Shiprocket Review 2024: How Does It Help Sellers?

As an ecommerce seller constantly optimizing my shipping and fulfillment operations, I often wonder – is Shiprocket’s automated shipping management platform right for scaling and streamlining my order logistics?

After thoroughly testing Shiprocket’s automation capabilities, courier integrations, and reporting features firsthand, I’m ready to provide an unbiased user review assessing how it performs in managing real order volumes.

In this Shiprocket review, I’ll give you my hands-on perspective on its ability to handle fulfillment workflows, reduce logistic costs, and ultimately if it delivers on enabling scalable ecommerce delivery. 

Let’s cut through the claims and explore if Shiprocket is up to the demands of growing online stores!

Shiprocket Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons of Shiprocket.


  • No Minimum Shipment Required
  • Hassle-free cash on delivery
  • Multi-carrier support
  • Low-shipping rates
  • Order tracking Option
  • Automated Shipping option
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Rate Calculator
  • Ease of use


  • Poor customer support
  • Delayed Shipment process
  • Fake delivery attempts
  • Non-negotiable deals
  • Unethical weight reconciliation policy
  • No proof of delivery
  • Zero Accountability

Shiprocket Features – A Detailed Review

Now, when it comes to deciding whether Shiprocket would be a wise choice for your business, the first thing we must check is its features and if they would meet your shipping needs or not. Let’s see. 

  1. Multiple Shipping Partners

Every shipping company covers a particular area and supports certain pin codes. Thus sometimes, most businesses find difficulties in reaching a wide range of customers. 

Multiple Shipping Partners

With this in concern, Shiprocket arms 17 courier partners, including Blue Dart, Delhivery, DotZot, Ecom Express, and many more. It helps you choose the best low-shipping fastest courier company among a number of options and takes care of the business reach as well. 

Thus, we would give a big thumbs up to this feature as it eliminates lots of extra hassles of finding the best shipping company for your business and provides effective shipping solutions simultaneously. 

  1. Automated Shipping Solution

Time is a treasure for business owners. With Shiprocket’s automated panel, you can now save lots of time by importing all orders without the extra hassles of manual syncing. 

Automated Shipping Solution

Even it reduces manual errors and expenses of hiring people to manage the shipping process. 

  1. Courier Recommendation Engine

Shiprocket ties up multiple leading courier platforms and lets you choose the best fit for your business. But “ how to make the right choice?” – Almost every entrepreneur gets stuck at this phase. 

Thus, to ease your effort, Shiprocket offers you an AI tool that would recommend the best shipping option based on the history of the company’s COD Remittance, RTO ( number of undelivered products), and shipping performance. 

So, make sure to use this excellent feature of Shiprocket and save your precious time. 

( Pro Tip: No doubt, this feature will be a savior for your business, but we would recommend you to check the carrier manually before blindly relying on this AI tool. )

  1. Extensive Shipping Coverage

To give neck-to-neck competition to its competitors, Shiprocket now delivers across 29000+ pin codes. 

So, it’s a great opportunity if you are looking for exponential business reach. 

  1. End-to-End Order Tracking Service

If you are able to track your orders, then you can update your customers with real-time tracking information. In one way, it helps you boost customer experience; on the other hand, it lets you control the shipping process within just one platform.

 So, if you find anything wrong, you can contact Shiprocket customer support to improve the shipping process. 

  1. Print Shipping Labels

If you want to engage with your customer in a more personalized way and boost brand identity, Shiprocket’s printing level feature lets you add a detailed shipping label, including order details, AWB number, and contact information on each item you deliver. 

Even you can customize it in your own way as per your needs. 

  1. API Integration

Shiprocket’s API will let you integrate your eCommerce store with this platform to streamline the shipping process and incoming orders in one place. 

API Integration

On the one hand, it makes the shipping process easier and faster than before, and on the other hand, you can manage each order without any hassles.

