Shoelace is an ad retargeting platform that allows you to target customers by delivering retargeting sequences across the entire customer lifecycle. Their mission is to have retargeting journeys create a better experience for customers and more revenue for brands with intelligent touch points at every turn.

Date Founded = 2015

Total Funding = $500k

HQ = Toronto, Canado

Total Employees = 40+


Return on Investment: 9.2/10

Ease of Use: 9/10

Features: 8.3/10

Support: 8.9/10

Scalability: 8.5/10

Reason for Our Rating

The fact that Shoelace bills themselves as a platform solely for growing eCommerce brands is a major factor in their rating. This focus has allowed them to build an impressive product. As your customers move from one stage of the buying journey to the next, their ad experience evolves to become more relevant and personalized. Their automated targeting ensure perfect targeting and their experts help make sure your ad is perfectly crafted to drive the maximum ROI.

But with their novelty comes a few minor obstacles. The first being that the only integrate with Shopify, quickly disqualifying many buyers. The second being their reporting functionality is less developed . We have faith they will quick strides in both of these areas.

The Good

Hyper-Targeted, But Cool Shoelace uses a 40+ customer touchpoints for every single buying journey, so if your team does the work you can experience highly customized outcomes.

Great ROI With their sole focus being on eCommerce they have catered the tool to only make decisions based on eCommerce buying journeys.

Send a SMS Shoelace also offers a text-based application that lets you make quick, digestible decisions.

The Bad

Shopify Only As of today they are only integrated with Shopify, but they should be adding additional store platforms in the near future..

Reporting: The reporting capabilities have limited functionality compared to the deep dives one can do with leading competitors.

Technical Difficulties There are a few reports of customers complaining about their Facebook accounts getting banned.


Templates with Shoelace

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