. The team initiates the replacement process right after inspecting the errors. Therefore, the platform guarantees a reprint if the customer receives a damaged product. 

Let’s say you are least satisfied with the issued reprint. In such a scenario, Printify initiates a full refund received within one business day after notifying the support team. 

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Conclusion: Printify is One of the Best Print-on-Demand Services 

Printify is a great option for starting your POD business from scratch. With a wide range of products and suppliers, you get all the options you need to start right. The platform also tackles the design needs of users with minimal graphic design skills through an easy-to-use mockup generator. You also find limited restrictions on integration with platforms and marketplaces like Amazon. Lastly, Printify’s merchant support is there to tackle errors in printing and refund-related queries. 


What do the prices in the Printify product catalog depict? 

The prices in the Printify product catalog are the production prices set by suppliers. After adding the shipping charges, you can find the estimated price of the product. The amount of profit you generate depends on the retail pricing set up by you. 

Should I switch to the Printify premium plan of the POD platform? 

Printify premium plan comes with a discount of 20% off of every item in the catalog. It gives you a competitive edge and improves your profit and growth potential. You can experiment with the Premium plan and discontinue it anytime if it doesn’t seem suitable. 

What are the requirements for enabling the Printify shipping calculator for Shopify? 

You can enable the Printify shipping calculator for Shopify if you have an annual Shopify plan. Weight-based or price-based shipping settings are available for the basic Shopify plan. 

How to integrate Printify with WooCommerce? 

Firstly, ensure the currency settings in your WooCommerce store are set to US dollars. Secondly, download and activate the Printify for WooCommerce shipping plugin. You can now publish Printify products to your WooCommerce store, as the shipping rates will be automated. 

How much profit can I make with Printify? 

The profit margin entirely depends on the retail prices you set for your products. However, it’s advised never to let the margin fall beneath 40%. 

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