  1. No Limitation Over Shipment

If you go for any private courier company, they will set minimum shipment numbers. If you don’t have that amount of orders, they won’t collaborate with you. 

But Shiprocket bridges this gap and lets you ship any number of orders. Even if you have one order, Shiprocket has your back. Thus, if you are a newbie and looking for a shipping aggregator, it’s your perfect suit. 

( Shipping Aggregators are third-party logistic providers that integrate other shipping companies into one dashboard and ease extra efforts of finding the best courier in the market.)

  1. Cash on Delivery Option

No need to say COD is one of the most popular payment methods across the globe. With this in concern, Shiprocket offers both Prepaid and COD options to help you provide the best customer experience.

Cash On Delivery Option

(Please note – as per our research, we got to know that more than 40% of COD delivery is fake delivery attempts on Shiprocket. Many of them claim that the delivery doesn’t reach customers and blames the customer wasn’t present. 

Thus, we’d recommend you to do intensive research; otherwise, your brand reputation might be at stake. )

  1. Automated Email and SMS support

Shiprocket sends real-time order updates to both business owners and customers. Thus, it makes the shipping process tension-free and builds a credible connection with your customers. 

Automated Email & SMS Support
  1. Ease of Use

As far as our research and experience are concerned, we can say that Shiprocket is the easiest-to-use shipping logistics available in the market. You can simply sign up for free there. After that, Shiprocket will ask a few questions ( related to your business and store address)  that would help its AI tool establish a credible Shiprocket account. 

Once you are done with the process, it’ll streamline the shipping process(from accepting orders to delivering) in one place. Even its AI tools automate most of the shipping tasks and save you time. 

Once you know the features offered by Shiprocket, it’s time to check its pricing plans and analyze whether it’s really affordable as they claim to be or it’s just a rumor. 

Which eCommerce Platforms does Shiprocket support?

Shiprocket is a great shipping and logistics platform for small and medium-sized businesses. eCommerce businesses can integrate Shiprocket with their stores to streamline their shipping operations. But which platforms does Shiprocket support? It can be a concerning question for users. 

Shiprocket supports a wide range of eCommerce platforms, including:

  • Shopify
  • Amazon 
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • BigCommerce
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart

There are many other eCommerce platforms that Shiprocket caters to. If you are not sure whether your eCommerce platform integrates with Shiprocket or not, you can contact Shiprocket’s support team and get quotes for your online store. 

Shiprocket Pricing Plans

Shiprocket offers four types of pricing plans to its users – 

LiteProfessional Enterprise
Rs.26/500 gmsRs. 20/500 gmsCustom Price

Shiprocket’s every plan includes some common features. These are- multiple courier partners, shipping automation, Email and SMS notification, Live calculator, multi-pickup option, bulk order processing, catalog sync, basic reporting and passbook, and so on. 

Shiprocket Pricing Plans

However, its Smart, and Lite plans allow one eCommerce channel integration to your Shiprocket account. In contrast, its Professional plan lets you integrate multiple eCommerce channels into your account with priority support and domestic and International shipping. Here remember, Shiprocket’s Lite plan doesn’t let you ship internationally.

On the other hand, its most expensive plan ( Enterprise Plan) gives you a dedicated account manager and Free NDR call support to its users. 

Our Recommendation: Which plan to choose?

As per our research, we would recommend you go for its Professional plan, as it offers premium shipping features at a low cost. 

But we would always suggest you to go for its free plan first to get habituated to its features. Otherwise, you might face a great loss in the long term. 

Shiprocket Customer Support

As we promised, we’ll spill the truth in our detailed review, and we are bound to say that Shiprocket doesn’t have an active customer support system. Despite offering such premium features to the users, Shiprocket still lags in this industry for not taking care of the merchants’ queries and requirements. 

However, if you want to connect with them, you have to send them a direct message via chat. Sometimes they reply, and sometimes they take days to answer your queries. So, if you face any shipment issue, there are no ways to connect with the company except for Shiprocket, which delays the process. 

