Top 13 Amazon FBA Podcasts (2024) – Learn from Experts

Looking for the best Amazon FBA podcasts to take your online business to the next level? If so, your research ends here.

As the biggest marketplace in the world, Amazon offers lucrative opportunities for FBA sellers. But like any business, it requires continuous learning and keeping up with the latest trends in order to succeed. And Amazon FBA podcasts can help you do that without spending a dime.

In this article, I have compiled a list of 13 best Amazon FBA podcasts that will help you build a successful FBA business. Whether you are a private label seller or selling wholesale, you will surely find a podcast related to your Amazon business model.

Let’s get started.

13 Best Amazon FBA Podcasts: In A Nutshell (2024)

Here’s a quick chart of all the podcasts listed in the post. 

Sr.No.Amazon FBA PodcastBest ForAvailable On
1.The Full-time FBA ShowActionable FBA stratgeiesApple, YouTube, Audible, Spotify 
2.Serious Sellers PodcastProduct ResearchApple, Spotify, YouTube
3.My Amazon GuySeller Central OptimizationApple, Spotify, YouTube, Audible
4.The Private Label Movement Private Label sellersApple, Podcast App
5.QA Selling OnlineAmazon Selling TipsApple, Spotify, Audible
6.My Wife Quit Her JobPassive Income StrategiesApple, Spotify, Audible
7.The AM/PM PodcastListing OptimizationApple, Spotify, YouTube, Podbean
8.Women on AmazonStrategies for Women sellersApple, Spotify, Listen Notes 
9.Branded by AmazingBuilding brandsApple, Podchaser
10.The Amazing SellerPrivate Label sellingApple, Spotify, Deezer
11.The PPC Den PodcastPPC AdvertisingApple, Spotify, YouTube, Podbean
12.Seller SessionsBeginner FBA SellersApple, Spotify, YouTube
13.The Wholesale Made EasyWholesale sellersApple, Spotify, Podbean

Let’s explore the best Amazon FBA podcasts you can listen to advance your Amazon store and grow your business. 

1. The Full-Time FBA Show

Hosts: Stephen and Rebecca Smotherman

Duration: 10-20 minutes 

Topics Covered: Outsourcing, FBA Automation, Growth, Occasional Sales Tips

Where to Listen: Apple, YouTube, Audible, Spotify

Hosted by the husband-wife duo Stephen and Rebecca Smotherman, the Full-time FBA Show is my all-time favorite podcast. The podcast provides actionable tips and strategies for building a successful FBA business. 

Amazon FBA Podcast - The Full-Time FBA Show

The podcast has broadcasted over 200 episodes covering topics like business automation, finding suppliers, maximizing profits, and scaling from part-time to full-time income. As successful FBA sellers, they passionately share real-life examples with sellers drawn from their own experience. 

2. Serious Sellers Podcast

Host: Bradley Sutton

Duration: 15-60 minutes

Topics Covered: Product Research, Ranking, Launching Products, Advertising

Where to Listen: Apple, Spotify, Youtube

Hosted by Bradley Sutton from Helium 10, this podcast features insightful interviews with experienced sellers who share proven Amazon strategies. The podcast covers a wide range of highly relevant topics that help Amazon sellers skyrocket their sales. 

Serious Sellers Podcast

Bradley also shares how FBA sellers can use the Helium 10 tool suite to stay ahead of the furious competition. With 2 episodes a week and quick “Seller Sessions,” this podcast can be a real game-changer for anyone looking to succeed on Amazon. 

3. My Amazon Guy

Host: Steven Pope

Duration: 5-20 minutes

Topics Covered: Seller Central Optimization, SEO, PPC, Brand Registry

Where to Listen: Apple, YouTube, Audible, Spotify

My Amazon Guy is a daily podcast hosted by famous TV reporter Steven Pope. The podcast mainly focuses on providing tutorials to boost Seller Central’s performance. 

My Amazon Guy

Steven talks about inside strategy from 1000+ brands on his podcast. The bite-sized episodes deliver quick tips to sellers that they can immediately implement to increase sales and conversion rates. 

4. The Private Label Movement 

Hosts: Kevin Rizer, Jonathan Gabriel

Duration: 30-40 minutes

Topics Covered: Launching, Product Sourcing, Scaling Private Label 

Where to Listen: Apple, Podcast App

If you are a private label seller, tune in to the Private Label Movement podcast. Kevin Rizer, an experienced private label seller, runs this show to provide tactical tips on building a brand on Amazon. 

The Private Label Movement 

With Kevin’s real-life experience and business tips from guests, private-label sellers can find manufacturers and source products from white-label wholesalers. The podcast is suitable for both new and existing sellers running a private label. 

5. QA Selling Online

Host: Quin Amorim

Duration: 20-60 minutes

Topics Covered: Amazon & Ecommerce Selling Strategies, Private Label

Where to Listen: Apple, Audible, Spotify

Created by Quin Amorin, this podcast features interviews about the latest eCommerce and Amazon selling strategies. Quin has an eCommerce experience of over 25 years, and he has managed many multi-million dollar clients in the past.

QA Selling Online

The podcast mainly covers private labeling, growth, and cash flow management topics. Apart from Amazon, sellers from Shopify, eBay, and Walmart can also benefit by listening to this podcast,

6. My Wife Quit Her Job

Host: Steve Chou

Duration: 10-60 minutes 

Topics Covered: Passive Income Strategies, Building Online Business

Where to Listen: Apple, Audible, Spotify

My Wife Quit Her Job podcast is for start-ups and like-minded people who want to start their own online business by quitting their nine-to-five jobs. The show host Steve Chou, interviews entrepreneurs to explain how to achieve financial freedom by building an FBA business.

