Yaguara is about helping commerce teams love data. And no matter how big or small, or the complexity of the team, a simple way to understand your efforts is needed and accessible for all.

Reports are here to centralize and put context around your results when it is time to tell that story.

Add headings

A great narrative of your results needs chapters, so adding headings to section off the variety of topics covered helps organize how the audience should be consuming the Report.

Visualize performance

Yaguara unifies and simplifies data, no matter where your company is in its journey. A visual display of how metrics performed or are performing helps guide the discussion around future results rather than time-wasting confusion.

Add context to the data

Data, charts, and key results are simply just that without context attached to them. In each Report you will add text and related images to compliment the information being presented.

Share with your team

Creating a transparent, holistic view into the health of the organization is easier said than done. Sharing Reports means everyone knows what matters most, teams are aligned, and goals come into focus. This is a team step towards a centralized company.

Present the report

Now that all your results, data, and theories are organized into one place it is time for your secret weapon: Present Mode.
Walk through your report in a clear, condensed fashion to keep your audience focused on the greater story.

Duplicate and re-use

The purpose behind Reports is all about saving time, so instead of reinventing the wheel each presentation you can recreate that customized report in seconds. Whether it be a weekly department update or reoccurring results meeting with a client, you are covered for the next one.


Here are some Reports teams are building.

Monthly Marketing Report

A Report for the whole marketing department to gather around each month, including new projects and ongoing results.

Paid Acquisition Report

A Report on each campaign's progress across all platforms and all audiences.

Ongoing Client Report

A Report to share recurring updates and results for each of the clients across the entire portfolio.

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