Even an experienced merchant says – 

Shiprocket offers no customer support. I doubt they even understand this business”. 

Moreover, our research states that Shiprocket’s phone and email support is also ineffective. Now, you are left with no option except to connect with the customer support of the respective company, and most of the time, they refuse to help you and tell you to connect with Shiprocket itself. 

Thus, we would always recommend you go for its free plan first, and then if you find it suitable, pay for it. 

Is Shiprocket Reliable?

Shiprocket reviews on multiples platform have been negative. Many people say they aren’t satisfied with its services, and some say it’s fraud. In such a situation, one question arises – “Can we trust Shiprocket?”  

Before coming to any conclusion, we must check why Shiprocket has such bad reviews. It has lots of reasons – 

  • Many merchants say that most of the courier partners don’t follow NDR.
  • Users say they do make fake delivery attempts. So it can ruin your brand reputation.
  • Damaged shipment, and they don’t pay compensation for it. 
  • Now, the most common one is – weight dispute. If any product is 300 gm, Shiprocket charges the price of a 1 kg product. And the merchants find it unfair.
  • Zero accountability. 

Well, we can’t deny all of these reasons completely. Rather, if you take a deep look and analyze Shiprocket more deeply, you’ll find that 7 out of 10 reviews are against this platform. So, we would suggest you not to rely solely on this platform, no matter what others say. It’s better to have some other backup shipping options.

In a nutshell, we can say that you can take a chance on this platform but don’t rely on it for your business growth as most of the users find it negative and not suitable for scalable businesses. 

What about Shiprocket’s Rivals?

Now that you know Shiprocket is good for newbies but not a good choice for medium to growing businesses, what should you do next? Are there any Shiprocket alternatives that can fulfill your requirements?

Yes, there are a number of other courier platforms available in the market that can beat Shiprocket’s performance so far.


Final Words: Shiprocket Is The Best Shipping Option For Budget Sellers

Considering the continuous bad reviews regarding this platform, we find Shiprocket is suitable for those newbie business owners who get 3-4 orders per day. In such a situation, if you tie up with a separate courier company, it’ll cost you extra, which might surpass your net worth. 

But if you get more than ten orders per day, it’s time to leave Shiprocket and invest in a better reliable shipping company. Shiprocket is obviously not a great choice for medium-growing businesses as you won’t have any control over the shipment process.

So, analyze your business growth and then make the decision. 

Well, we have reached the end section of the article, and now, it’s time to say Goodbye. I hope this detailed review will help you decide if you should trust Shiprocket or not.

Still, have doubts? Let us know in the comment section below. 

FAQs On Shiprocket Review

Are Shiprocket and Blue Dart the same?

No, they aren’t the same. Shiprocket is an aggregator that integrates lots of other courier services like Blue Dart in one dashboard, whereas Blue Dart is an individual courier platform. 

Is Shiprocket delivery good?

Yes, Shiprocket is India’s largest delivery logistics company. But still, many users find it fraudulent and unprofessional. So, we can recommend this platform to newbies only. If you have a growing business, don’t choose Shiprocket. 

What’s the delivery time of Shiprocket?

Shiprocket takes 1-3 business days to deliver the item once the product checking, dispatching, and product stock are confirmed. 

Is Shiprocket free to use?

Yes, Shiprocket is completely free to use. You can sign up on this platform for free, and the pricing depends on the weight of the products you want to be shipped.

Are shipping prices different in every Shiprocket plan?

Yes, the shipping prices are different in all Shiprocket plans. The Lite plan’s shipping rates start at Rs. 26/500 gms, and the professional plan’s shipping rates start at Rs. 20/500 gms.

What will I get in a Shiprocket plan?

In all Shiprocket plans, you will get access to 17+ courier partners, sales channel sync, multi-pickup location, catalog sync, automated shipment tracking, basic reporting & passbook, live rate calculator, etc.

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