The eCommerce Stack: July 2019 Update

J.D. Crabtree
July 3, 2021
Tools & Tech

The eCommerce Stack is a consistently updated resource to always provide relevant information on which tools can help you today, so you can grow better tomorrow.


We made two new additions to The eCommerce Stack this July. You can dive into both below:

Shoelace (Paid Acquisition)

Privy (Funnel)

Trending Up

Shopify (+0.2)

Shopify made the biggest splash with their plethora of major announcements: Fulfillment Network, expanded global support, and more. See the complete list here: Shopify Unite 2019

WooCommerce (+0.1)

WooCommerce strengthened their subscription business by acquiring the Prospess team.

Google Ads (+0.1)

Google Ads introduced Custom Templates to help you more easily and safely deploy tags for all your marketing and measurement tools.

Zendesk (+0.1)

Zendesk rolled out a conversation app that brings together context, formatting, and other data from various messaging channels.

Yotpo (+0.1)

Yotpo made enterprise noise by strengthening their relationship with SAP. The integration enhancements will use smart algorithms to enable businesses to collect UGC even more effectively, all while automatically displaying the highest-converting content throughout the customer journey. 

Stripe (+0.1)

Stripe made another significant upgrade to their UI/UX with a new and improved onboarding flow for Express accounts

Trending Down

Afterpay (-0.2)

Afterpay has run into some concerning issues over the past month. The company announced that its three founders will surrender control of the company's board, follows three inquiries from the ASX, and an audit from AUSTRAC into its compliance with money laundering laws. More here: Afterpay founders sacrifice board control in reshuffle

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