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Shopify Market Share & Statistics 2024 (Facts & Data)

With over 4.6 million websites using Shopify worldwide, Shopify has become one of the top ecommerce platforms. 

Further, with its increasing popularity in the United States, Shopify has grabbed 29% of the e-commerce platform market share in the country.

In this post, we will discuss the details of Shopify’s Market share worldwide, in the United States, by web traffic as well as Shopify Plus’s market share.

Shopify Market Share In 2024: At a Glance 

  • Shopify ranked 4th among the top 5 eCommerce platforms worldwide, with a market share of 10.32% in 2024.
  • Shopify owns 29% of the e-commerce platform market share in the United States as of 2024. 
  • The market capital of Shopify is $104.63 billion as of the 1st quarter of 2024.
  • As per CMS usage data, Shopify owns 6.20% of the CMS market share as of April 2024.
  • Shopify currently powers 4,628,418 active websites across the world
  • Shopify holds a 23% share in the top 1M websites in 2024. 
  • Shopify beats WooCommerce with a 19% market share among the top 100k websites as of 2024.
  • 62% of Shopify stores are US-based.

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Shopify Market Share In The Global eCommerce Market

With a market share of 10.32%, Shopify was the 4th most preferred e-commerce software platform worldwide in 2023.

WooCommerce was the leading e-commerce software platform in that year, with a market share of 38.74%.

Shopify ranks 4th among the top e-commerce platforms worldwide. 

The following table provides further details about the market share of leading ecommerce platforms worldwide as of 2024.

Ecommerce Software Market Share
Ecommerce software platformsMarket Share Worldwide
Woo Themes14.95%
Squarespace Online Stores14.67%

Source: Statista.

Shopify holds 6.2% of the Content Management System market share worldwide as of April 2024. 

Looking at yearly trends of CMS usage provided by W3Techs, we find Shopify ranks second with a 6.2% market share, whereas WordPress ranks at the top with a market share of 62.8% as of April 2024.

The following table displays the share of different CMS systems recorded in the first two months of 2024.

CMS Jan 2024April 2024
Adobe Systems1.50%1.50%
Google Systems1.10%1.00%

Source: W3Techs.

Shopify Market Share in The United States

Shopify has the highest share of 29% in the ecommerce software platforms market in the United States as of 2024.

The second highest share belongs to WooCommerce Checkout, with 18% of the share. And the third highest belongs to Wix Stores, with 15% of the share. 

Here is a table displaying the market share owned by Shopify in the United States e-commerce industry as of 2024.

Market Share Of Ecommerce Platforms In The United States
E-commerce platformPercentage of market share
Woocommerce Checkout18%
Wix Stores15%
Squarespace Add to cart14%

Source: DooFinder.

Shopify Market Share By Web Traffic

Shopify has a total of 4,628,418 live websites across the globe and is used by 26% of the websites using ecommerce technologies as of 2024.

The following table gives a breakdown of the share of ecommerce technologies used by websites worldwide:

Share Of Websites Using Ecommerce Technology Worldwide
Ecommerce technologyShare of Websites using them
WooCommerce Checkout19%
Wix Stores17%
Squarespace Add to cart 11%
Ecwid 5%
Other 22%

Source: Built with

23% share of the top 1 million websites worldwide using ecommerce technologies prefer Shopify.

WooCommerce Checkout is the second most used ecommerce technology. 

The following table provides further details about the share of ecommerce technologies used by the top 1 million sites.

Ecommerce TechnologiesMarket Share
WooCommerce Checkout15%
Shopify plus6%

At the same time, 19% of the top 100k and 18% of the top 10K websites that use ecommerce technologies prefer Shopify. 

Source: Built With

Shopify Plus Market Share

According to 6Sense, Shopify Plus holds 0.11% of the ecommerce market share in 2024. 

Shopify Plus ranks 28th among the top ecommerce platforms worldwide according to its market share. 

Source: 6sense.

Shopify Plus has 49,717 live websites worldwide. 

Of these, 62% of the Shopify Plus Users are from the United States, while just 7% belong to the United Kingdom.

The following table displays the share of Shopify Plus consumers from different countries worldwide. 

CountryShare of Shopify Plus Users
United States62%
United Kingdom7%

Source: Built with.

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Conclusion: Shopify Has 11% of The Market Share in the eCommerce Industry In 2024

With almost 11% of the market share in the ecommerce market, Shopify is the 4th most preferred ecommerce platform worldwide. 

Also, Shopify owns a significant share in the content management industry and is one of the top choices of users after WordPress. 

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