Jungle Scout Black Friday Deals 2024 (Not Live Yet)

Looking to take your ecommerce business to new heights this new year while saving big? Have you seen Jungle Scout’s massive Black Friday blowout deals? 

🤩 For a limited time only, Jungle Scout is offering up to 32% discount on their powerful Suite plans to help sellers thoroughly research, efficiently launch, and successfully scale profitable online stores. 

Jungle Scout Black Friday 2024 (Not Live)

The Black Friday deals of Jungle Scout are not live yet.🎯
But you can get upto 80% discount with these exclusive🔥
Grab the deals NOW👇

Let us walk you through all the deals and how you can claim them and scale up 2024 with maximum savings! 🚀

Jungle Scout Black Friday Deals 2024 (Not LIVE)

The Jungle Scout Black Friday deals of 2024 are not live yet. Last year Jungle Scout offered upto 32% discount on the Suite plan. Here is a quick overview of those discount offers:

PlansSavingsNormal PricingDiscounted Pricing
Suite Monthly13% ($9)$69$60
Suite 3-Months25% ($47)$189$142
Suite Annual32% ($189)$589$400

We can expect a similar offer this year as well. The Black Friday deals will go live in the month of November 2024. Until then, you can claim this exclusive offer on Jungle Scout that gives you access to various discounts on different plans.

How To Claim Jungle Scout Black Friday Deals?

Follow this step-by-step guide to claim the Jungle Scout Black Friday offer:

Step #1: Click On The Exclusive Link

Visit the official Jungle Scout Black Friday offer using this exclusive link. There, you will see three different offers.

Jungle Scout Black Friday Offer

Step #2: Choose The Best Offer

Click on the “Get Started” button to select an offer that is suitable for you.

Click On The Get Started Button

You should go with the Suite Annual to get the maximum 32% discount because it offers the best value for money.

Step #3: Create An Account On Jungle Scout

Use your email address and create a password to create a new account on Jungle Scout successfully, or if you already have an account, then log in to your existing account.

Create Your Account On Jungle Scout

Step #4: Make The Payment

Fill out your financial information and billing address on the final checkout page, and as soon as you’re done, click on the “Create Your Account” button.

Fill Out Your Financial Information On Jungle Scout

Congratulations, you have successfully claimed the Black Friday discount of Jungle Scout

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Jungle Scout Key Features

Here are some of Jungle Scout’s key features explained:

  • Product Database – Access database of Amazon product data to scan potential products. Filter by metrics like reviews, price, and demand.
  • Opportunity Score – Products are graded A-F to identify standout opportunities based on key metrics.
  • Chrome Extension – Retrieve product data like BSR, price, and reviews while browsing Amazon.
  • Keyword Scout – Find monthly search volume data to identify profitable niche keywords to target.
  • Inventory Planner – Create estimated sales forecasts to plan required inventory volumes and manage cash flow.
  • Supplier Database – Database of manufacturers, wholesalers, and dropshippers to source products from.
  • Launch – Step-by-step guide for launching new products, including importing products using Jungle Scout.
  • Listing Builder – Create Amazon product listings, including features, titles, bullets, and backend keywords.
  • Review Analyzer – Helps analyze reviews from top products to identify common complaints, insights, and opportunities.

In summary, Jungle Scout provides extensive product research capabilities, competitive insights, listing optimization, and inventory planning tools to maximize Amazon’s success. The wide set of features aims to support the full process from finding to selling new products.

Jungle Scout Black Friday Pricing

There are three pricing options available on Jungle Scout Black Friday.


Here’s the complete breakdown of all those plans:

1. Suite Monthly: The normal pricing of this plan is $69/month, but during Black Friday, you can get it at just $60 for one month. This will give you unlimited access to tools like Product Research, Keyword Research, AI Assist, and many more.

2. Suite 3-Month: The normal pricing of this plan is $189, but right now, you can get this plan at just $142. It will give you access to all the Suite Monthly plan features for 3 months.

3. Suite Annual: The normal pricing of this plan is $589/year, and with Black Friday, you can get this plan at just $400. It will give you all the features of the Suite plan for 1 year.

The best plan to choose is the Suite Annual plan since it offers the most value for money. All these plans are backed with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Check out the Jungle Scout discount & coupon code to get updated with all the latest offers on it.

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Wrapping Up: Claim Upto 80% Discount On Jungle Scout

If you are searching for the best Amazon seller software, then there is no better option than Jungle Scout, and the Black Friday deals of Jungle Scout are now live.

Right now, you can get Jungle Scout at a maximum of 32% discount and get your hands on advanced tools like Opportunity Finder, Supplier Tracker, Keyword Scout, and many more.

The deals are available for a limited time, so I suggest you to not wait and buy a Jungle Scout subscription at a discount.

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FAQs On Jungle Scout Black Friday  

Is there any Jungle Scout Free Trial?

Jungle Scout stopped offering free trials on its plans due to high demand among Amazon sellers. However, they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee on all their plan, which allows you to try your preferred plan.

How often does Jungle Scout offer discounts on its plans?

Jungle Scout offers discounts on its plans on various occasions. Whether it is Prime Day, mid-summer, or Thanksgiving, you can expect a deal from Jungle Scout.

Can existing Jungle Scout users claim the Black Friday sale?

Yes, you can claim the Black Friday deals even if you are subscribed to a Jungle Scout plan. 

Can I upgrade to a high-tier Jungle Scout plan during the Black Friday sale?

Yes, you can upgrade to a higher Jungle Scout plan at a discounted price anytime you want. Make sure to upgrade the plan while the deals are on board. 

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