12+ Best AliExpress Alternatives For Dropshipping In 2023

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AliExpress is a B2C eCommerce company that sells products from Chinese small businesses. It is the most widely used dropshipping platform worldwide. Despite being a top choice for dropshipping businesses, it has various limitations, including high shipping costs, increased competition, low profit margins, etc. 

If you operate a dropshipping business and want to learn about better substitutes for the Aliexpress platform, you have come to the right place! I have written this article to assist you in finding the top AliExpress Alternatives for your business. Read the entire article to learn about the AliExpress alternatives and the ones that work best for your company.

Top 12 AliExpress Alternatives: In A Nutshell (2023) 

Sr. No.AliExpress AlternativesProduct Categories
1.SaleHooSmartphones, Electronics, Gym Equipment, Smartwatches, etc.
2.LightInTheBoxFashion and Jewelry, Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Shoes & Bags, etc.
3.BanggoodHome and Beauty, Hobbies, Outdoor Tools, Electronics, Automobiles accessories, etc.
4.DHgateCell Phones & Accessories, Electronics, Industrial, Sports & Outdoors, Health & Beauty, etc.
5.DobaHome, Garden & Tools, Outdoor, Sports, Pets, Beauty, Health, Electronics, etc
6.GeekbuyingPhones & Accessories, Smart homes, Gardens, Computers, Tablets & Accessories, E-transport, etc.
7.Worldwide BrandsPet supplies, Toys, Games, Hobbies, Jewelry, Watches, Home, Garden, Consumer Electronics, Clothing, Shoes, Sports, Travel, etc.
8.TomtopCell Phones and Accessories, Cameras & Photo Accessories, Smart Devices, Health & Beauty, etc.
9.GearbestConsumer Electronics, Industrial, Scientific, Cell Phones, Accessories, Appliances, Outdoors, Fitness & Sports, etc.
10.DealeXtremePhone & Accessories, Apparel & Watches, Security & Appliances, Consumer, Electronics, Toys & Hobbies, etc.
11.TaobaoSmartphones, Apparel and Clothing, Sports accessories, DIY tools, Toys/Baby Products, Bags/Accessories, etc.
12.AlibabaHome Decor, Industrial, Health and Personal Care, Fashion and Beauty, Sports and Entertainment, Tools and Home Improvement, etc.

Here are some top AliExpress alternatives detailed guide here.

1. SaleHoo

It is a directory of wholesale companies and dropshipping suppliers. Salehoo lists 8,000+ suppliers and over 2.5 million products in their directory allowing eCommerce stores to make the process of inventory and shipping easy. With USD 127, you can get lifetime access to the Salehoo directory.


Main features of Salehoo: 

  • The advantage of Salehoo is you get access to a global network of trustworthy dropshippers and wholesalers.
  • You can start negotiating delivery schedules with most Salehoo wholesalers and get the products delivered fast. If the wholesaler is from China, it takes a minimum of 30 days.
  • Salehoo accepts popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Authorize.Net, Intuit GoPayment, Google Wallet, Dwolla, etc.

Product categories:

Smartphones and Tablets, Electronics and Home equipment, Smartwatches and Robots, Garden and Outdoor, Garden and Outdoor, DIY products, Exercise, Gym equipment, etc.

2. LightInTheBox

LightInTheBox is another alternative to AliExpress, it is popular for fashionable clothing from China. They offer high-quality goods at a moderately increased cost.


Main features of LightInTheBox

  • LightInTheBox offers guaranteed shipping within 24 hours. The average time varies from 2 to 26 days, depending on what you order and their processing schedule.
  • Only customers based in the US are eligible for the priority lines shipping option. Russia, Greece, and Brazil are ineligible for Expedited Express. However, it takes about 15 days to opt for postal shipping.
  • It uses UPS and FedEx as its primary international couriers and ships to more than 200 countries.
  • The payment gateways they offer include Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, American Express, CarteBancaier (France only), Bancontact (Belgium only), Delta, Visa Dankort (Denmark only), etc.
  • You will get up to 70% discount by ordering products from the flash sale. By using their app to make purchases, you can get 10% discount.

Product categories:

Fashion and Jewelry, Women’s Clothing, Men’s Clothing, Wedding & Events, Shoes & Bags, Jewelry & Watches, Beauty and Hair, and more. 