My Wife Quit Her Job

The podcast is a mix of personal stories and practical advice, making it a valuable option for aspiring entrepreneurs and eCommerce business owners. 

7. The AM/PM Podcast

Host: Kevin King

Duration: 40-75 minutes

Topics Covered: Amazon selling strategies, optimization, growth tactics 

Where to Listen: Spotify, Apple 

Hosted by experienced seller Kevin King, this podcast provides tactics and strategies to grow a profitable Amazon FBA business. Kevin shares insights from his 20+ years in ecommerce, along with interviews with successful sellers. 

The AM/PM Podcast

Recent topics have included expanding to international markets, using data analytics, and innovating as an established seller.  

8. Women On Amazon

Host: Regina Peterburgsky 

Duration: 30-80 minutes

Topics Covered: Success stories, strategies for women sellers 

Where to Listen: Spotify, Apple 

Created by Regina Peterburgsky, this podcast uplifts and empowers women selling on Amazon and in ecommerce. It features inspiring interviews with female entrepreneurs who started Amazon businesses and offers tips tailored to women.

Women On Amazon

The caring atmosphere provides motivation along with practical strategies for new and established sellers. The aim of this podcast is to amplify women’s voices in the eCommerce space.

9. Branded By Amazing

Hosts: Matt Clark and Mike McClary

Duration: 10-30 minutes 

Topics Covered: Building brands, marketing, and business growth strategies 

Where to Listen: Apple, Podchaser

This podcast is hosted by expert seller Matt Clark and focuses on brand-building and marketing strategies beyond Amazon.

Branded By Amazing

It explores creating compelling brands that engage customers as well as actionable growth tactics in areas like email marketing and social media. The emphasis on big-picture strategy provides a useful perspective. 

10. The Amazing Seller

Host: Scott Voelker

Duration: 40-90 minutes 

Topics Covered: Private label selling strategies and tips 

Where to Listen: Spotify, Deezer, Apple

Veteran seller Scott Voelker shares field-tested tips on building a successful private label business on Amazon. He covers important fundamentals like product and supplier vetting along with more advanced topics such as launching giveaways and expanding product lines. Scott’s transparent style makes the content engaging and accessible.

The Amazing Seller

11. The PPC Den Podcast

Host: Ad Badger

Duration: 10-60 minutes

Topics Covered: Amazon PPC Strategies, optimization, advertising

Where to Listen: Apple, Spotify

This podcast focuses specifically on mastering the critical skill of Amazon PPC advertising. Host Ad Badger offers step-by-step tutorials on setting up and optimizing campaigns along with more advanced tactics in areas like display ads and strategy. 

The PPC Den Podcast

The podcast provides deep expertise in pay-per-click advertising for Amazon sellers who are looking to boost their sales through Sponsored Products. 

12. Seller Sessions

Host: Danny McMillan

Duration: 15-40 minutes 

Topics Covered: Success stories, Selling strategies for beginners 

Where to Listen: Spotify, Audible, Apple

Hosted by Danny McMillan, this podcast is perfect for new FBA sellers looking to learn the ropes. It features short inspirational episodes and highlights the journeys of everyday people finding success by starting an Amazon business. 

Seller Sessions

Danny’s energetic approach and insightful ideas help sellers achieve their selling goals no matter whether they are starting out or running an FBA store for a long time. 

13. The Wholesale Made Easy

Host: Vendrive founders

Duration: 10-50 minutes 

Topics Covered: Building wholesale businesses, Online and retail Arbitrage 

Where to Listen: Apple, Spotify, Audible

For sellers interested in expanding to wholesale, the Wholesale Made Easy podcast covers that process from start to finish. Hosted by Vendrive founders, It explores finding manufacturers, getting approved to sell wholesale, and optimizing your Amazon listings and business for wholesale success. 

The Wholesale Made Easy

Business insights from experienced hosts make this podcast valuable for all types of Amazon sellers. Even if you want to start an arbitrage business, this podcast will help you start from scratch. 

Why Listen To An Amazon FBA Podcast?

Here are some key benefits of listening to Amazon FBA podcasts:

  • Learn from experienced sellers: Podcasts feature interviews and deep insights from successful FBA sellers. They share practical tips and strategies you can implement in your Amazon selling career.
  • Stay updated: Amazon’s algorithm changes over time, just like Google. If you want to grow, you need to stay up-to-date with new trends. FBA podcasts help you keep up with the latest changes, trends, and opportunities.
  • Free content: Podcasts are completely free to listen to. They are packed with tons of useful information without any financial investment. Amazon FBA courses are definitely useful, but they can be expensive too for new sellers.  
  • Multitask: You can listen to FBA podcasts while running, cooking, or doing chores. You don’t have to invest too much time in order to listen to an episode. 

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Conclusion: Which FBA Podcasts You Listen?

Listening to the best Amazon FBA podcasts is one of the most effective ways to improve your selling business on Amazon continuously. Not only does it help you identify the latest trends, but it also keeps you motivated with success stories from professional sellers. 

All the listed podcasts in this article cover a wide range of relevant topics – from sourcing and launching products to optimization, advertising, and scaling. Add your preferred Amazon FBA podcast to your favorites list and listen to them in your spare time. 

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