3. Banggood

It is one of the top choices you can consider after AliExpress. Banggood offers different product categories to choose from. You can get quality products at cheap prices for dropshipping or reselling.

 Best AliExpress Alternatives - Banggood

Main features of Banggood: 

  • You will receive discounts on purchases, depending on the order quantity.
  • They frequently offer flash sales and discounts on almost all of their products. Additionally, you can also get a gift.
  • They provide 30-day guaranteed delivery to Russia, Australia, the US, and Europe.
  • Banggood offers to shipping to all countries.
  • All the popular payment options are accepted by Banggood, including Visa, PayPal, and wire transfers. COD is available in some countries.

Product categories:

Electronics, Home and Beauty, Toys, Hobbies, Robots, Outdoor, and Sports, Garden, Outdoor Tools, Men’s/Women’s Clothing,  Shoes & Bags, Automobiles accessories, etc.

4. DHgate

It is B2B and B2C eCommerce used by online merchants and dropshipping business owners. You can choose from different variety of products and subcategories from the catalog. By using this platform, you get access to 10 million dropshipping products.


Main features of DHgate:

  • It will take 3-15 days for shipping with DHgate. It also relies on the availability of products and the shipping method chosen.
  • They offer worldwide shipping and use shipping carriers such as Ems, Ups, China Posts, Dhl, Tnt,  Singapore Post, FedEx, Post Link Hk Post, etc.
  • DHgate accepts Credit cards, PayPal, Bank to bank wire transfers, Western Union, etc.
  • Flash sales at DHgate can result in cost cuts of 50% maximum. As an option, they come with a coupon center with savings on various product categories ranging from $2-$25.

Product categories:

Cell Phones & Accessories, Electronics, Industrial, Sports & Outdoors, Health & Beauty, Shoes & Accessories, Home&Garden, Lighting, Toys&Gifts etc

5. Doba

Doba is one of the top alternatives of AliExpress that connects wholesalers and dropshipping businesses. You can find millions of dropshipping products and filter them according to your requirements. It is possible to track the status of an order in real time with Doba. The company integrates with popular platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, etc.


Main features of Doba

  • Depending on the shipping method you choose, Doba takes 1-12 days to deliver the products.
  • They accept various modes of payment such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc
  • You can receive email updates about the discounts of suppliers and more
  • You can choose from many suppliers and easily import the products to the online store.

Product categories:

Home, Garden & Tools, Outdoor, Sports, Pets, beauty, health, electronics, computer supplies, toys, kids, baby, etc

6. Geekbuying

It is one of the top replacements for ALiExpress for purchasing tech-related products. Along with tech products, you can also get fashion-related products, but they have fewer customers compared to AliExpress.


Main features of Geekbuying

  • They offer worldwide shipping, and the order will be processed within 1 to 3 days. 
  • The delivery time varies per the shipping method, i.e., 5 to 8 days with standard shipping, 3 to 5 days for expedited shipping, and 20-30 days for airmail.
  • Geekbuying offers payment gateways that include PayPal, credit cards, PayPal Credit, debit cards, Konbini, installments, Boleto Bancario, wire transfers, Oxxo, etc.
  •  The discounts depend on the number of products, varying from 1% to 5%. You will also have the option to negotiate the prices with the supplier.

Product categories:

Phones & Accessories, Smart homes, gardens, computers, Tablets & Accessories, E-transport, 3d printers, Consumer Electronics, Wearable Devices, Security Systems, etc.

7. Worldwide Brands

With Worldwide Brands, you can access 16 Million Certified Wholesale Products. You can filter and search for products by product type, brand name, category, or state or city of the supplier.

Worldwide Brands

Main features of Worldwide Brands

  • Shipping and delivery time for each product on WorldWide Brands depends on the wholesaler. In the case of a Chinese supplier, delivery might take a month, but if the supplier is nearby, it might take one week.
  • You need to pay one-time fees and lifetime access to the products.
  • They accept payment gateways such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Skrill, Stripe, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, Payza, credit cards, installments, etc.

Product categories:

Pet supplies, Toys, games, hobbies, jewelry, watches, Home, Garden, Consumer electronics, Clothing, shoes, sports, travel, etc.

8. Tomtop

Tomtop is a retail and wholesale eCommerce store with the trendiest collections. Tomtop has received favorable reviews on websites like Trustpilot. They have a dedicated partnership dropship program that can be accessed by signing into Quarkscm.com.


Main features of Tomtop

  • They ship products to countries worldwide, including Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States. The delivery period is 7 to 15 days.
  • If the delivery location is nearby, delivery time will be around five days.
  • Tomtop accepts different payment categories: Visa, JCB, Mastercard, Credit Card Express,QIWI, wire transfer, and COD.

Product categories:

Cell Phones and Accessories, Cameras & Photo Accessories, Smart Devices & Safety

Apparel & Jewelry, Smart Devices & Safety, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, etc.            

9. Gearbest

 Gearbest is another top alternative to AliExpress. You will get to choose from a wide variety of product categories. You will also get quality products at affordable prices with Gearbest.


Main features of Gearbest

  • The products will be delivered within 1-3 business days, and orders for fewer products take 3-5 days.
  • The most common payment gateways allowed are PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and wire transfer.
  • The discounts with Gearbest increase with the older customer you become, and they start from $3

Product categories:

Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Scientific, Cell Phones, Accessories, Appliances

Outdoors, Fitness & Sports, Computers, Tablets & Office, Health & Personal Care

Home Improvement & Tools etc

10. DealeXtreme

It is an alternative that can be used instead of AliExpress. DealeXtreme is a Hong Kong-based eCommerce store that offers quality products at reasonable prices. 


Main features of DealeXtreme

  • They offer to ship to more than 250 countries, and the shipping time may vary between 15 to 30 days.
  • They accept popular payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, Authorize.net, Skrill, Wepay, Google Checkout, Apply Pay, etc.
  • The price ranges in DealeXtreme are reasonable, and they also run flash deals with good discount rates.

Product categories:

Phone & Accessories, Apparel & Watches, Security&Appliances, Consumer, Electronics, Toys & Hobbies, Shoes & Bags, Electrical & Tools, Lights & Lighting, etc.

11. Taobao

Taobao is one of the best alternatives to AliExpress because it is the second largest shopping website after AliExpress. Alibaba also owns Taobao. The main difference between Taobao and AliExpress is that it focuses on B2C rather than B2B, like AliExpress. It only targets Chinese customers, so when you open the website, you see everything in Chinese only. It also offers the lowest pricing since it is based in China.


Main Features of Taobao:

  • You can find discounts on almost all products on Taobao. So if a product on AliExpress is expensive, you can easily find that product at a discounted price on Taobao.
  • The variety of products is larger than AliExpress, so you get more choices.
  • Taobao accepts payments via PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Credit Cards.
  • You can easily start your dropshipping business with Taobao and earn good product margins.
  • You can translate the website into English using Google Translate, so you won’t have issues finding the product you’re looking for.

Product Categories:

Smartphones, Apparel and Clothing, Sports accessories, DIY tools, Toys/Baby Products, Bags/Accessories, Model Play, Home Appliances, Beauty Care, Medicine & Health, and Snacks & Drinks.

12. Alibaba

Alibaba differs from consumer-focused sites like AliExpress by specializing in larger volume, business-to-business product sourcing. It features over 10 million sellers offering goods that span from consumer electronics to industrial equipment to raw materials.


Main Features of Alibaba:

  • Alibaba connects retailers and brands to bulk product suppliers primarily, contrasting AliExpress’s retail focus.
  • Over 10 million sellers on Alibaba include major manufacturers and distributors, vs AliExpress’s smaller suppliers.
  • Caters to larger B2B orders rather than individual consumer purchases on AliExpress.
  • Extensive range of products from electronics to home goods to industrial parts and more.
  • Many vendors handle custom product design, branding, white labeling, and more.

Product Categories:

Home Decor, Industrial, Health and Personal Care, Fashion and Beauty, Sports and Entertainment, Tools and Home Improvement, Raw Materials, Apparel and Accessories, Home and Garden, and more.

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Summarizing: Best AliExpress Alternatives (2023)

These are the top 10 alternatives for AliExpress that you can choose from. Before selecting one, you should research, consider the advantages and disadvantages of the platform, and recognize how the platform will help your company. It enables you to choose your sourcing partner more wisely and maximize your benefits. I hope this article has assisted you in identifying the top Aliexpress Alternatives for your company.

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